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  1. Harry Stottle

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Harlequins Rugby Football Club Limited? With the absence of London Bronco's on that list Harlequins must be pertaining to them, they have not had the name Harlequins since 2011, could it be that as you say the list is hugely out of date, even though Padge states it is from December 2017, or who actually is the holding company for London Bronco's?
  2. Harry Stottle

    Lions tour 2019

    Thanks MOK, I was under the impression that the Lions were being organised to resurrect the Ashes series, my interest in going has just been kiboshed.
  3. Should imagine you will be very happy your lot got enough points early on in the season and avoided the 8's, it would have been very squeaky bum time for you.
  4. Harry Stottle

    Eric Perez

    Read it and learn or do you suffer from culpable ignorance, which if you do not know is the lack of knowledge or understanding that results from the omission of ordinary care to acquire such knowledge or understanding.
  5. Yes I do, I suggest you brew a good quantity of the stuff I suspect that you will be requiring some on Saturday evening and not for the celebratory mode, more like the drowning of sorrows manner😥
  6. Harry Stottle

    Lions tour 2019

    On the 6th Sept, I wrote to the RLIF asking when will we be able to see the itinery of this proposed tour with dates, venues etc as I was interested in going and would need the information to sort out being away, travel arrangements, hotels etc, I recieved a reply back within an hour saying it was not their domain it was the property of the RFL and their Australian equivalent body to make, set and publish the itinery, I copied and sent the same letter immediately to the RFL, since then not heard anything from them, not even an aknowledgment of reciept with notice of a follow up correspondence! Breweries, ####-ups and organizing comes readily to mind.
  7. You dissapoint me K'man, I pen a logical prediction for the reason(s) that I consider Widnes will leave Lamport with the spoils, and you completley ignore it, not like you, are you feeling unwell, is the extra old stuff just a bit to old?
  8. Harry Stottle

    Golden Point Special

    I believe it is available as a podcast!
  9. Harry Stottle

    Golden Point Special

    Just loved the look on Elstone's face when closing the programme Brian Carney said to the viewers 'see you next year, same programme' he must have no faith in this system, in fact throughout the half hour, he laboured on about so many changes that have accured nearly annually over so many years, asking what makes this different and how long will it last!
  10. Another great game to ponder over, done it, took all of 2 secs, it was a boring game, I am not singling out these two teams, sadly games of this standard are becoming more of the norm than the exception, games like the recent excellent Saints v Wigan game are easily remenbered, it stands out amongst all the dross that is being served up. Players, coaches, law makers and refferees, really need to do something to inject entertainment back into our game, it is becoming lifeless, dull and unimaginative. This site and others like it are the converted they do not need preaching to about how good the game can be, but there is an undertone of distaste in the pleasure and enjoyment people are getting from the game, some have already turned off, others are threatening to do so. Elstone's big vision is more bum's on seats and more subscribers, he has not got a chance of improving those numbers until the product on offer can somehow be improoved to keep some from leaving and entice the newbies he wants to come to the game.
  11. Harry Stottle

    The Nine who Voted with SL

    Why be transparent on any particular subject when it is to be utilised "when it suits". Another subject that is "stuff like this" that I expect will be kept under wraps "till it suits" is Leneghan's statement of a to be promoted club having the right credentials to join the elite, in any proper well run organisation terms of entry are published and publicised for all members to attain the entry criteria prior to joining. If and it is very possible that 2019 will produce a promoted team who will be under scrutiny, should those guidelines not be in place and applicable to all clubs who are in SL before the 2019 season starts, would it be just and proper that if a promoted team is going to default and be refused entry for some part of the criteria that an incumbant team also cannot honour and also does not tick that or any other particular box? Any future criteria will have to be set on the lowest denominators of all the competing clubs who onset the 2019 season, if a promoted club is refused entry, any other defaulting club(s) should also be omitted from SL. I will not be surprised to hear more of this from the Championship clubs as next season approches, but will anything be done, in any proper well run organisation it would be a priority, but sadly this is the British RL, so then again nothing will be done!
  12. Widnes have the wherefore to win this, depends how some individuals turn up, the lazy sod Krisnan Inu if puts his heart into it and plays as he can will go a long way to ensuring victory, Mellor has to return to the halfs, Wolfpack really struggle in this dept, Wallace more of an individual than a team player, OK running against part timers, and McCrone he is always on the field but does anybody really notice. Wolfpack forwards not really that impressive, Dixon by far the best, and Ackers when he comes on up's the anti somewhat, if Widnes can get big energetic minutes from their young forwards they can tire out the Dads army TWP lot up front. Home advantage for me is TWP's best weapon not very impressive last week though, a very dubious, rephrase, no a try that should not have been awarded - pictorial evidence - proves that, and a bad convertion attempt by Tolouse lost them that game, had that score line been reversed this fixture along with next week at Headingley would have been about the Wolfpacks fight for MPG, at the outset of the eights I did not expect TWP to beat any SL team, and stated so, I have not seen any evidence to make me change my mind, Widnes can go a long way with bad attitude to losing this game, head strong and they win it. Widnes by 8.
  13. Probably less than half of Elstones salary!
  14. "That's a bit harsh"☺, I agree especially as Scohey is involved with Keighley.
  15. I want a bit of controversy, we have to have the anchor man so Woods stays, but instead of two mild mannered journalist who dare not rock the boat for fear of future reprisals like refusing interviews or passing over information etc. Why not have those who would deliver searching questions like Andrew Chalmers or Mark Campbell, now that would be interesting.