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  1. I was in Doncaster for vacation last week and walked to the Keepmoat from town and was thinking the same thing about the Bash. Especially as there is all the room on the outside for a fan zone and the small athletics stadum right next door for other commuity rugby league events - whatever they may be. May not be the perfect option but an option still - with great transport links and a in town with a history of accomodating many visitors with the races.
  2. Flawed logic. Just beause you play for Bradford doesnt mean you have to live there. You could live in Doncster.
  3. Mine just arrived - live in the US. The shirt looks good though the neck is a little wierd. However, bought a medium and a large, just in case, and the medum is way too big! Not sure about the sizing. They are defintely a "fan fit" rather than "player fit" which is a little disappointing.
  4. Yeah, I definately think this is the way to go. "Helping" may be too ambitious but we can certainly support.
  5. Fistly, what sense is any salary cap for competetive parity or sensible spending if, at the current respective times of their careers, Gareth Hock takes up far more of the cap than Hopoate? It is nonsensical Also, because the aging Englad player's liklihood of being offered a job at Wakefield would be hugely decreased in this system as he would count massively against the cap based on previous achievements and not his current value. This would force older players out of the game and reduce the possibility of playing contracts later in their careers. Some people may be OK with this but it is a short and not very well paid career and I dont support any initiative that makes it possibly shorter. It is the type of idea that solves one problem and causes a multitude more.
  6. God what an awful system that would be in Super League. Would see older players with international caps released on the downside of their career as they are a big cap hit even if the wanted to continue on a smaller financial contract. Penalizes teams for producing international players How do we compare the values of French caps etc with England, Aus, NZ let alone other tier 2 nationas? A real mess there. If all tier 2 nations cost a discount rate then Rhodri Lloyd has the same cap hit as David Mead. If Tier 2 nations dont count then Will Hopoate doesnt count on the salary cap. Would be an unworkable mess in the Men's game with lots of unintended consequences - one being that an aim of a salary cap (in addition to providing competetive parity) is to stop clubs spending theselves into oblivion and this doesnt address this.
  7. Dont expect anyone to agree but why not 3 pts for a regular win and then split the pts from a golden pt win with the victor getting 2 and the loser getting 1? Doesnt feel right that a golden point victory is worth the same a a win in regulation.
  8. While I understand the logic, that is a lot of responsibility to put on him. Let the kid just play without anyone trying to push an agenda.
  9. Wouldnt it just be easy for certain clubs to insure themselves against reaching the final and having to pay 1m pounds? Seems simple, low cost, and mitigates risk.
  10. Perhaps it isnt a big deal. Scratch that, it almost certainly isnt a big deal. Not worth getting worked up about but it is also sketchy. Nothing to do with reverse discrimination (doesnt matter what the passports are) just doesnt work on a number of levels and fails the old "sniff test"
  11. I wouldnt step foot in that place. Loved Tattersfield but I will take the Keepmoat thank you.
  12. Where did that mock up come from? Looks awesome but what is the origin?
  13. Fair question. You would have to promote players who will be in Super League for enough time to make the investment worthwhile --- age and heading to NRL relevant. You also need diversity in everything that means from position played (which I have not done) to place born. Off the top of my head, and it may be a little Leeds & Wigan heavy but you need to promote your big brands. Sam Tomkins Tom Johnstone Kallum Watkins Mike McMeeken Morgan Escare Matt Parcell
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