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  1. Michael1812

    Salford sep 8

    I was thinking the same but then remembered how terrible my list trip to the Broncos was.
  2. Michael1812

    Salford sep 8

    Any news on O’Brien? Do we know if he will be fit for the next match?
  3. Michael1812

    Salford sep 8

    I just hope they keep it close.
  4. One of the Sportsnet channels, Game TV and online on the CBC website.
  5. Michael1812

    Tackle Talks playoff rally, August 22

    Just echo what Krzzy has said, there is a large expat community in London that they have targeted the past two years. For me, it is great.
  6. Michael1812

    London Broncos

    Thanks. That was confusing me.
  7. Michael1812

    Pitch markings at Lamport Stadium

    I’ve posted this before but how hard would be to paint over the other lines and spray it down after each match?
  8. Michael1812

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    After the loss, I think home in the MPG is the best Toronto can hope for. Can’t see them beating Salford or Leeds away.
  9. Michael1812

    2019 Season TIckets

    That is cool. I really want to visit Saltaire.
  10. Michael1812

    Canada Rugby League Announces Re-structured Board

    When I was growing up in the mid 90s in rural Ontario, rugby was the huge sport at my high school. Back then, I didn’t even know there were two codes.
  11. Michael1812

    Brian Noble on Fan 590 Radio

    Same guy.
  12. Not confident but really looking forward to watching this.