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  1. They must be trying to expand in the NA market as they also do the kits for the Canadian Premier League. Neither are huge properties for them but a good way to get a start.
  2. In the late 90s / early 2000s there was a massive rivalry between the two hockey clubs. I don’t know what that is like these days.
  3. Is that why these old punk records sell for hundreds or thousands of pounds and there is demand reunion shows? If the number of records sold is an indicator of good music then Hanson and The Backstreet Boys must be your favourite.
  4. The same SBW that was the main face for Sky’s advertising of Super League.
  5. Do all of the big clubs in Hull play in a league with German clubs?
  6. The big Toronto clubs play in cross border leagues, it is respect as a sports city in the US and is the 3rd largest city in Canada and the US. So I would say it is part of one of the must lucrative sports market SL in the world.
  7. They don’t have a team as they were voted out by super league so no one would take them over and pay their existing debts.
  8. Toronto might have failed but they have not gone into bankruptcy or have been liquidated. I believe they are still an ‘active’ company and non of their creditors have attempted to take the legal route to collect what is owed to them. It is terrible that Argyle has refused to put any further money into the club but let’s not forget he put about $20 million of his own money into the game without taking a cent out of the game and a large portion of that money went to the north of England as well as the large amount of press for the sport. Yes it was a failure but id say the sport benefitted
  9. For the 2nd million pound game, Toronto were apparently fine by the city for going over the fire capacity of 10,000 people in Lamport. That was reported by the a staff of the Wolfpack but I’ve got no way to verify.
  10. If Google doesn’t know, I am not going to be any more knowledgable. if you have time, compare the birthplaces on the roster of the American u20 hockey teams from the past few years with 20 years ago. You’ll see that players are starting to be developed in the southern and western states of America where it use to be only the mid west and north east.
  11. And it’s not just Arizona. What about, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and California? These were all non hockey markets that that NHL expanded into to grow the game from the top down.
  12. Yes in the 70s there was an minor league teams but 20 plus years later there would have been very little memory of them. People world also be conscious of hockey as an Olympic sport but Arizona is a desert where winter sports don’t really exist I also think people get too caught up in differentiating between the two codes of rugby in new areas. 99.9% of people in North America don’t realise there are two versions of rugby, nor do they care. I’d say hockey in Arizona was as well know as rugby in Toronto.
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