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  1. It would be interesting to compare the attendances of England over here since it's reincarnation in 07 to say the previous equivalent number of years as GB.
  2. And the other part of my post Dav, have you no comment?
  3. Agree wholeheartedly with the bit in bold, also never understood why the Aussies referred to the GB team of yesteryear as "The English" especially in those times when there were quite a lot of Welshmen in the team and we have had a smattering of Scots and some Irish also.
  4. Would it be any different if it was England touring Gibbo, if you think so please say why.
  5. Only reporting what I have been told. Maybe those he spoke to were of the same opinion as me Dav, and thought unlike some that they have confidence in their own so no need to select the Aussies, have faith, apparently you ain't, but if that is the way those here see that is the way to go, maybe you lot are agreeing with those Kiwi's fan's that our flagship SL really is substandard, the 3 really are/were average in the NRL, otherwise they would without question still be employed over there, do you agree? Interesting that a few old English/GB caps are now publicly condemning the selections of these Aussies.
  6. That's the chicken before the egg, or is it the egg before the chicken?
  7. Yep every time I have to leave or get back home and the street is overcrowded with cars along both sides making it virtually impassable, and I would wager most of the journey's are much less than a mile, considering how many more schools are in the area.
  8. I honestly think that selection should be based on present form it is worked for over the season, and should be recognised. Throughout my time watching internationals far to often have those who have had as you put it had a 'good reputation' or even whichever club one has played for has taken preference over the form player's of the season.
  9. So where is all this fervent support for Tonga then, was the world cup a flash in the pan overidden on the crest of the occasion, if the attendance of this game is badly subscribed, I doubt very much it will have been the correct decision to play the 'Proper Test' the Kiwi's v Lions as a supporting act to Tonga v Australia the following week in Auckland, I always thought it was ridiculous not to have the host nation's game as top of the bill. Anyway my grandson who lives in Auckland informs me that the day of the triple header, coincides with the Mixed Nationalities Final in Japan, and if NZ are in the final that will take over everything else for the locals. NB. He tells me that amongst the League fraternity the word is the decision for GB to employ 3 'average' Aussies (not my words) say's alot about the game in the UK.
  10. As he is wearing a GB shirt it is not relevant which clubs he played for, I am struggling to come up with a positive answer for you defo not Bradford nor Cas, could it be Leeds? Anybody.
  11. Honestly Rupert, who would add SO'L after his recent performances, and Farrell, I think he is a good player at club level, he is like Sinfield was, great performances in the domestic game but he is ineffective as he has prooved against the top two international nations even after numerous selections.
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