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  1. Can't argue there George, but i have only picked players from our new signings, it was a blow when we lost Morgan Smith as i was looking forward to him and Brendan pairing up but not to be.but we have a quality replacement in young Riley Dean who once again i knew nothing about till now, having seen some footage of the lad and read a few post and reports he looks the part,he's good off both feet and looks very confident with the ball and by all accounts he was Warrington's academy captain,played for Ireland in last world cup,he can play stand off,scrum half and full back and he also kicks goa
  2. Well its been a long long wait but it looks like were going to see the Knights on the field of play (a week today in fact)at last,with so many quaility signing this season i have struggled to single out my one to watch and in the end it has become two,if given enough ball Kerian Dixon i think will be our top try scorer he looks strong in defence and reads the game well and a good goal kicker to,and given we should have no shortage of forward power this season, our pack will match any in this division with that in mind i have gone for Brendan O'Hagan he's an unknown quantity over here but wha
  3. Two cracking warm up games for the lads Leeds and Hull ,shame no spectators allowed ,can they not be recorded and screened on Knights tv.
  4. Chris Clarkson new captain not totally surprised as Fordy has hinted a few times about his leadership qualities,if commands the respect from the players as Tim has, he will do alright congratulations Chris and good luck.
  5. Well S.K.while i am waiting for the kick and rush to start it has to be the home game agin the Bulls i just love to wipe the smirk of Kears face and hear his excuses. come on ye Kneet's (league one champions 2018)
  6. Not a lot going on so i have been looking at our squad for next season and i have to say it looks a very formidable looking outfit irrespective of what the aliens from planet jealousy have to say, it has quality, experience,pace, and skill and should it ever get on the field of play will give any team a good run for their money, i have no doubt in my mind we will be in the mix for promotion come the end of the season,and to that end it would be fitting for Tim Spears to captain the team ,there are several candidates within the the squad who could take the helm ,but i can only speak for mysel
  7. My,my your are petulant puerile individual ,i would as anyone not to play his idiotic game
  8. Ben Jones Bishop ,what i have seen of the lad he looked to be a strong winger in defence and attack but have to say i knew nothing about his injuries the guy must be as tough as a rhino horn facture skull ,two blood clots on his lung and came through them all ,welcome Ben ,hope your fortunes turn better with the best club outside S.L.
  9. He was my one to watch in his first season, just got better and better
  10. Danny Brough rates the lad ,he says he a wasted talent not getting his first team games , he might fancy a change of scenery and come to god 's own county.
  11. A mate of mine has told me Warringtons 25 year old half back Declan Patton is on our radar ? had a look on the net he's been given permission to go out onloan played 80 odd games for the wires and he kicks goals , might be out of our price range ?
  12. Will Sharp not yet signed on fullback center wing strong under high ball
  13. thought this would liven things up,he. he.and for the record i am not on facetube either
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