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  1. I'd like to add that I've typed out a list, not in any particular order which I will try and include. We've been lucky with hookers Team of the decade 2010's.xlsx
  2. We did what was necessary even though the performance was more important than the result. At least we were able to come back in the second half this time. I thought Rowse was man of the match but with a load of new players [unknown to most spectators] it was difficult to tell who was doing what. One thing I noticed was number 22 [I think] wearing a scrum cap, he was going in and tackling round the legs every time. A novelty?
  3. Everybody has their own opinion and I don't agree with team of the decade etc as there has been a lot of good players gone through our team. I wouldn't disagree with most of your selection but I would have thought that Wabo would get in and play at hooker and not 2nd row.
  4. Why do we need 5 half backs and 4 wingers?
  5. Yup, the team selection makes me look stupid this week but I stand by what I said. If you have a squad, everybody should get a game sometime as players can't get match fit and could possibly let the team down when selected. Also, Webb is left out and what happened to Brearley? Why sign players if they can't get in and the lack of a second team is bad for all clubs without one.
  6. I don't rate leaving the above two out of every game. I can see next season when Nicklas and Dean have moved onto bigger things and Sanderson and Southernwood will have left us to get a game somewhere. You can't expect them to be match fit when needed and I didn't think they were that bad anyway. We had two games when they ideally could have played, West Wales and West Bowling. So next season, we will have to start again team building as usual.
  7. gabby

    Contact please

    got your phone call last night but unfortunately my phone doesn't ring when the calls are with-held numbers and my answer phone didn't show your number. Therefore, I couldn't ring you back. As you are now aware of the situation, do you want to leave it until you mum is recovered. Give me a ring again with a number and I can ring you to talk. regards Steve
  8. gabby

    Contact please

    Cheers John. A phone call will be more useful. Regards Steve
  9. Can John Turner please contact Gabby through this forum. I can't find our how to do it. It is in connection with Hunslet programmes. I left a message for him a week or two back .
  10. gabby


    Yes Faal was poor on Sunday. Never tackled one man or made any breaks. Maybe if he been picked, he would have done better.
  11. I agree. He was tremendous with his passing but why do our wingmen make it easier for our opponents every week by insisting on running infield to mark men who are already on the point of being tackled.
  12. If he's passing to one of our men, at least it's better than some alternatives!
  13. I got a message on my computer saying that this site could be risky because of spyware etc, so watch what you use. Therefore I haven't been using it since then.
  14. What was final score please?
  15. gabby

    Aston Wilson

    Ignore this!!
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