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  1. Maybe but if I was taking my 2 boys (13 and 15 and both neutrals) the Challenge Cup Final would be the better alternative. Magic is too much League for most and their complaining would be annoying. Big event, one off game for a shiny prize would be perfect.
  2. I would like Cas to win but I dont think Id have given that
  3. Do we know which channel? I will have to watch via the app and I cant see rugby league listed
  4. Interesting reading this thread back. I watched the game until the 2nd half with the sound off as I was on a call. At half time though I remember looking at the screen and thinking "who is that big, dopey, looking lump sat in the changing room shaking his thigh?" Shocked to find out it was George Burgess. Didnt recognise him at all. Hopefully he will get back fit sooner rather than never.
  5. I think "too much" is a tough question. I think best to think what is reasonable for an average ticket and then there are degrees of cost and comfort away from that. For me, 20 pounds for a weekly ticket and 50 for an 'event' is reasonable for a standard tickets. Then the bigger the game and more fancy the ticket builds on that. Id happily pay 20 pounds for Dons vs Cov Id happily pay 50 for Magic Id happily pay 50 for an average ticket for England vs Aus/NZ/ or Fiji Id pay hundreds for a decent seat at a Leeds vs Wigan Grand Final
  6. Fair to say that I watched this purely to support RL product. I had low expectations but, to echo the views here, I thought it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I would guess that the reverse of my instinct watch as it was RL would be the a driving factor that turned others off - we still live in a partisan world. Their loss though. Wonderful effort to all involved.
  7. But that is what happpens, right? Things change over time. Situations dont stay the same. It is 2 years later.
  8. If only my kids cared then they would have options. my American wife's mum was born in the Philippines, I am English and the kids were born in South Africa.
  9. I have always liked the idea of a soft cap with a luxury tax - similar to used in some US sports - rather than a hard cap. It allows far greater transparency and allows teams with money to spend it. For Super League you could tax at 50p or a full pound for every pound over the cap. That then all goes into a pot to be divided between the clubs that do not go over. So if the salary cap is 2 mil and Leeds, for example, spend 3 mil then (at 50p tax) they would actually have to outlay 3.5 mil with 500,000 shared by the teams below the cap.
  10. If the concern is up the jumper rugby then how about 3+ passes before a tackle doesnt count agains the tackle count. Get the ball thrown around
  11. Yep. Loses nothing and gains identity and clarity by just being Britain
  12. Yeah, it is unbelievable. Both the article and the RFL's response are awful. If we apply basic BLUF then the take away from the RFL response is that they are sad! Is that really the main point? Poorly written and equally poorly structured. Trying to be positive though, at least the RFL are consistently bad.
  13. Yes and no. He is absolutely not to blame for what happened but he did some strange things. For the first sin bin he refused to look at or acknowledge one touch judge when in conversation and completely ignored them when they pointed a finger at Mamo. It was bizarre behavior and not one a quality ref should follow. I remember thinking how petty and it looked and then the rest subsequently happened.
  14. Yeah, it would be a pretty good idea.
  15. We have only 2 -- Wigan and Leeds. The entire Super League brand should be based on promoting these two pillars across the Pennines. Making them fully national brands (let alone global brands) would drag every other team upwards and forwards. Having many priorities means you have none. Pick your prettiest and promote them - petty personal team preferences shouldnt come into this. As much as I hated them, Wigan's decade of dominance made League's profile far higher than it is now and it is easier to develop household names for 2 or so teams than for half the league. Clubs like Saints, Wire, FC etc are incredibly important to the game but not the vehicles to hitch our wagons to in order to build national profile for the sport.
  16. Why shouldnt tax payers subsidise local sports teams in the short term?
  17. I enjoyed that. A human interest piece that showed women's league lookin good and didnt try to make League look bad.
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