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  1. Very good show Salford... no money doesn’t mean no heart, no ability or bad coaching and players’ coming and going can be taken in our stride, if there is good leadership. Well done to the Salford management team on another great away win.
  2. Oh really chaps, of course Salford bring something to SL, winning away at Warrington and Catalans convincingly, together with several very close defeats have made them great to watch, plus they bring the most vocal away support in Super League that improves the atmosphere no-end. Having 'loads of money' like some other clubs doesn't always equate to success and Salford continue to prove that 'less can be more' by pragmatic housekeeping. I hope the little devils obtain a top 5 place this year, and re-build another competitive team for next season.
  3. Hetherington on the way to the bank with the takings is pretty fast Ferris on his way home late at night is extremely fast Crabtree had a turn of speed whenever he saw a Barbers Alex Murphy when looking for a mirror - v quick The Wigan Directors when they lost in 98 in the Cup to Salford, scorch marks all over the stand seats
  4. Are Leeds fast becoming the Arsenal of SL? Great stadium, big crowds, making money, ..... with the product on the pitch secondary?
  5. Just bought it from the Administrators for a tenner and I’m going to ask Owen Oyston to look after it all for me.
  6. WE fancy flying to Majorca for a holiday and taking the ferry to Barca for the game.
  7. Great idea, having our own ground makes sense for the big games. it could also become our St George’s Park aka the FA and look how effective that’s been improving our national football teams. I bet Wayne Bennet would approve.
  8. Have BT Sport ever shown any interest in taking the contract away from Sky?
  9. Er ......play offs? Hope you prepare well for them.... but there ain’t any next season. One up-one down, hasn’t the news reached you yet? You just can’t trust pigeons can you?
  10. Salford will not fold now and their defence will win it for them by three scores
  11. I can see Widnes winning this one, because: They have broken their long run string of defeats = improvement in confidence They are a Super League team, with their backs to the wall They are well used to playing on a synthetic surface as well Toronto only just beat Toulouse, luckily at that, and are hardly in the greatest of form Bussey the biter is bad for Toronto morale Widnes by 7
  12. As the UK looks towards expansion with more teams in Superleague from countries outside of the UK, what is the opinion in Australia and New Zealand on the success or otherwise of the Auckland Warriors in the NRL? Has their inclusion made the NRL stronger or has it made RL in New Zealand stronger, or both?
  13. It’s important that Salford to turn up in the right frame of mind, respect the opposition and play professionally with 100% effort, after that I don’t care what the score is, I will just be happy if Salford scrape through by just the odd point. What I don’t want is for Salford to be the surprise Middle 8 losers this coming weekend undoing all the good work at HKR.
  14. My head says: Leeds My heart says: Toulouse My gut says: Lay off the curry
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