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  1. This Sporting Strife

    2019 Season

    Yes, it's going to be a magnificent season. Bradford first up? Yup!
  2. This Sporting Strife

    Shopping List

    Moss and Marsh! Both will light up the championship - under Mr Ford's direction.
  3. This Sporting Strife

    Brett Delaney Leaving Leeds

  4. This Sporting Strife

    Shopping List

    If he's considering a future in coaching then where better for his cv than to be a senior player under Mr Ford?
  5. This Sporting Strife

    2019 squad

    The link below says a lot about the sort of person he is. Dedicated, determined and intelligent. Also someone who can play the greatest game in the proper way. Just as hard as his dad - but in a good, controlled way. We've already seen him playing with a smile on his face.
  6. This Sporting Strife

    2019 squad

    I think Mr Ford might have uncovered an absolute gem in Josh Jordan Roberts. Hope he signs for a good long deal
  7. This Sporting Strife

    Team for Whiehaven

    Mat Chilton is pretty pacy
  8. This Sporting Strife


    I hate the way the music destroys the atmosphere when a try is scored. Someone has a drum in the crowd; why not just let them bang it whilst people cheer and applaud.
  9. This Sporting Strife

    Workington & Bradford in live streaming beef

    I may well be wrong (probably am!), but I just think the mention of the chairman being a driving instructor with a full diary, was unnecessary, and, by implication, comical. I feel it perhaps reveals a patronising tone that might have got a few backs up.
  10. This Sporting Strife

    Workington & Bradford in live streaming beef

    Obviously we're not privvy to the details, but Your reference to the Workington chairman as 'a driver instructor with a full diary' might be a hint as to why things didn't work out. Yes, we can't all have exciting media jobs, but just because you're filming from a gantry doesn't mean you ought to look down on people. Nor just because Bradford is a larger club than all the rest in League One, does it mean they are 'bigger' than anyone else.
  11. This Sporting Strife

    Do York have SL potential?

    Maybe something mobile for all clubs? And perhaps a little show (dance and words) to put on at half time or before the game - a (very) mini version of the Olympics. A little like the Aussie thing in the world cup. I think this with York in mind because loud music and 'quart pint pots' aren't the only way to attract supporters, and deepen the brand. RL needs a vision of itself? Although if there was any performance then York would have to improve the woeful audibility of its pa system. This might not be as daft as it sounds.
  12. This Sporting Strife

    Do York have SL potential?

    Could there be some mileage in the cultural aspects of RL? I know we have to expand, but isn't the essential story of RL, a fascinating act of sustained defiance coming out of the inequalities of the world's first industrial revolution, something that might attract an audience? RL is our 'national' sport In the same way that gaelic football is in Ireland, we could embrace that rather than shy away from it. I mean, we've got a pretty impressive genesis story... 'In the darklands of the pit, I dreamt of freedom, I dreamt of standing under the sun on my own two feet and a ball in my hands...'
  13. This Sporting Strife

    York City Knights Ladies

    What a brilliant idea. There must be some way round the limited dressing room space surely?
  14. This Sporting Strife

    Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    Cumbrians are fiercely proud of their county - they would equal (if not more than) Yorkshire folks in that. If a Cumbrian team primarily drawing support from Workington and Whitehaven areas did well then there is a good chance that Carlisle and Penrith would get behind them. Barrow, I feel, is less Cumbrian orientated, having been part of Lancashire until relatively recently. I think Cumbria United would be spot on as a name.
  15. This Sporting Strife

    RFL to move to Etihad Campus?

    That feels like a challenge. Into the breach... Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it this just breaking the bank to rent a room and a half, and the partial use of a field, under the shadow of the rich man's castle, in a place where there is no rugby team?