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  1. Restructure 2019?

    Apparently there is a meeting taking place this Friday that includes all clubs in both the Championship and Championship 1, if this mooted 2 x10's league format has any substance to it there are going to be different implications for a number of clubs, those who may be expected to make the new division and those who are going to find themselves on the outside, and it is all going to be controlled by the decision the SL bosses make, which will not only effect the Pro and Semi-Pro clubs it will also in my opinion start to manifest problems in the amatuer game in the not to distant future.
  2. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    I should imagine we will get a few pages on this subject, based on what, some scribe from that bastion of journalism "The Sun" perhaps this could be another of Gary Hetherington's ###### poor reporters.
  3. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    Your logic is somewhat rather amiss, firstly you elevate teams to the top echelon who have not won anything in your time watching the game, then try to make a case that those who have actually won something can resurrect to be once again be powers in the game, pray tell me again why Tolouse and London should on present standings with their stadia and support should be invited to the top table, leaving speculation aside, we can apply that to any team.
  4. Chris Houston at the RFL Disciplinary...

    100% Bentham moves to his left, enough for contact to happen with his left shoulder, had he kept on the line he was taking no contact would have taken place, Houston DOES NOT deviate of his line, Bentham does, that is the main cause if the collision.
  5. Bennett back - Darryl not yet.

    Yes got to agree, a different coach for GB, he - whoever - would bring different tactics and maybe differnt selections, that would be a great comparrison that we all could evaluate, Bennett or A.N. Other no more speculation required for the next WC, evidence will be produced in front of our eyes.
  6. Stadium's.

    Why leave Barrow out of the equation, a ground in a time capsule, and good on em.
  7. Take your point Yanto, and you obviously know better than I do what the area you are seconded to offers in ways of lets say "after work curriculum" I have never been to Toronto but I should imagine there are enough distractions in that fair city to satisfy any curiosities people my have should they be so inclined, unless of course you may be suggesting that those working for the TWP in that distant land are under an "indoors" curfew.
  8. If you read my last paragraph again SL, that should indicate that I am of the opinion that it is a joint effort with both KC and NJ, being "Head" coach by name means that the buck stops with NJ, Mr Beaumont should get rid, banish KC behind a desk in his Director of Rugby role, and bring in someone else.
  9. Well done Mr Krzzy, shows how much I have gleaned in over 50 years involvement in this game, when a young whipper snapper of embryonic propotions by comparrison puts me in the shade with his prediction of the Barrow v Leigh game, not much more to say other than "I bow to a greater knowledge"
  10. Leigh fan here just got home, not read any other commets before posting this, first and foremost total respect for the Barrow team, those lads had complete pride in the shirts they put on their backs, fought for everything and totally deserved their win, no question. Leigh on the other hand look as though they are a bunch of journeymen cobbled together, just doing a job of work awaiting clocking off time. The big question is, were does the blame rest, we as fans of the club were told that the team was quality in its individual parts they would be the Rolls Royce of the division, but what pray is the point of having a luxury limosine if it is going to driven by Miss Daisy, yes it is to all intense a brand new team but it is playing the same dour brand of football that saw them capitulate last season. Mr Beaumont to his credit stood with the travelling Leigh fans on the terraces, not in the directors box, and he took some stick with regards to the quality of the coaches in his employ, he never reacted publicly, but I hope that he does so behind closed doors and saves himself a lot more wasted money and employs someone who actually knows what to do. Worse case scenario would be relieving Jukes and installing Cunningham as head coach, as bad as we were under Jukes alone, it seems we are much worse with Cunninghams influence in the mix.
  11. Quality of Rugby League

    Hi Mark, one cheat that really gets up my nose is the many times you see forwards who struggling in the tackle has taken 3 maybe 4 opposition players to ground them when getting up from the floor if a hand is placed on them with the total weight of a packet of fags, they fall down again.
  12. Quality of Rugby League

    Sadly deluded one, there are far far to few who engage in that excersize, and it useually is those who spout what should happen in and for the game as a whole are the ones who simply have no connection with the game, save only for the T.V and the trade mags.
  13. Quality of Rugby League

    Hi Matt, you mean those who can only manage 10 - 15 minutes max then have to be replaced because they could not manage any more field time, I too would reduce down to 5 mtrs, but more so drop the interchanges to 3 or 4, it would speed the game up.
  14. Fair point Krzzy, I think that the single guy's with no attachments will cope with the situation of the 'extended' stays in Toronto much better than the married and family guy's whose womenfolk also need to buy into the time their partners time away, time will tell how they cope with it.