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  1. I wouldn't object to the Sky commentators using the term: 'That Sh*tface Ian Watson' And I thought I'd got over it.
  2. I worked with a bloke called Michael Hunt, I'll leave the rest to you.
  3. I did see a suggestion on a RL site that Bobby Goulding was throwing his hat in the ring for the job and that is very definitely not a ‘sensible suggestion.’
  4. No disrespect to Ian Watson, but he is old news now and this thread is now sterile, the only item of interest on this episode is who will be the next Coach at Salford. Any sensible ideas out there? I thank you
  5. Dear Mr Wilkin, I’m really disappointed with your view, Rugby League is not only the greatest game because of the product on the field, but because the game’s inclusiveness and democratic tendencies lead us forward as a minority sport, thank God.. Making money the first priority on who are the best to make decisions about our sport will never be the way forward for a poor sport based in the North of England, where Community is our best hope. Segregation between the rich and the poor is not what our sport is about.
  6. I just see Jack Nicholson looking through a broken door in a large hotel when I look at the new Salford logo, but I do see things strangely I know, for instance the Batman logo: I just see a pair of tonsils and four teeth.
  7. Ian Watson was part of a successful set-up at Salford with the Community Board, the Rugby director Ian Blease and the backroom team that was built over years, together. Maybe his head has got a bit too big and he thinks that he can quickly walk into Huddersfield on his own, set-up a new support team and win something next season - a big risk for just £30k and losing the greater prize of coaching in the NRL. We move on
  8. I thought when Watson turned down Hull that maybe he’s more comfortable being a just being a big fish in a small pond and going to Huddersfield confirms that. No disrespect to Huddersfield, but Huddersfield is a risky move as he will have to go one better and win something there, if he is to achieve his ambition of coaching in the NRL. Maybe he’s not as astute as we all thought at Salford, or he’s skint. Heigh ho!
  9. Going part-time is realistic, honest and pragmatic as any sport must live within it's means. And our 'means' are under pressure from Covid like every other professional sport in the UK. Time to get real. IMO, moving to part-time before we go bust forever, is a positive step in keeping the 'Greatest Game' alive in the UK. Also, if we go part-time, the best players will all go and play in the NRL, I've no problem with that, as our national team will then be really competitive and bolster the game's image and coffers here in the UK.
  10. Kris Welham's last game for us tonight, he has been great for us, I wish him well at Featherstone. All the best Kris!
  11. Common sense prevails and Toronto have been told where ‘to run to’. Fair dos, afterall a Toronto team based in Manchester is not real expansion imo.
  12. Salford by a golden point has the right ring about it for some reason. By Jove!
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