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  1. The other teams should focus on getting their own bum in their seats more, and not worry how many fans come over. Even If Fev didn't bring any fans over today, we still would have had more than 9500 in the stadium.
  2. Fun. and exciting game today with 9974 fans in the stands. Admittedly a bit nerve wracking in the first half... I was having deja vu of last year. But the guys, came out strong in the 2nd half. I gave a big congrats to David Argyle after the match. He's brought a fun new element to the city of Toronto, at a pretty large personal expense. A lot of people got a lot of joy out of his risks and investment.
  3. It's on Sky Sports in the UK, CBC Livestream and Game TV in Canada.
  4. 50 pages. Wow. I'm curious it anyone convinced anyone else, of anything. It seems on any topic re: Toronto, everyone is fairly entrenched at this point, no?
  5. Absolutely I'm praying we get out of the Championship. As much as victories are fun, there really isn't a lot of enjoyment watching such lobsided results. TWP are to be commended for assembling such a skilled squad, but I think it's SL or bust this year. I even expect their future viability as a club is on the line pending this result.
  6. PatrickB


    Fantastic year and post season. I've followed them since the beginning and had a season seat package back in year 1 at the Skydome. Naturally, I hope Kawhi comes back. But I think if he was planning on saying he would have said so by now. We'll see. Fingers still crossed.
  7. I was transferred from Canada to Sydney, Aus for a couple years back in 1990. I'd never seen Rugby League before that. It was not played nor televised here in Canada. I played a bit of RU in high school. Just a bit. In Australia, they had a game of the week on TV that I became hooked on, and then started attending some North Sydney Bears matches in person. They were the closest team to where we lived.| I also went to some Sydney University RU matches as well. I generally found RL more entertaining than RU, but back then Australia had massively strong RU national team. I saw them play a couple times live as well as NSW Waratahs. After I came back to Canada, I lost track of RL again until I started getting Sportsnet World / Sentanta about 5 years ago. And then a few years ago, the moment I heard about the Toronto Wolfpack, I picked season tickets.
  8. Even as a fellow Canadian, I have to admit.. that's a weird story.
  9. I did not know that. I just listened to this video, and ya, it's pretty close. Kind of amazing.
  10. It's now starting to be pretty clear as to why the NY bids backers weren't revealed. Sounds like a pretty sketchy setup based on what we see about the Butlins. You'd think in a place like NY with more then 20 million people in the area, RL could do quite a bit better than guys like this.
  11. I wouldn't have known what a floating roof was. Thanks. One thing people must remember is a roof over here has to be able to support the weight of a *&^%load of snow. Because of that they tend to be pretty major undertakings. I guess if they built it on a steep enough angle, that would help.
  12. The kid's ok, but good lord, who ever is behind the camera should at least learn how to focus it.
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