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  1. Are we about to announce a new signing I wonder? See Twitter. ‘3 is the magic number.’ Beam me up Scotty!?!?!
  2. 2020 League Leaders Shield Winner Outright Prices. Thoughts?
  3. Had many a works team event at Blackpool. They have some great pics of former players on display.
  4. There you go John. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/18049268.york-city-knights-chairman-jon-flatman-calls-fans-back-new-stadium-stresses-financial-benefits/ Another great forum, incredibly well attended. All bodes well for the coming season.
  5. Fantastic video. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/18045826.watch-video-showing-new-york-community-stadium-clifton-moor/
  6. Fully agree Gav. Further increases the profile of the club. Think the East stand is to become the Azuma stand.
  7. Just popped to the pop up store to pick my shirt up.
  8. https://www.yckstore.co.uk/ Now up and running.
  9. Have to say I think they are both cracking. If anything I think the away kit would be my preferred choice but a close run thing. Will have to buy both!
  10. Great idea and more good exposure for the club! Well done the Knights.
  11. Looks powerful and quick and at 6ft 2in tall he should be well placed to pick out high kicks to the corner (sorry JK for sharing your only tactic.) On the size thing we do look as though we have a bit more bulk to us this season.
  12. South stand at night.
  13. A couple of recent shots of the east entrance as work continues on the electronic turnstiles. All stand roof lights are on. Torches not required!
  14. You know this is the bit of the year I really like. The squad coming together nicely, the revealing of the new kits, the fans forum, meeting new players, Christmas, friendlies, new stadium and kick off.
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