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  1. Is Salford FC’s Moor Lane ground suitable for Superleague, if so, maybe a ground swop?
  2. As I’ve said before, RL isn’t viable full time and to have a future we all have to cut our cloth accordingly and go part-time. Take the hit now, as going part time and sustainable is better than kidding ourselves the RL is a full-time sport that can withstand years and years of ‘making’ a loss. ‘ Get real’ is the message.
  3. I’d go with a name change to: ‘The Greatest Game’ Simple as that, if you believe, shout it.
  4. If we went part-time and the best players went to the NRL , it would be our best chance of beating the Aussies anyway. But I bet there are plenty of Chairmen in Superleague who would really like to stop churning out money to keep their clubs alive and financing risky ‘crocked has-beens’ from the NRL, they’d be daft if they didn’t.
  5. If it’s not financially possible to sustain a fully professional game without rich Chairmen and Sky, then playing part-time is the best way forward for Rugby League to gain solvency and a future. True, all the best British players would go to the NRL, but nothing new there. I don’t pine for the past, I pine for a solvent future.
  6. Pardon me, if this opinion has already been voiced on this thread but the Covid19 virus may just be the event that forces Superleague club owners to have a good hard look at the way the vast majority spend more than they earn and together make the momentous decision re-set and go part-time again with a strict semi-professional contract structure. We wouldn’t be competitive internationally, but the greatest game would survive and flourish, as imo, it would be truly inclusive for all clubs, rather than success on the field being exclusive to those with the deepest pockets. Vive la revolution brothers and sisters!
  7. Salford will win this one.......as certain as Dominic Cummings being Prime Minister
  8. Definitely Hull........I've had enough of 'Old bleed*n Faithful'
  9. As a Saford fan. I find it quite worrying that we are not in the top three favourites for relegation. I suppose I'll get used to it over time.
  10. Coaches and buses,.....you were lucky. We used to dream......anyway: Around 68/69 I left early to hitch from Salford to Headingley on Saturday for the big match at 3 pm. From Sheepfoot Lane near Heaton Park, my first lift came almost instantaneously at 9.30am and took me all the way to the Headingley area just in time for the pub outside one end of the ground, where we’d all agreed to meet, to open and let me in. Too pistolated to remember much about the game, but on the way beck we decided to return home on the train and so we each duly bought a threpenny platform ticket boarded the train and climbed over a wall at M/cr Victoria. Salford had lost as usual, but that didn't seem to matter. Other Salford adventures: Nicking the ball at Blackpool Borough whilst stood on top of the scoreboard hut. Jimmy Hardacre and his family stopping to give me a lift to the Saints away game. Being escorted out of the Willows during a Saints game because we were sat in the stand without a ticket, only for 3 minutes later, the same steward letting me back in at three-quarter time. Going on the lash after the Warrington Cup semi win at Central Park in 69, aged 15 by now, and wondering what the fuss was about when I walked back into the house on Sunday evening.. Happy days......
  11. We don’t want him at Salford that’s for sure, we only want misfits that we can afford and who are willing to bend their backs. I didn’t realise that being smug can be so much fun!
  12. Johnny Cash and Tom Petty are joining up to play gigs together in Heaven and welcome suggestions as to what they should call themselves.
  13. Salford are shrewd in that they allow players to play free from expectation. What I mean by that, is Salford’s management and fans hoped for example that Jackson Hastings could give something really positive to the team in their hour of need and ‘didn’t compare him to previous players from the past or expect him to be the great player that he indeed turned out to be, because after all, any chink of light that he could bring from the gloom would be most welcome and a relief! Any ‘misfit’ is welcomed at Salford because neither side of the deal have much to lose, leaving the players free to express themselves without fear of expectation, but with the fans and the management right behind them. The problem for Jackson now is that Wiganers will not be so allowing as expectations are higher owing to the Pie eater’s history and it will be interesting how he and Josh Jones at Hull handle moving from being big fish in a small pond to smaller fish under the spotlight of expectation. I hope, but don’t expect, that 12 months at Salford will free Sebastine Ikahihifo up to have are really good season at Salford. Hope is always more positive than expectation
  14. Old well used Ford Cortina Mk1, cream with 2 red ‘go faster stripes’ Scrapped it after the front springs kept coming through the bodywork and pushing the bonnet up. The headlights were ‘araldited’ in as well. No fond memories of it.
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