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  1. gabby

    Contact please

    got your phone call last night but unfortunately my phone doesn't ring when the calls are with-held numbers and my answer phone didn't show your number. Therefore, I couldn't ring you back. As you are now aware of the situation, do you want to leave it until you mum is recovered. Give me a ring again with a number and I can ring you to talk. regards Steve
  2. gabby

    Contact please

    Cheers John. A phone call will be more useful. Regards Steve
  3. gabby

    Contact please

    Can John Turner please contact Gabby through this forum. I can't find our how to do it. It is in connection with Hunslet programmes. I left a message for him a week or two back .
  4. gabby


    Yes Faal was poor on Sunday. Never tackled one man or made any breaks. Maybe if he been picked, he would have done better.
  5. gabby

    Hunslet 24, Toulouse 46

    I agree. He was tremendous with his passing but why do our wingmen make it easier for our opponents every week by insisting on running infield to mark men who are already on the point of being tackled.
  6. gabby

    hemel game yesterday

    If he's passing to one of our men, at least it's better than some alternatives!
  7. gabby

    Hunslet 48, Doncaster 6

    I got a message on my computer saying that this site could be risky because of spyware etc, so watch what you use. Therefore I haven't been using it since then.
  8. gabby

    Good Win..

    What was final score please?
  9. gabby

    Aston Wilson

    Ignore this!!
  10. gabby


    So what are we going to moan about this season if Leeds are no longer our reserve side?
  11. gabby

    Your favourite Hunslet players

  12. gabby

    Your favourite Hunslet players

    I remember him getting picked a lot but not seeing him play much. He was usually sent off in first 10 minutes. Hunslet got a warning from the RL I believe about his behaviour.
  13. gabby

    Dewsbury 32, Hunslet 20

    Castle turned it around when he came on and we lost momentum when he had to go off again. Trout followed his lead as did one or two others. I thought Grimshaw looked better than he has done so far but he's hardly played so you can't expect him to be in tip top condition as everybody else has had 4 months longer preparation. Forgot about Backhouse who looked almost unstoppable when he came on. A much better performance despite the usual refereeing decisions we get at Dewsbury. How none of the officials could see two spear tackles and two shoulder charges is beyond me. If they wanted to see them!
  14. gabby

    eaton must go

    All our wingers have a tendency to leave their man to come inside. If I was playing on the wing, I would stand opposite to MY opponent and not wander off inside [despite what the coach may say]. My man would not score but if they scored inside me, it's hardly my fault. Many tries are scored on the wing against us but none by us [hardly]. Last week 4 forwards and a full back try which is pretty usual for us and opponents have their wingmen racing down field on many occasions. I think Akedaire and Brickwood were okay on the wing but we got rid of them. Leeds must have some decent spare wingers.
  15. gabby

    Oh dear.{again}

    Useless! A complete lack of gumption in the team. Some players play well and still can't get into the team. Mvududu has been playing well but we put a forward into the centre? If I was picking the team, I would pick my 17 best players and stick with it more or less. I would have had :--- Watson; Agoro, Mvududu, Cook, Brickwood; Kain, Brown; Castle, Lee, Houston, Backhouse, Lyons Mackay. Subs from Flanagan, Grimshaw, Reed, Elliott and Brennan. If further players were required through injuries, we could use D/R with Briscoe, Keinhorst, Yates and Walters. I know this may be controversial but at least you would know who our players were. I have nothing against Maun either, but he may have played a a season too long .