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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if we won this. Maybe keep Matty Marsh as a specialist, fulltime full back?
  2. I understand that aviation is responsible for only 3.5% of the factors behind climate change, but it's the fastest growing. And yes, when we think of wolfpack and New York, I wonder about this...
  3. No, this isn't a thinly disguised piece of propaganda from the 'Keep it M62 Party', but a genuine question about the environmental costs of actually running an intercontinental league in this way.
  4. Teams flying to and fro the Atlantic? On the one hand, good for us rl fans; but is this really a sensible thing to be doing in a world whose climate is rapidly changing with ominous consequences?
  5. Really looking forward to this one. Beginning to think that other teams will be fearing us a bit. crowd: 1,900
  6. A very impressive interview. He's very focused and clearly smart. As well as being super skilled. We're lucky to be able to watch him. I think other teams genuinely fear him (and the whole team). I think he will make it to superleague. James Ford is brilliant at spotting talent and helping it develop.
  7. Agreed; it's a nightmare! I liked it last year when you could hear the crowd, the player's shouts and enthusiastic appreciation of the cameraman.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUewgeUPseA The incident is here at about 2.22.
  9. Ben will play the Barrow match, but will he be in trouble over the incident at Dewsbury?
  10. I'd love there to be 2000 plus but think there will be 1500
  11. could Jubby play elsewhere as well as dummy half? He seems to have grown again this off season. Fast enough to be a centre? Power enough for loose forward?
  12. No, I get it - new community stadium!
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