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  1. Toronto shouldn’t come back. I can’t see them ever working without being treated as equals and partners working together with the 11 other clubs to grow Super League and rightly so, some of the others clubs will not be in favour of that as with P/R, it is about survival. I am truly amazed it has taken this long for the whoever is in charge to make the decision.
  2. I agree that clubs need to put themselves first but should super league be run to maximise the competition or to protect it’s weakest members? In the i end, I hope Toronto don’t come back but time will tell.
  3. Based on that article’s guess of the clubs for and against TWP returning, they look like they can be put in to two categories. Those afraid of the competition that TWP could offer (possibly being relegated and loosing Sky money) and those who see a positive from the competition (a possible growth in publicity and revenues).
  4. Any idea if these are for domestic rights or for the world wide rights which they are free to sell on to different countries?
  5. How anyone can watch the NFL is beyond my comprehension. It is wasn’t an American sport, would anyone outside the the native country care (AFL for example)?
  6. Am I the only Toronto supporter who would be happy for Toronto to not come back? It is pretty clear that the people who run the game, own the clubs and attend the matches don’t want anything to do with Toronto outside of capitalising on their publicity and taking 1/12th of the tv money. As a former Torontonian, I am use to everyone hating me but I’ve never experienced a situation where people would prefer we didn’t exist. I also find the attitude of those involved in the sport to be massively negative, which is also a turnoff. The 80 mins of sports can be great, but everything else isn’t enjoyable. Obviously, I am completely new to the sport, but is that negativity holding it back in the UK or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?
  7. It varies, some of them are the only game in town but others are very much 3rd or 4th string in their cities. If you look at Cleveland who led the league in averaging 9000 a match, they are very far behind Cleveland’s other big sports clubs (Cavs in NBA, Indians in MLB and Browns in the NFL). This is obviously a cultural thing to NA sports so no idea how the system would be successful in the UK but if the football team I supported was cut off from the premier league, I don’t think I would give a damn as my interest is in them and not the league.
  8. These cities aren’t going to get NHL club, so this is the next best thing.
  9. https://hockey.sigmagfx.com/compseason/ahl/1920 Highest average attendance by club was 9000, lowest was 2700. Average across the 31 teams was 5500.
  10. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Aces said they’d be inviting Canadian trialists in the autumn. No idea if that will still happen due to COVID.
  11. And I did point out that some of your numbers were wrong (not that I checked all of them). A few numbers regarding the CPL. Brand new football league with 8 teams that average around 4,000 attendance and is borderline semi-pro, gets $20 million CND a year for broadcast rights. That would be £1 million a year for each Super League club on top of their current broadcast deal. This doesn’t seem out of reach for Super League in the future. Super League would need to decide if it worth proceeding in an attempt to grown revenues.
  12. NHL is $416 million a year or £5 billion over 12 years for Canada.
  13. Just listened to this week’s 5 live podcast and I am surprised I didn’t see any mention of Wilkins comments (apologies if I have missed this). A quick summary: -Based on what he was hearing, he expected Toronto to continue to exist but it will be up to Super League to decide if they are admitted back in. -There are three different groups that were looking to takeover Toronto and their debt. Two of the groups he was familiar with from rugby but didn’t personally know the third group. -When asked about the two rumoured groups that had already been reported, he said that one of the groups was Newcastle but the New York group would not be an option. -He said one of the groups has links to the Middle East
  14. You wish rugby league could have a quarter of the success of the NHL. Even despite the small number of nations playing the sport, it still dominates rugby league at the international level as well. I
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