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  1. Just seen the squad a few doubtful but Fordy may risk playing them, no Brining but Andy Ellis is recalled into the side his experience could be vital more so if Horne is not fit to play take a bit of heat of Tim Spears
  2. Players i have on board so far are = Teanby,Bass,Robinson,Chilton,Scott,Porter,Robson and if all reports are correct Ben Johnson,James Green,Danny Washbrook Will Sharpe ,looking pretty good so far
  3. Kear will use that to its maximum, my moneys on Cas
  4. Craig Lingard to take over, see the Bulls have released 5 players one is our old lad Matty Garside still only 28 ? and they have lost Ethan Ryan to H.K.R. big loss there
  5. Has anyone any new's on his injury /fitness
  6. We only what players to play for the Knights for the right reasons, he i assume has been offered more money he obviously lacks morals other wise he would have stood by his original agreement they are welcome to him in my mind
  7. Not a bad looking side as it stands, out are Salter, Dixon ,Teanby, and Whitley, in are Chilton .J.J.R. Blagbrough and King match fitness might tell a bit on Chilton and King for me, a realy tough ask at Leigh they really have push the boat out over the season to make the play off's and beyond, they were skint at the end of the 2018 season could not pay their player ? look like they are going for broke again, hope we put a dent in there ambitions Sunday come ye mighty Kneets
  8. New season starts in January what"s happened to summer rugby ? also Easter weekend Championship will only play one game, at last the R.F.L.see sense
  9. I have to say when he signed for the Bulls i thought it was a shame as he could have done a job for us, big unit will bring some more size to our squad.
  10. Sad news indeed brought some quality players to York did Gary, on a lighter note i see Colton Roach has signed for Thunder
  11. Thomas Minns centre could well play in one of our last two games
  12. Have been told he has signed for Leigh ?
  13. Cumbria are on yellow alert possible flooding in places thunder storms if our met office has it right ? Barrow light rain and warm breeze so take your rain hoods come on ye mighty Kneets
  14. Very much a must win game Sunday if we win and other results go in our favour that being Fax beat Toulouse we could be 3 points clear of the french side ,can't see Leigh or Fev loosing should we lose and Toulouse win along with Fev and Leigh could drop to 5th
  15. They are S.K.they have Kear as there coach
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