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  1. You've missed out, Huddersfield saved from relegation on at least a couple of occasions not to mention the merger with Sheffield, Bradford no need to expand on that, London Bronco's relegated a couple of times, Paris no more and not very long in existence at that. Was Uncle Mo's crystal ball somewhat cloudy?
  2. Thank you for your honesty John, do you now concede that in this format the final should be at a neutral venue, for what it is worth I totally agree that there should be some reward for finishing in pole position and again it is in this format. Albeit if Toronto finish anywhere other than top, their travel schedule could hinder them somewhat, but that being said, a tried and trusted system such as this is shoud not be altered to cater for one team, my opinion of course.
  3. Hi John, you will find that the team that finishes in the highest position will gain an advantage over the other teams in the play-offs, giving the highest placed team the added advantage of playing at home, only serves to double the superior or favourable postition they enjoy, that is not by any stretch of the imagination rightful.
  4. Dave Hadfield, Sunday 9th April 1995. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/the-revolution-starts-here-1614896.html Not necessarily the teams but the system.
  5. Harry Stottle

    Poll: All the ‘friendlies’ are out of the way...

    Good luck guy's, get stuck into them, as Corporal Jones says " they don't like it up em!" Will McDermott have his charges any different to Rowley in attitude, only time will tell. Thoroughly looking forward to visiting York with Leigh after what seems such a long time- I have been over to Heworth since last going to York RLFC - Sunday 3rd March time enough for both teams to have settled in by then, expect a good following from Leigh fans.
  6. The bit in bold is why I have contempt for this system, as I stated points mean prizes (but I have yet to see how monies are going to be awarded for 2019) in that a team who utilises employees of another club can gain financial advantage by doing so over a club who relies on their own efforts. I have no doubt that Leigh will be doing the same this season with Saints, season ticket in my wallet so I will be a witness not only at the home games but will not be missing many away - perhaps TO and TWP, they are not planned yet - must say I enjoyed the hospitality 3 times at Fev last season, so I have yet to expierience how I will recieve/percieve it. I do agree with you though about termed loan periods, albeit I would have longer than a month.
  7. Again won't disagree, but please do not tell me it would not happen depending on who the opposition is, anyway I will see if I can get an 'official' statement from John Duffy himself, will let you know if I do.
  8. Then I bow to your greater knowledge POR, I was sure (but corrected) you had two players banned from that game, but it still does not defer from my thought process nor probably the action that Fev would still have drafted in a Rhino's player to cover for Misi if he had not been injured, just suspended, the rules allowed it, and for that I am not blaming Fev, just the system.
  9. Leigh are nowhere near the big spenders Tom, they have worked on a very tight budget for this season, no input from the owner mainly the 200K awarded for 6th position last season and some other donations are what they are working on.
  10. Quite happy most are discounting Leigh, albeit I would wager opposition coaches are not of the same opinion, a double bed sheet can be thrown over the area nearly the full compliment of the player's come from and there are quite a number of those who bring a lot of expierence with them and some younger guy's expected to have a very good future, great vibes coming from the club not only officially but when you talk to the players individually the enthusiasm comes out in bucketfuls. I wouldn't at all be surprised if we beat TO in the seasons opener at the LSV.
  11. Not disagreeing with you Tom, but I would banish it tomorrow, and what about the guy's at your club who have trained their socks off all week, to be told they are to be stood down because a 'guest' player has become available, how can that be good for morale, "transfer request please boss"
  12. Harry Stottle

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    Don't know how York will go with the travelling fans, but Widnes are notoriously bad followers of their team, always have been, even in the day's of their dominance it was 'spot the chemic'. Bradford along with Leigh will take the most away fans to other grounds this season.
  13. Harry Stottle

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    Little belated reply, Well if you are taking that into account, what about the Summer Bash at Blackpool, the collective away support for TWP, TO and London just about filled a mini bus. I was there Dixie, so speaking from expierience, not hearsay.
  14. Harry Stottle

    Man of Steel - new format.

    So will/could we have a run away winner or might it just be fabricated (a tad) to take it to a seasons climax, just a thought?
  15. Do you really think it is good for the Championship competition Scotchy, or does that not matter if it serves a purpose for SL? It most certainly gives an advantage to clubs in the Championship who utilise these players, and when there is a financial reward for the higher a club finishes it is to me ethically wrong, I have mentioned it before but remember last season when Fev played Hull FC in the Challenge Cup and had two players who were sent off and subsequently banned , the club effectively recieved no penalty relating to those player's for their misdemeanours, they simply drafted two Rhino's in to cover for them in the Championship games the player's would miss, that can't be right surely, can it?