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  1. That just shows how good Australia are, I doubt that any other team would have put anywhere near 50 points against that Fiji team, and most probably they would have a few more points on the scoresheet themselves.
  2. I suggest you will hzve to keep wondering Scubby, can't see that happening to be honest.
  3. Quite simply a masterclass of RL by Aus, if I was given today 100/1 for the field against them I would keep my money in my pocket, they are streets ahead of anybody else.
  4. Rangi Chase

    A perfect chicken 'n egg scenario Dunbar, some may agree with you others may be in the opposite camp!
  5. England Team for the Semi

    But if we employ an active present Aussie coach what else should we expect, I was not a fan of his appointment in the first place and he has done nothing to change my opinion.
  6. England Team for the Semi

    As for putting a spin on a subject that is better than anything Alistair Campbell came up with, now I would not go as far as to accuse you that all your reasoning was born out of Bateman playing for Wigan, but I would say I am 99% certain it is.
  7. On the same theme the author's next headline will hopefully read:- LIONS MAUL THEN DEVOUR KRISTIAN.
  8. Premier not showing England v Tonga?

    I'm on virgin Dave, NHL Ice Hockey listed at 04:00 till 06:00
  9. Just setting my box to record the semis, Aus v Fiji OK, England v Tonga not listed on the programme schedule, there is a semi-final in the listings at 06:00 bur tgat appears to be a reshowing of the Aus matc from the previous day, anybody else noticed?
  10. england

    Can't see many disagreeing with that Omega, maybe Josh's mum and of course Bennett.
  11. Sounds like Eric Olthwaite in Ripping Yarns.
  12. Simple, Bennett keeps getting Hodgson involved in the middle, slooooowing everything down.
  13. I have, when I was on daily missionary work in Leeds then Elland for quite a number of years, the 4 lanes were there because people were reluctant to go and so drove slower, what was very evident though was the far greater number willing to escape the white rose each day only to be expelled later on.😉
  14. Well Stevie, we all know that Hodgson was ex HKR, hand on heart is he doing anything spectacular in this comp, in fact blind pugh can see the marked improvement in all aspects of our attack when Roby is on the field, better accurate distribution, quicker distribution, better runs from dummy half and a better defender, and your interpretation please.
  15. Maybe you should flit to Wiggin Sco77, no shortage of any number of pastry delicasies there mate, in fact one hot day last summer when I went to a match the ice cream van outside the ground was selling Steak & Kidney Cornets.