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  1. I grew up in the township next to Georgina.
  2. Ok outside of GAA, rugby and men’s football where are Ireland producing more top athletes than Canada? If we go by the Olympics, Ireland has received 31 medals while Canada has 501. I think Canada actually has produced a diverse list of top athletes from boxing, tenis, basketball, baseball, MMA, women’s football, most summer and almost all winter Olympic sports, auto racing, curling, lacrosse, hockey.
  3. And if we are judging a sport based on its international footprint, clearly grid iron and baseball are less of a major sport than hockey or you could just be full of .
  4. Canada, Finland, Sweden, Russia, USA, Czech Repiblic and Slovakia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_IIHF_World_Championship_medalists
  5. I am sure it’s been mentioned before but in North America, the expansion in youth hockey across the USA was done from the top down and has worked quite well. Not to say the same will work with Rugby League but it at least shows it is possible.
  6. Had a look and it appears the unions fans feel the same way about the Wolfpack as some on here (ie all foreigners, no Canadians, fake crowd, free tickets, a gimmick, won’t last etc). It seems league and union have a lot in common.
  7. I haven’t flown Air Transat in about 10 years because I didn’t enjoy flying with them. Air Canada costs a bit more but I much prefer them. Note I also prefer AC as they fly from Heathrow.
  8. I think it was more cosmetic than functional as supporters wanted a roof but it didn’t do too much to keep the rain out when I was there. As someone mentioned, roofs just aren’t a thing in North America so I am not surprised that it doesn’t function very well. Just look at the roof on the south stand (right side of photo).
  9. I think a quick and inexpensive win would be to paint over the other field lines for each match. Wouldn’t solve the issue 100% but would look much better. Longer term, would love to see a stand built to the south in the parking lot.
  10. And none of three roofs keep you dry when it rains (at least from my limited experience).
  11. It is also where most of the super league matches have been shown.
  12. That is great. Means more people (myself included) who don’t have a sky subscription can watch it on Virgin.
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