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  1. I think you are right SL. Think it has been confirmed that we have four new signings to date and possibly more to come. Harry is the first to be confirmed as moving on.
  2. Ok, I think WK meant that there were four Leeds players in the line up. Were some on loan?
  3. Always exciting the revealing of the new shirts. Thought this year’s home shirt was exceptional and much preferred it to the away one. Clearly others thought so too judging by the huge numbers snapped up by fans. The main stand was a sea of amber and black on match days.
  4. I have set up a standing order this morning.
  5. Work back under way at the Stadium, with attention focused on the Fan Zone area between the East and South stands.
  6. But things are only just getting started at a York City Knights Good article in Rugby League World this month.
  7. Fordy, Championship Coach of the year. Well done James.
  8. Up there with your pension John.
  9. Promises to be a great occasion, win, lose or draw, with some fans working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that the last home game of the season, and possibly the last at BC, are remembered for years to come. And the small matter of the match, a win for the Knights would prolong the season yet further and take this incredible team to within two games of Super League. Be there, be loud, be York City Knights!
  10. Have you made if back from France John, or are you still drinking in the Toucan?
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