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  1. What are you on about? How can Super League be shown on TV is Sportsnet are not yhecrights holders for Canada?
  2. No entirely sure what you are saying here. Super League own the broadcast rights and I would imagine that part of the agrement betwen Super League and their member clubs is that the games need to be recorded and broadcasted so Super League can sell them to different markets ( Sky in the U.K., Sportsnet in Canada, Fox I think in Australia). Super League then split the money received amongst themselves and the clubs. So far, all of the news stories are saying TWP will not be allocated any funding next year from Super League and TWP have agreed. So it the rumours are true, Toronto’s home matches will be broadcasted but Toronto will not be paid. I am interested to see if Toronto will still have to pay for the production team to fill the matches.
  3. You must have no looked that hard because if you search “Sportsnet rugby league”, it can be found in the very first link. It lists Super League as one of their properties. Not sure how long they have been showing SL but I can remember it being on Sportsnet 8 years ago when I was still in Canada. https://www.sportsnet.ca/sn-world/sports/ Who did they pay? My guess would be super league or the RFL as no one else would be able to legally sell the rights. What did they pay? No idea. Not sure if you are trying to be difficult or you think Sportsnet are illegally showing Super League matches but it’s not very hard to find this info. Sportsnet were also broadcasting Challenge Cup matches a few years ago. So when people start banging on about Toronto getting a TV deal, it is impossible as a TV deal already exists in Canada. I’ve was saying this three years ago to certain posters but they never acknowledged this point.
  4. Re: attendance numbers According to the Howlin Hour, there were many more than the announced attendance and the Wolfpack have been fined for being over capacity.
  5. Sportsnet currently hold the fights to broadcast super league in Canada.
  6. The problem is that Super League already has a tv deal in Canada. So how can the Wolfpack sell something that is already sold?
  7. I do like the idea of the wolfpack trying to put on a large home opener in another to venue. To me, for the tv and fan experience, BMO would be best but the time of year would put off people attending. IMHO, skydome is a bit dull and wouldn’t be good. I’ve been there with 50,000 for a TFC champions league match and it just feels empty and cavernous. Maybe they could try BMO for a summer match with a club from England that will bring a large travelling support?
  8. Next it will be they have the wrong accents and pay in Canadian dollars instead of British pounds.
  9. Funny, I think the same when I go to matches in the U.K. I keep hearing supporters calling for a penalty when the ball has been passed backward. I would expect after 100 plus years they would at least know that basic law.
  10. When I was in school in Ontario, we only had a rugby team, no grid iron. We also played in it gym class.
  11. Michael1812


    Also, what happened to the thread about this on the main forum?
  12. Michael1812


    Did anyone go? Any info for plans with Lamport. It is interesting that he was involve with the BMO renovations as it is also a building connected to the city of Toronto.
  13. This guy clearly has no clue. Liberty village was gentrified around 2003 and is no mostly exsenive condos. It is definitely not cheap and there are no universities in walking distance from the ground unless you want to show us otherwise.
  14. And even if there was a university close by, the school year in Canada ends at the beginning of May and starts at the beginning of September so there were be no students around for the majority of Toronto's home fixtures.
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