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  1. With all due respect Tommy that is not answering the question of how will category B's be selected for SL considering there may be more than is required to fill the reaming spots once the A's have been nominated.
  2. No one is doubting that Juggy, especially Mr Beaumont and Mr Lam, but you have to concede that they are approaching this promotion like no other club has done previously,
  3. England first and Ireland family connections both maternal and paternal and obviously PNG with the Leigh connection this season.
  4. Agree, but pity is there will be no more MPG's to test the attendances, but never mind hopefully my club gets the rating to keep them in SL for '24, if they don't I will get my RL fix by going to the two NCL clubs in the town, me and the pro game will part after too many years that I care to remember.
  5. You will be making a mistake by sending the mushrooms to the wrong fella(s).
  6. So whats your strategy Ginger, put some pins in maps and relocate teams into wider areas where there will be no competition for support?
  7. So what you really mean is Elbow a club out the way and fast track London to SL, you mention clubs getting votes, realistically would other clubs want London in SL? So please tell me again what commercial growth and health along with significant commercial and strategic value will London add, and in doing so please leave the word 'potential' behind I have been hearing that for so many years now it is like a long playing record, I have the utmost respect for the supporters of the Bronco's but there is just to few of them, does the public of whatever Borough that they have ever been sited really want them, the evidence says no they dont. Honestly Daddy, you are no different to those supporters of the small town clubs your rant is all about having London Bronco's in the top flight, like Leigh you have been there and done that, Leigh is having another go and I will be going along with them for the ride and I do hope that the 'Lunatics' new strategy of building a team prior to the present season finishing works out and we stay there to see his prophecy comes true, and I don't give a flying one who it upsets.
  8. Good god would that mean we have to play "Landon" forever more? 6,500 Leythers there on Sunday in the Championship, about 10 times the amount of the average number of "Landon" fans when last in SL.
  9. Why not it will be 2 weeks since the GF, but more importantly it will be 3 weeks since the GF's had a game by the time of the first game, all those who had to pull out have already done so.
  10. No just kind of frustrated Dave, nothing personal in what I have said previously it just seems that the proposals that IMG have made may drive a wedge between those who are deemed to have and those who are on the periphery, @Jill Halfpenny fanis quite correct in questioning will it be a catastrophic situation for a relegated team this season - if that is to happen - and how will the 'B''s be categorised if there is a crossover in both the SL and Championship teams being given the same grading.
  11. As I implied in my last post there are those who can simply sit back in smug mode, " it won't happen to me, whatever"
  12. I am sure Nimbyism will play a big part in the process, Dave T may not realise it when he wrote it but the post he made (attached below) gives those vibes, he could even be complacent in the fact that his club if they finished one place below where they finished this year would be safe.
  13. So should it be decided upon and published who are going to be in SL for '24 long before '23 is over? If that is the case there will be some backlash from some quarters especially if a club is to be demoted who performs better on the field than others who are saved and quite rightly so, let's not dismiss the fact that this game we play is a sporting contest.
  14. Are you intimating that there could something corrupt in IMG's proposal Jill?
  15. What frightens you? PS, I can you are anonymous with you location, would you care to share?
  16. The way I have read it, it is not the club clearing out the squad it is more like the squad deserting.
  17. This sport is just the same as any other in that money is the key to success, and there is not a much more than a cigarettes paper width between many of the owners if they are prepared to put the money in. I don't think we are going to stay at this nonsensical salary cap much longer so it is down to the money men who wants it the most. Derek Beaumont + Dr Koukash seems a good place to start so it won't matter how big the town or even city is if that happened, wouldn't that be nice!
  18. Whatever my views are, I have been told there is nothing wrong with a bit of diversity.
  19. #####! Edit. The xxxxx wasn't derogatory by no means it was a fun jab in the ribs, but the auto censor for some reason didn't like it.
  20. Yep, that about sums it up, that stuff called rapping is mainstream popular and that has as much connection with music as Henderson Gill had with winning a beauty contest.
  21. Of course, if you like what is known as music for the "hard of thinking"
  22. Newcastle and Bradford could be exiting the Championship next season and not upwards, just saying.
  23. All I ever read on player movement is like rats leaving a sinking ship at Bradford, there is something very wrong at your club, Nigel Wood perhaps?
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