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  1. PatrickB

    Brian Noble on Fan 590 Radio

    We'll put an extra beer or two in the fridge for you. 🍺
  2. PatrickB

    Brian Noble on Fan 590 Radio

    TWP organisation JUST GETS IT. Their PR team are to be commended. Notice the view count on that Tim and Sid video. 3600+ views. Typical Tim and Sid demographic is younger people. Certainly rugby is not a focus of their show. ( It's mainly your typical North American sports as well as soccer. ) Plus that interview would have been on the live tv show nationwide in Canada, so I think it's safe to assume a heck of a lot more people would have seen it on TV than just viewed it on twitter or on the Sportsnet website. So good on TWP for getting out their and promoting the sport.
  3. Good interview, spreading the word in Toronto. Here's the Link Brady "Who's the star player?" Noble "Liam Kay, unfortunately he's injured. But he's the pin up guy. He's the one the girls like. He doesn't do it for me, but what can you say." LOL
  4. Injuries are mounting up for Wolfpack. 😮😥
  5. Just heard about Jonny Pownall on load to Barrow. The Wolfpack could use him right about now.
  6. Good half time show, though.
  7. Radio Leeds link here.
  8. Just tuned it at the end of the match to see the final horn. Congrats London. Note to SKY TV: Next time you interview Danny Ward... maybe use subtitles. I thought I was OK with UK accents, but I could only identify about half of what he said. 😉 He seems like a genuinely likable guy though. But wow.. what an accent.
  9. PatrickB

    TWP draw larger crowd than NRL game

    I was at this game in Toronto. Probably 90% of the crowd, as always, was on the west side (that's where most of the seasons tickets are, (it's in the shade (for 4:30 starts at least) and sun is at your back rather than directly in your face. That's why there are always many more people on the west side.) And a lot of people are in the beer garden end. Most of these photos show only the east side stands, so they aren't at all reflective of the true crowd size. The east side is also the side the TV cameras face, so the crowds never look good on tv. Most of the pictures above are showing the east side.. the empty side. The last one may show the west side. It's a bit hard to tell though. It seems each week there are people trying to tell us we weren't really there or we didn't pay for our tickets. I was there, and I pay for my tickets, although as a season seat holder, I did get a couple free "bring a friend tickets" I used for other matches, to help promote the sport and the team. Last weekend's match was a fan appreciation match, and some tickets were available for half price. I expect the large crowd got helped by that a little bit, but mainly because FINALLY we had a team come over that looked like it was going to be a challenge (and it was) even though it was a meaningless game in the standings for us. TWP has a team of people, marketing and promoting their matches. They have invested quite a bit in their off-field personnel. Those people have also done a good PR job with the local press and media. They have a great team, and a excellent match day experience, a cool beer garden. They are a new and novelty experience over here, and some people may just come to check that out. But the novelty is not fading. And obviously they can pull from a market of about 8 million people in Southern Ontario, with no other pro RL team to compete with. Probably only London Broncos can say that... yet look how much better TWP has done than London. See all the other factors above for the reasons. I'm hoping we can now put an end to defending TWP crowd sizes. I guess some people try to tear TWP down because their own team can't match these numbers.
  10. PatrickB

    The Qualifiers - Predictions

    Nice analysis. I'm sold.
  11. Just home from the Wolfpack / Featherstone match. Feathersone definitely up for it. Some massive bone crushing tackles on both sides in the first half. Even with 8200 people you could hear some of them from the stands. Congrats on the win the Featherstone. You deserved it. And congrats to the Wolfpack for bringing in a legit 8k fans. West side was very full, and east, more than normal.
  12. PatrickB

    Time To Give Toronto Its Due!

    Nice observations Kayakman. I missed todays match, and probably will next week as well, but plan to attend all the Middle 8s. The future is indeed bright. BTW, I lived in Aus for 2 years in the early 90s (Cremorne Point, NSW) and had an office out in Lane Cove overlooking the Lane Cove River. Small world.
  13. Man, the Wolfpack are strong this year. It seems to me last season in League One was more competitive than this year in the Championship. Every match is a wipeout.