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  1. A suggestion Dunbar, turn the sound down and watch a master at work!
  2. Without any shadow of doubt Mark Coyne 1st origin '94 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Df0YDW-_kIGM&ved=2ahUKEwisyYL12LzoAhWNSsAKHX2oCykQwqsBMAN6BAgHEAg&usg=AOvVaw3K_E0tv4vjt54jMlP5fY6P&cshid=1585382344260
  3. Off side a mile and I am a neutral Lancashire lad who was just observing, shoukd never have been given.
  4. Thanks for that, he was very good as a centre, but one of the greats at No6, we have not had one since to come any where near him for our International team.
  5. Actually keeping myself quite busy Gubby, got myself subconsciously "clocking on and off" so having a look at this site on my break(s) and "snap time".
  6. I didn't say that Scotchy, in your opinion had Leigh not built on but maintained an average of 6,500 do you think the they could have survived on that amount in SL? And, you avouded the funding question of certain SL clubs once more.
  7. Money is the reason Academies especially by the top three are so successful, if you think otherwise then you are missing the point that Leeds, Saints and Wigan go anywhere and every where to mop up the best talent available, they sign kids to their clubs as young as 13, call it an insurance if you like so no one else gets them, when they reach academy age a lot are jettisoned, and then jettisoned again if not of first team quality by the end of their academy journey, Training and conditioning staff follows suit, getting the funding along with the increased attendances finances these positions. "If there werent the gap between SL and the championship wouldnt be so big" We seemingly have this difference of opinion of some clubs in SL, I have asked you on numerous occasions before of how many incumbant SL clubs are only performing in that division cuertosy of receiving the funding, you always avoid that question. You like to include London as one of your SL teams, but they are a prime example, when relegation was rubber stamped they had to let player's go because without the funding they could not pay them, had they not been relegated those player's I should imagine would still be performing there and most probably some 'better' player's also. I have said it for many year's that what is wrong with our P&R system is that promotion cannot be prepared for until promotion is secured, and by that time because we have a shortage of functional SL quality player's they are are not available to sign. BUT I would sooner take my chances than to have a closed shop SL again. PS, not only Championship clubs are in rented Stadia, so are two of our so called big 6.
  8. Give any of the challengers for promotion £2M in funding and they will ensure the club will be fully pro and the crowds will return, Leigh averaged *6,500 in 2017, but you only like to qoute what you want to qoute about Leigh, never anything positive like this. * Only Saints brought anything like a following approx 2,500 from an attendance of 9,000, Wigan, Wire (both on our doorstep) just over 1,000, Leeds, it was hard to spot any Blue and Amber colours, so what I am saying is it was the populas of the town that made up most of the attendances.
  9. A stand off? Have we got the 'Poker Player's' to call their bluff?
  10. Thanks, just wondering why you put them in that Catagory, perhaps it is a personal preference. Has Hela says, there are some Hybrid clubs, like mine for example, our Chairmen Mr Beaumont publicly issued a statement last week with regards to Leigh Centurions current standing, I will put it on here if you wish.
  11. Neither can Sky stand a prolonged period of loss, nor should I imagine they will do so, it may come to it that the RL may fall into the category of "beggars can't be choosers".
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