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  1. Completely agree with this change.
  2. Three Coaches at Wakefield too, for the same reason?
  3. Hull have just announced that they will run with 3 Captains next season, please illuminate me why 3 is better than 1? Thanks
  4. Christ, for a split second, I thought it said,.... 'Brendan Hill!'
  5. ‘Sir Kevin Sinfield’ whoever he is, does the real Kevin Sinfield a dis-service by bringing his name into disrepute.
  6. Ray French, dirty, plain dirty, just dirty, really dirty, above average dirty, a thug, a real thug. Stiff arm Ray.
  7. Yes, Eddie Yates and Dr Watson have gone to Huddersfield in anticipation of their forthcoming world dominance and we’ve received good money from Mr Davy for them too. Lets just hope that SRD survive another season in SL and that Huddersfield continue to give us the crumbs off their table of plenty and that the pressure.......does get to them.
  8. I wouldn't object to the Sky commentators using the term: 'That Sh*tface Ian Watson' And I thought I'd got over it.
  9. I worked with a bloke called Michael Hunt, I'll leave the rest to you.
  10. I did see a suggestion on a RL site that Bobby Goulding was throwing his hat in the ring for the job and that is very definitely not a ‘sensible suggestion.’
  11. No disrespect to Ian Watson, but he is old news now and this thread is now sterile, the only item of interest on this episode is who will be the next Coach at Salford. Any sensible ideas out there? I thank you
  12. Dear Mr Wilkin, I’m really disappointed with your view, Rugby League is not only the greatest game because of the product on the field, but because the game’s inclusiveness and democratic tendencies lead us forward as a minority sport, thank God.. Making money the first priority on who are the best to make decisions about our sport will never be the way forward for a poor sport based in the North of England, where Community is our best hope. Segregation between the rich and the poor is not what our sport is about.
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