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  1. The lad has been given a 4 year contract with K.R. got a good'n there
  2. Brett Delaney's appointment is as good as any signing we have made this season he was a tough take no prisoners sort of forward at Leeds and being an Aussie has that wining mentality will add much need steel to our defence
  3. I see they are being revealed Sunday 3 pm
  4. just seen this they are based in Cornwall
  5. If he can stay injury free he will be a quality signing and he now knows about how tough this league is .
  6. This is some signing a strong running pro with a good offload game and a good defence and with Matty Liam on his shoulder should see some trys scored next season ,(wonder if we have a shirt big enough?)
  7. the games on ourleague to night 7.45 just bought my pass 4.95 just to see how the lad plays and Bish.?
  8. the lad has caused us a lot of trouble when we played the Broncos strong near the line like the look of him welcome Sam
  9. It's pity yuong Mr wilson you had to pick me up on an silly error
  10. My post is a bit missleading i ment it to mean both will be full time in the championship
  11. Just seen that Gateshead are to go full tme for the 2022 season so it looks like them and Leigh
  12. I have not posted on here for some time so re-Morgan Smith i have not seen any conformation of his departure from the Knights appart from Yorkshire live and on here but should he have signed for Rovers then he has no integrity and he is not the sort of player we need at the Knights,and if the media are to be believed then should we sign Jamie Ellis i would be more than happy to seen him full time in a Knights shirt along side O'Hagan who i also hope will resign next season,there is a lot of rebuilding to be done and sooner than later as we are not the only team to be losing players wholesale Sheffield are losing around 10 of their squad by all accounts gona be an ineresting close season regards recruitment
  13. Yorkshire live have confrimed its a done deal shame would have loved to have kept him ,first of many me thinks
  14. A good signing by Fordy as Kear wanted to keep him and a few other championship side were in the frame he can play full back wing and in the halfs just hope he see's some ball
  15. the way things are going S.K. even you would get a game
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