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  1. A great performance and a cracking win by the sounds of it. As WK says, looking forward to seeing the highlights. Great pic of the squad on FB. Memories of the one taken at Halifax a couple of seasons back.
  2. My ‘electronic season ticket’ refused to work for a second time and was told by a member of staff on the turnstile to go to the ticket office where I was provided with a printed ticket to get me in.
  3. The main stand holds around 3,500 so think that’s about right. A lot of the sections were full but not all.
  4. Will be great to see him back at York after all this time. I remember taking his photo on the Huntington Stadium pitch after he’d signed from the Rams. Steve Ferres certainly saw his potential. For those stats gurus amongst you, just wonder if this will be his first competitive match at York since leaving in 2004. I’m sure it’s not.
  5. This is excellent news indeed. Let’s fill the place on Sunday.
  6. According to the Knights we are nearing a sell-out for Sunday's double-header at the London North Eastern Railway Community Stadium with only 200 tickets remaining.
  7. Think this will be a tough one but i’m of the view that Cumbrian teams don’t necessarily travel that well - in the same way that Yorkshire sides don’t travel that well to Cumbria. There’s a few key personnel we could really do with seeing in the final 17 so hoping Marshy and Co will make it. Looking forward to experiencing the Premier Club before the match. Also, tickets will be on sale from the Ticket Office on the day so hope all goes smoothly there. Up the Knights.
  8. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s game after the excitement of last weekend. Big game and a huge two points up for grabs. Super excited at the thought of Matty and Mikey in the halves.
  9. Far too painful to listen to. We are in a relegation battle folks.
  10. Me too. 127. After booking mine I sought out which blocks are being offered to the other clubs currently. Saints are being offered 105, Fev 114, Knights 127 and Cas 135. Seems sensible. A sea of amber and black down our end. Hope they are not reassigned. https://www.wembleystadium.com/plan-your-visit/stadium-guide/view-from-your-seat
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