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  1. Well just got back from two week's in Korea stayed with a good friend of our's Hock Yung, and we were treated to 4 days on jeju island Hillton by the family how boring is that pampered to death , oh' Salford have dropped there interest in Keinhorst i knew i came on here for something looking elsewhere .
  2. just to reply to you post about 3 maybe 4 when i was i the army
  3. S.K .I am all for the lad all i stated was i was not sure he will be up to expectations and i will stand by my thinking
  4. you should be a politican you have not answered my question
  5. But Dave on the internet says he's not sure about this one based on how much he weighs. Alright then. Dave is not on the internet so get your facts right now lives in my village Dave played rugby in Cas so who did you play for ?
  6. No i am not saying anything of the kind I am stating fact's the lad is raw and needs a lot of time spent on him he's had a full year at K.R. under Sheen and Smith and been released Smith is no mug if he had anything Smith would have kept him will see in a months time, quite prepared to eat humble pie hope you are
  7. He's 19 and played more games of SL last year than most Championship props. 2 10 min stints of the bench ,in game one his first touch of the ball he lost it leading to an oppositions try .
  8. Not sure about this one he's 6 ft dead. but would need to bulk up a lot for me as he's only just over 14.st.a little light weight for me as a prop,he need a couple of stone on him .
  9. Bull's are looking to signed Levy Nzoungou ex Hull young prop.big lad ,think we came up against him last season while he was out on loan
  10. Have to agree there S.K. when he was at Sheffield he was kicking teams of the park, must have lost his boots when he came to us,but Hunslet have Dom Brambani his old team mate from Sheffield might make a difference.
  11. More important is there any where for our square in the air for 2021
  12. I second that S.K ,I have a similar thing with a lad i drink with in the village pub he' works abroad a lot just come back from Switzerland and he's a big Cas fan and he rates Clarkson as a player and could not understand why Cas let him go, Cas loss our gain me think's as Dave knows his rugby.
  13. I came across a youtube interview with Jimmy when he had been on loan at widnes and then been recalled back to Leeds, sounds a good lad he came across to me as a team player no ego, had a few injuries of late but if and when hes fit will fit in well with our culture and team i think , gona be a great season can't come quick enough.
  14. Wow , have to give J.F credit yet another quality player ,not only does he play centre but he can also play in the second row ,93 games for Leeds ,28 at K.R. well done everyone can't wait for the Fev game.
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