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  1. I honestly don't think Tonga will or any other team for that matter, especially not in the playing lifetime of the player's that represent Australia today, obviously my opinion but I think this present Australian team can be as good as any that has gone before it, big ask I know but some of these present Australian guy's are something special.
  2. Appreciate the event all you want, my reason for going or switching on is to watch a competitive game, I get no pleasure at all witnessing one sided games, but each to their own I suppose.
  3. Yes I did fancy Fev got that one wrong didn't I, like the team I support we don't yet know the final squads but Newcastke are not that far from completing theirs are they?
  4. If the results of England going by the other name of GB had been taken into consideration the placing of the England team would be much lower by the method the list is calculated.
  5. Change your title to Mrs, you are such an old woman repeating the same thing over and over or it could be that is just about the extent of your mentality. What am I babbling on about? Simple, Tonga have not got a chance of beating Australia again, if you believe they can back yourself, I await.
  6. Have you not got one of those fancy recording type things, were you could have resumed where you left it when you got up?
  7. I think he was saying that those who may not be aficionados of the game, may have switched off after 20 mins thinking it was a forgone conclusion.
  8. I have been saying this for a very long time, Hardaker started out as a winger and it is still is best position, he played very well there in the 'Welsby' GF, a centre he is most definatley not.
  9. One swallow does not make a summer Frisky old boy, I was at that game in Auckland, Aus after a dominant start took their foot of the gas and gave Tonga some momentum which to their credit they built on, lightining does not strike twice in the same place meaning it will not ever happen again, the sun shone for Mate Ma'a that day there will only be dark clouds in the future for them. If you want to have a private wager PM me.
  10. He was like Pinocchio telling fibs very surprised his nose didn't start growing as I was watching the post match interview.
  11. You honestly believe that? I would have done a couple or three of years ago, but now I am not so sure, the lack of world international fixtures has kept England up in the standings there is nothing to measure against, watching both the SL and NRL in the last couple of years and comparing playing awareness, speed, skill, abillity and intensity I am honestly fearful that we have gone backwards whilst they have improved and all players whichever of the better countries they represent will be better for it. Just my opinion of course.
  12. And Lomax is never an international stand off, if Wolfe doesn't shove him to full back next season in favour of Welsby partnering Dodd then there is something very wrong in his identifying his best team selection.
  13. Bateman has been carp all season, scoring two tries today has not glossed over his form.
  14. No and neither should be quite a few others on display today, but you can bet quite a few if them will be.
  15. FFS how bad is this England team, good job the WC has been cancelled it would have been totally embarrassing.
  16. @Thunder fan laugh all you want, Newcastle in my opinion will be lucky to make the top 6.
  17. If there is anything to be learned and confirmed from this game it is that Hardacre is never ever a centre as long as he as a hole where the sun doesn't shine, and Lomax is not a Stand off of international quality, as for the French the Toulouse players apart from Sangare look way out of their comfort zone against SL quality players, also it shows that playing France is no preperation for England against the big boys.
  18. How does that tie in with your post I replied to :- "With reginal academys though you loose a lot of what we have. You could of course have a proper licence system for clubs with the bottom of SL having first choice of new talent" You reckon that this system you describe would get the green light from some of our SL Chairmen, Leneghan, McManus, Hetherington etc, not a snowball in hells chance.
  19. Put the needle away Les you will burst that big imaginary bubble he has for Newcastle and York.
  20. What's the old saying "Principles don't pay bills" it would never be more appropriate in this case.
  21. Then I will give you a clue, look no further than Fev or Leigh, Newcastle will struggle to make top 6, if they do it will be only just. My opinion of course.
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