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  1. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Oh ######. I just saw this today. Terrible news.
  2. Good solution to help promote the brand. I'm in Canada and am also a seat holder so don't need it. But still, well done TWP.
  3. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    Both teams could have won it. Both teams could have lost it. Both teams "manned up" IMO. Both teams equally congratulated for playing in ###### conditions. One sided title of the thread doesn't give fair due, IMO. Is the point is the team with bigger ambition should be disappointed in a draw, and the team with lesser, should be congratulated? I would think they both have ambition and a draw has equal value to both teams.. and maybe even a bit more for the road team.
  4. Fun match to watch. Don't know why TWP didn't go for a kick at the end there. Worth a shot, i would have thought.
  5. And now ad driving hail. What's left?
  6. Not a vast difference today in Toronto. -3 C currently, with a -1 high and forecast for freezing rain later on. Probably slightly more comfortable in Barrow. The sunshine looks good.
  7. For anyone wanting the CBC broadcast liivestream for Barrow / Toronto it's I don't know if it is GEO Blocked, but is fine for Canada
  8. Great match by Toronto, given all the injuries, turnover and recent upheaval. Playing the entire first half of the season away from home crowd, could be extremely challenging, but it certainly looks like this team is up to it. Well done.
  9. As a Toronto fan, I already miss Craig Hall. What a great player.
  10. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Ya that line threw me too. I wondered where that stat came from. If 50% of the tickets were free, I guess I must be one of the only idiots that actually paid for EVERY match that I attended, not to mention the Season Tickets I bought for this year.
  11. Toronto (Merged threads)

    would a private message to a brother be ok? LOL
  12. Toronto (Merged threads)

    This thread was started to discuss Toronto releasing 3 players. And then the thread got derailed a bit with the Toronto will save RL / Toronto is all that is evil debate. So let's get back to the topic at hand. There were a number of insinuations about why the 3 players and the team parted ways. But I didn't know if that was just idle speculation, or was any of it fact. But aside from that, does anyone actually have any facts on what has gone on. Did they quit? Were they sacked? And what was the reason? Does anyone really know?
  13. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Sorry to see. It certainly sounded like Taylor had been having reservations. Let's face it. We don't yet know what went on though. Anything posted so far is speculation. The truth will come out though.
  14. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    Thanks. Good post. You beat me to the punch to put out something a bit more balanced and representative. (When people share their own personal picture, usually they don't start their backside. I was about to call it something more salty but decided against it.) Hamilton should be a good city for RL. They have a very loyal fan base for the CFL Ti-Cats, and in general they like big rough and tumble hard working players. That should translate pretty well to RL. I'm surprised #2 in Canada wouldn't be Montreal or Halifax, but being I live in Cambridge, I'm only about 25 miles from the stadium in Hamilton, I can dig it.