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  1. PatrickB

    Eric Perez

    I'm selfishly wanting Montreal as the next location. It would be a nice manageable road trip and probably half the cost and distance of travelling to NY. David Argyle though, has specifically mentioned Philadelphia a few times, I expect there is something going on there.
  2. Ya, you're right. There's always one. It's not as if I'm in the greatest mood myself right now, too. But it was a surprise none the less.
  3. I just congratulated London Broncos from my twitter account and some (*&^er went on about our phony Wolfpack attendance, and free tickets. Some people make you really wonder, if they can't even accept a congratulations, and remain classy in a victory.. when can they?
  4. Just got home from the match. That was tough. London made a couple fewer mistakes, and as such deserved the victory. One thought from the stands though. If we are going to have video review, how about having a screen that the paying fans can see as well. I'm not saying any of Toronto's tries were good, I was sitting in the middle of the stands, so obviously I couldn't tell, but showing them to the fans would be good.
  5. I've linked that headline to the actual article, for those of you that would like to read it. It's a good read.
  6. I haven't heard much from Eric Perez in the last year. The Globe and Mail have tracked him down, and have done a brief interview here. I'm a bit surprised they didn't get a bit more info from him, but there it is. The guy remains a bit enigmatic, it seems to me. But I'm thankful he gut the ball rolling here in Toronto.
  7. PatrickB

    Toronto & Rule changes?

    I'd be happy if they just fixed the 27 blown bulbs in the clock at Lamport
  8. PatrickB

    Barba move shut down

    Haha. Well, I ask because I saw the original article saying he was going, and the post at the top of this thread, denying it. So my question amounts to, what has Barba actually stated? Or is he engaged in the shady practice of negotiating while under contract, playing the NRL off against RL for a better deal?
  9. PatrickB

    Barba move shut down

    Has Barba actually said what he intends to do? Or is this a negotiation in progress?
  10. 3 different interviews on Fan 590 Radio yesterday and this morning. David Argyle on Primetime Sports at the 2:02 mark There was also a 5 minute discussion about RL earlier in the show. Brian Noble on Starting Lineup show, this morning. Gareth Walker, RL writer for Daily Mirror on the Jeff Blair Show, this morning Nice support from Sportsnet, and well done Wolfpack PR team. Nothing incredibly newsworthy in the interviews, but interesting, none the less. And I'm aware in the RL heartlands there are probably lots of RL articles and interviews on a weekly basis. I only share them here, to show how TWP is spreading the word, week in, week out, which is critical in a brand new and very crowded market like Toronto. Some of it also spreads nationally. So it's all good PR. Also, David Argyle, having won over Bob MCcown as a fan is kind of big, as McCown has the biggest sports radio show in Canada.
  11. PatrickB

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    We haven't really heard a word from Perez in over a year. So why is now being quoted as the man with the cunning plan?
  12. I expect a very slim win for Toronto in this one and not taking anything for granted. Jarrod Sammut for London has been very impressive when I've watched London. I'm hoping Cory Paterson is OKed to play.
  13. PatrickB

    Toronto marquee signings

    I think Blake Wallace has probably been Toronto's best player this season.
  14. Cool. Thanks for the info. Now let's hope we don't have a game.
  15. Wondering the same thing. Don't know the answer.