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  1. John Boriston

    ‘Sky Sports Rugby’

    Have BT Sport ever shown any interest in taking the contract away from Sky?
  2. John Boriston

    Toronto six it up....

    Well, Ben Doon and Phil MaCaverty!
  3. John Boriston

    Toronto six it up....

    Er offs? Hope you prepare well for them.... but there ain’t any next season. One up-one down, hasn’t the news reached you yet? You just can’t trust pigeons can you?
  4. Salford will not fold now and their defence will win it for them by three scores
  5. I can see Widnes winning this one, because: They have broken their long run string of defeats = improvement in confidence They are a Super League team, with their backs to the wall They are well used to playing on a synthetic surface as well Toronto only just beat Toulouse, luckily at that, and are hardly in the greatest of form Bussey the biter is bad for Toronto morale Widnes by 7
  6. As the UK looks towards expansion with more teams in Superleague from countries outside of the UK, what is the opinion in Australia and New Zealand on the success or otherwise of the Auckland Warriors in the NRL? Has their inclusion made the NRL stronger or has it made RL in New Zealand stronger, or both?
  7. It’s important that Salford to turn up in the right frame of mind, respect the opposition and play professionally with 100% effort, after that I don’t care what the score is, I will just be happy if Salford scrape through by just the odd point. What I don’t want is for Salford to be the surprise Middle 8 losers this coming weekend undoing all the good work at HKR.
  8. My head says: Leeds My heart says: Toulouse My gut says: Lay off the curry
  9. I live 200 miles away from Salford and I’ve given to the fund just for the love of rugby league and I’ll help with more so that Salford can get as near to their target as possible, if not even beat it! Salford live many teams need a good news story, help em....with a donation.
  10. Salford fans love and care for their club as much as any other set of fans do for theirs and some of the Salford fans want to do what they can to go the extra mile to help, what’s wrong with that? There may not be many Salford fans at present but they are passionate about rugby league in their part of the Greater Manchester area and they would be better served by being encouraged by the fans of other clubs, rather than being derided, after all Rugby League is a minority sport and the family of Rugby League needs to stick together.
  11. John Boriston

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Wane speaking French, sacred blue! Team talk time: 'Bonjewer Monsewers, Alley,.... their 'kin tetes off. plate.'
  12. Paul Sculthorpe without a doubt.
  13. Salford have tweeted that Koukash is to make a major announcement at 6.30 tonight. Hopefully it will be positive.
  14. A good tight game would be good enough for me and the re-branding idea is hit on the head by Blease and Koukash after the match once and for all. Koukash may be losing money now, but he'll lose even more if he moves the Club to Manchester.
  15. Salford's losing run to come to an end tonight with Wigan pre-occu pied with Wembley. Wigan fans will look mystified as Euston is closed next weekend: 'How will we get to Wembley Joe?' 'Shut up Elsie I'm tryin to at my pie!'