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  1. I imagine you have been involved in RL long enough to know the rules LD, apart from the number of clubs you could comfortably count on one hand, that being those who have enough of the Spondulicks to formulate any form of cohesive financial stratergy for success, if you want proof look at 21 years of SL Grand finals and observe just 4 winners, even Warrington with all their resources have not acheived the Holy Grail, all the rest employ " A plan on hope".
  2. I recall going to watch Leigh at the old Tattersfield ground of Doncaster in the 1970/71 season, the season that Leigh beat Leeds at Wembley, the turnout that day was in the low hundreds, funnily enough more than half the town descended on Wembley later that year for the CC final, and everyone you talked to as you say had not missed a single game home or away in the whole of that season! Should Leigh beat Widnes in the 1895 semi a week on Sunday I suspect that they will take over 5000 to Wembley and it will be the same again, if only they would all turn up each and every week.
  3. Yep, two consecutive losses for the Wolves but don't lose heart Wire fans it's your year you know, well that's what we are being informed, how many years on the trot is that now?
  4. To be fair to RP, he was answering my suggestion that Coote could be playing for England in the World cup, many others have played for tier 2 or 3 countries then swapped allegiance to tier 1, and indeed it has happened in the opposite direction.
  5. Couldn't be bothered reading all the thread it does not interest me that much, but I cannot help fast forwarding in my thoughts to the WC in '21 and considering we may have Coote, Austin and Hastings in our National team, yipee how 'king dreary, I would take no pleasure whatsoever if we were victorious in that comp if we have to stoop so low to employ these people to represent us, the message we would be sending out loud and clear would be "We cannot produce player's on our shores good enough to represent their country"
  6. Don't get me wrong overjoyed England won it, but it wasn't the Marras it was the "bat of god" meaning the field throw for the wicket that hit the back of Ben's bat to go to the boundary for an extra 4 runs, without that we lose.
  7. You assume very correctly AT, Cricket is my second passion behind RL and yes I have not been an advocate of England's Cricket selection over the years. Just started a thread re Ben Stokes on this platform.
  8. England hero Ben Stokes - Kiwi by birth - would not be here but for his father Ged coming over to play and coach Whitehaven and stay!
  9. Is that through actual first hand expierence i.e. have you been?
  10. Is it 'helpless" to stop it, or not having the required dangly bits to do as you suggest and make the penalties for such offences much more telling, they don't seem as reluctant in tbe NRL to clean up this kind of infringement.
  11. Yep the decision has been made but you will never ever convince me it is the correct one, it has not been done before nor should it ever be done again to play the final in any other place than a neutral venue. As for coming over for any of the Leigh games, the jury is still out on that one, it could be that I am going to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for the Gt. Britain series in October/November, all depends on what her indoors wants to do. PS, that was not many obvious reasons!
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