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  1. Me as well and how does that match up with Sportsnet showing it on TV in Canada. Did they pay Sky?
  2. And the national sport of Canada is lacrosse despite it not having high participation numbers or high attendance. Just because it is a national sport doesn’t mean it is popular.
  3. Basketball is massive in the Philippines.
  4. Of Cousy not. Baseball stadia hold between 30-60,000 people and basketball stadia max out at 21,000. By your same logic Canadian football is more popular than hockey in Canada because CFL stadia can fit more people than hockey arenas.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muggsy_Bogues you sure?
  6. Don’t forget that basketball is a Canadian invention.
  7. Sorry but you really know nothing about what is or isn’t Canadian because if you did, you wouldn’t say such stupid things.
  8. I agree about Harris.
  9. I am not sure what he is on about but I am guessing as he has a hard on for all things Toronto, it is his attempt to mock.
  10. Sportsnet currently have the rights to show super league in Canada. Not sure how much it allows them to show or if it would cover all Wolfpack fixtures.
  11. Except the CPL is not a lower standard. If if you look at the results from the Voyageurs cup, Ottawa barley scraped by the lowest places CPL club (Halifax) over two legs, while the top CPL club (Calgary) beat Vancouver of the MLS over two legs. Ottawa has never come close beating a MLS club in the Voyageurs cup.
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