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  1. Just for my curiosity are you involved with any community club?
  2. Poor lad, it seemed everytime he ran the ball in he went into Ipape, that is not recommended for self preservation.
  3. Squeaky bum times for both sets of fans, Leigh tried their hardest to give it away with bad discipline, but the defence was up to the task. Early on this season I said that Mr Vella was the best ref in the panel he had an individuality him but I'm afraid someone has got to him and told him to cut it out and be as pedantic as the rest of them, the game could have been superb had he let the player's play but he was just to happy to blow, blow and blow the whistle.
  4. Yes of course we should, something I have banged the drum about for years on here DD, this is were the RFL, RL Commercial and if IMG are to take the game forward also in this area, the foundations have been neglected for years. But we won't be fishing until the pond is dry, look at it like a private fishing club there are two new members, the catch will just not be going all the same way to the same tables. Hopefully both Leigh and Salford can utilise this opportunity they have been given.
  5. 28 years old 6'-3" and 16st 12lb, good credentials for a prop to start of with, coming from Melbourne Storm, but again a relatively unheard of in just the way Mr Lam likes them to mould into his own fashion, his track record is very good in this manner.
  6. Once upon a time, when John Bateman used to have those run ins with Jamie Peacock he would have been the first name to be pencilled in any team in the land for me, and he did well albeit not as good in his first stint at Wigan but the version that came back from Aus was nowhere near the same quality as previous, I would wager privately Matty Peet was delighted he skedaddled again, he got him off the pay roll and had better performers coming through, I would be very disappointed indeed if Leigh even discussed him never mind signed him.
  7. This sounds like more of a wish you want to happen other than looking at it positively, why the sour grapes?
  8. Do I detect some umbridge that certain clubs will not have it all their own way in future recruitment of local lads from the Leigh district, there are many financial advantages to be gained from having club trained player's coming through the system as you probably well know, it should not be just to the benefit of a few clubs, any club in my opinion who wants to run an academy and can prove to be able to afford it and have the correct infrastructure should be allowed to do so.
  9. I will put you on the spot MZH if you don't mind, how many positions/shirt numbers from the present team in your opinion do you think needs changing. For what its worth in the back row position you are talking about, it looks like Leigh have lost their best pairing in my opinion in O'Donnell and Holmes and you have got Ollie Holmes, after seeing him perform for Warrington I was not to happy with his signing but under Mr Lam he has been very very good, he may not be as big a name as the other two but at this stage of the careers of all 3 Holmes will not let you down, and again in my opinion you do not need both the other two.
  10. Hi DD, as was said in the launch there are 40+ Leigh lads knocking about at other pro clubs, I should imagine for a start the target will be to persuade future 'town' born lads to stay put other than go elsewhere, then as a said to Tommy a few posts ago there are no boundaries in RL land, go wherever they please within those confines it doesn't matter whose toes they step on that has never been a consideration for any club in academy recruitment and if they do wish to target an area away from the heartlands then that is their prerogative, who knows what they will do, I am sure it will come out in the wash.
  11. What goes round comes round, over 60 years ago at junior school we had a teacher who also taught Rugby League, his philosophy was 'a pass beats a man every time' obviously when delivered and supported properly.
  12. Well done Salford along with Leigh, can only be good for both clubs albeit can't imagine Wigan, Wire and Saints are over the moon it could deplete their attraction.
  13. I honestly have never heard that terminology JM, a thought though if there was more than one club in a town of a pro club would being an 'ambassador' club not lead to the better local players permeating to that club because of the tie up with the pro club?
  14. In my heart I really want a Salford victory, but my head wants Wigan to win, only because of League placings Salford are catchable for my club Wigan are not. Sorry Salford fans.
  15. I have travelled for years and years daz, if there is one thing that is very positive about playing in the Championship it is regular Sunday afternoon 15:00hrs kick offs, used to love it, leave and return at reasonable times, a few scoops and the commaraderie on the coach, sampling what the "tuck shops" had on offer at various grounds - Batley by far the best in all our leagues system - a couple of pints with the local fans, it was a joy to be had. And if truth be known I would still prefer that regularity of Sunday afternoons for home games in SL, I am sure that more away fans would travel especially from east of the big hill other than weekday 20:00hrs kick offs.
  16. Really looking forward to watching this game this evening, but now alas from my armchair, I have made a conscious decision that I am no longer travelling over the big hill for 20:00hrs kick offs, but will still travel for selected Sat or Sun afternoon games.
  17. No they should follow the tried and tested method that there are no borders in Rugby League land.
  18. Leigh gaurenteed £400,000 and had officers and staff in place in the last submission to run an academy which was denied so can't see financials as a condition. And what is an ambassador club?
  19. Yes and just to confuse it more my sister and brother in law live 100 yards south of Canaan in WA3 but pay all their council tax and rates to Wigan Metro.
  20. Yes that is a problem in the making DD, but it only adds to Wigan, Wire and Saints having academies which was stated why they were denied a place in the last roll call re over saturation in the area, in no way should these these two clubs (or any club for that matter) have been denied to utilise the many benefits that come with running an Academy that others enjoy.
  21. Initially Dave you asked me a question about investment which I took to be from a personal point of view, and I thought that I answered that accordingly. Then you went to investing in the structure, for years I have banged the drum for proper investment - from the sport - in the community side of the sport but it usually falls on fallow ground, I apologise if you took it as coming over as aggressive, it is something very close to me. I honestly believe as I intimated that the sport should be putting a lot of effort into this area, and I asked the question re what are the plans in this area, if there are any I am not privy to them.
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