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  1. And IF you are not prepared for the job in hand injuries come with the territory, obviously it is bad luck when player's become unavailable,but the squad in my opinion is to sparse of the required talent, please Gubby tell me or even suggest a reason in this injury crises you highlight why has no provision been made to try to get on loan players to the club? And you highlight having to play 3 hookers so why let a player like Tom Spencer go out on loan? I
  2. On these very pages I stated umpteen times JM why and for what reason I did not want Leigh to be the club of the panels choice, I wanted Toulouse to get the nod but I will say to all those who are bemoaning that Toulouse or any other club for that matter who wasn't the chosen one that they should think themselves lucky of having dodged a bullet.
  3. As I have said JM, approx 2 days after Leigh got the nod, Love Rugby League published a quite extensive list of available player's, Beaumont chose not to pursue it.
  4. I am not going to go on the defensive for the club Gubby, on the 14th December when we were given the nod, there was a list of out of contract players in both the British game and the NRL published by the *'Love Rugby League' platform within a couple of days of the announcement. There were definitely player's available at that time, Leigh sought better than to pursue any of those available, the £1M question is why, surely no one in the club was that devoid of grey matter in considering the assembled squad was good enough to compete in SL. *I have looked but can not locate the publish
  5. You should see the piles of dandruff on the terraces from all the head scratching that is going on, the silence eminating out of the club is deafening.
  6. God you are easily pleased. I broke a habit of many many years and watched the England v Scotland game, I managed till 10 mins in the second half, then if had to go off, totally boring.
  7. I agree that the Magic Weekend was not soley the reason that SL numbers would have to be brought back to 12 teams, the main reason was the commitment to SKY. If the clubs from the Championship had really given this some thought and come up with a joint decision that whoever was selected required more than the allocated funding not less - even if it meant that the SL clubs would have to give up some of theirs to keep the SKY deal to it's contractual obligations, then that is what they should have done, the SL clubs needed the 12th Championship club much more than the Championship clubs nee
  8. Hi DD, the highlighted bit is very subjective, what is international standard? Judging by the player's in our squad and so obviously deemed by the selector to be of international standard, if the same standard was applied to the NRL they would have hundreds of player's available, somehow I consider that the benchmark for the 'international standard' down under will be a lot higher than ours.
  9. Where would you play Hardacre? Definatley not FB while Tomkins is available, and he is never a centre as long as he has an hole where the sun doesn't shine.
  10. Yes that seems to be what has happened as many predicted it would when the announcement was made, I stated at the time Leigh were cannon fodder and would not win a game all season. Now to the reallity, WTF did the club expect to happen? Beaumont stated prior to the announcement that "Leigh would step in to make up the 12th club in SL vacated by Toronto, with no funding whatsoever" considering he got £1M he is quids in, the assembled squad brought together for the Championship has not cost him or the club anything, I should imagine there will be some monies left over. He has done nothing t
  11. No not really Smithy, just as the unprovoked attacks shouldn't have been made by those London supporters having a go at Leigh.
  12. I see we have the majority of the London supporters ganging up together on this thread, what a load of carp, like their team pretty useless.
  13. Nothing other than I expected today, Hull to big, to powerful and to fast, and they have added a great offload game to their armoury, it was 9bviously part of the gameplan always someone behind the ball carrier and it worked to perfection, actually it was a joy to watch that open rugby from Hull, all they need to do now is to take that into other games against much better teams, if they gave the confidence to play that way they will not lose many.
  14. No it was Batley, anyway what does Kent sound like in a southern droll?
  15. Well we have to also consider Salford do not beat anyone else, still it could still come down to points difference that would mean if Leigh's was better they would only have to win 2 games, one being obviously Salford.
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