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  1. No it’s because American cities generally 4 or more major sports teams. So just calling them by the nickname differentiates between each club. For example in New York, there are the below teams that are all called New York _______ Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Rangers Islanders Red Bulls City
  2. Excited this is on a channel I get. Fully expect Wigan to win but really interested to see how Toronto play. Too bad about SBW as I’ve yet to see him play.
  3. I think that was Harry replying to himself and when he got caught blamed it on his wife.
  4. Thing is, this really has nothing to do with the Wolfpack as Sportsnet has been showing SL for years now. They just show the sky feed, so any matches from Sky were already planned to be shown on tv in Canada regardless of the wolfpack’s involvement. Which lead me to my next point, how are the Wolfpack supposed to work out a deal to show their matches in Canada if Sportsnet already have the rights to broadcast super league?
  5. What board do you mean? Post is not about the Wolfpack or posted by a Wolfpack supporter.
  6. Educated in the U.K.? He moved to Canada at 18. His years of higher education would have been in Canada.
  7. Me as well and how does that match up with Sportsnet showing it on TV in Canada. Did they pay Sky?
  8. And the national sport of Canada is lacrosse despite it not having high participation numbers or high attendance. Just because it is a national sport doesn’t mean it is popular.
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