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  1. Michael1812

    Betfred Championship Weekly

    Is there anyway to download so I don’t have to steam from a website?
  2. Michael1812

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    Was anyone outside of Canada able to watch the CBC stream? Doesn't look like the CBC are archiving them either unless someone can show me where they are located.
  3. Michael1812

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    Hope the streams will still be archived.
  4. Michael1812

    2019 season live on Game TV and FNTSY - CBC out?

    I was also wondering about CBC streams. Does FNTSY do streaming?
  5. Michael1812

    TWP cut from Premier

    Does this means the U.K. matches won’t be shown on TV in Canada? This would be terrible for the Wolfpack. Maybe they will be broadcasted by someone else or recorded in the U.K. for foreign consumption.
  6. Very depressing. Makes me wonder why I bother with this sport. Do the people running the RFL even want Toronto involved at all?
  7. Michael1812


    Very happy to see Brock listed. I went to Brock H.S. and played what I only knew as rugby.
  8. Michael1812


    It not just cheese, it has to be cheese curds. They don’t even have curds in this country.
  9. Michael1812

    Wolfpack borrowed from Saracens?

    Did they take from NC State?
  10. Michael1812


    How do publications like the New York Times, Forbes or the national daily news papers in the UK and Canada equate to the Yorkshire Evening Post?
  11. Michael1812


    It is the capital of Ontario.
  12. Michael1812

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Has Toronto been a complete success? I don’t think so but the project bring a complete failure? Is there anyone else who would agree with that statement?
  13. Michael1812

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    It’s true. I’ve posted the same many times. There is also the fact that almost half the population of Toronto were born outside of Canada.
  14. I don’t know the exact but if my memory serves it was betwee 1,200 and 1,500.
  15. Michael1812

    Ryan Brierley

    Was he injured or out of favour?