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  1. Why is that, have you and TO decided not to take part, and is your fixture the same weekend?
  2. Well we shouldn't have to long to wait to see what, why and who is involved in the next TV contract negotiations, we are not that far from the present one terminating at the end of the 2021 season, surely there will be some protracted discussions before it is agreed unless Sky say this is it take it or leave it and it is the best offer on the table. It also seems logical to me to suggest that Mr Elstone will only be the go between for Leneghan, McManus and Co and the TV companies (whoever they may be), so lets consider that negotiations commence in middle of this year which seems a reasonable timescale, not to long after I think we will all be aware of what SL's intention is regarding structure, funding etc, and wether the TV company(s) agree with SL's proposals.
  3. Maybe, but I was hoping to be playing you again next season, one of us is going to be dissapointed, as the leagues stand at the moment we find ourselves next to each other.
  4. We will see friend, anyway I hope the new Frenchie trialist you have comes up to scratch and he can go forward and make a living from the game that is whether he proves himself good enough for Toronto or his future lies elsewhere
  5. I only asked the question on the terraces last week and no one was none the wiser than me, so for you friend (and for my curiosity also) I will enquire and let you know.
  6. You really have no idea how the community game works over here do you, plonking clubs on the other side of the Atlantic is not going to improve in producing player's for which any numberr of NA clubs will be so reliant on for years and years to come it needs a good dose of looking at, it requires a different radical approach of investment guidence and management. It is in the truest sense of the word a collective of a number of individual entities governed by amatuers and volunteers at each club brought together by a league system at different age levels. And you say over there, please explain to me how kids and young men are going to be introduced to the game with nowhere to play and no one to play against, it ain't just about cobbling a few teams together, there has to be a clearly defined path of excellence within a large number of clubs that the better guy's can travel along.
  7. Not me if that comment is aimed in my direction, I actually think it is a very positve move in getting shut of Noble - no way has he just walked without a shove in the right direction -, he was OK in his role of DoR amassing player's paying top dollar to win promotion twice, but TWP had a five year plan and had that been performed to the letter they would have entered SL in a much better and prepared shape to contest in that league, you all started shouting look how good we are, we have acheived our goal in 3 years, well bad management has put the club where it finds itself now, struggling and that is down to Noble, he talks a good game, but he can't walk the walk he has been fortunate throughout his carrear from inheriting a team from Matthew Elliot, making a shambles of his Gt Britain stewardship, Wigan saw through him soon enough, he made a mess of both North Wales and Salford and now TWP. Somebody will give him a job somewhere, but he will get found out again.
  8. No the current Man of Steel Jackson Hastings you know the guy who was very instrumental in ending Wigan's play-off aspirations, and Bevan French, any ex-Wigan fan who has seen him perform in SL on TV should be flocking to the stadium the guy is box office over here, not so much in Australia but definatley over here.
  9. OK I will go along with that, but that was a special time in RL attendances and that game was a quarter-final, I don't propose to take a negative out of it I was there it was a fantastic atmosphere, even in my town we had a sell out 12,000 for a Cook Island v Tonga game in that tournament which was down to a few people at Redhall who did a fantastic job promoting the tournament. So accepting that you are correct in that example I asked for when was the previous 20K plus v France on home soil, I can quite confidently saw there hasn't been one since.
  10. What does that mean DC? The most attractive type of Rugby League Football played in very recent times was at Castleford, Mr Powell brought back the 80's style of keeping the ball alive and an expansive type of game, far more attractive than today's give it to the big lad multuple interchange 10 minute monster game that is so very prevalent and popular.
  11. When was that Wellsy we last posted +20k for a French international?
  12. Because of its near 90 year history there is something to work on in France, 1000 times more than over the Atlantic, there is a nucleus in France it needs tending and nourishing and it could grow, but it is only being fed with water at the moment it is limp and lacklustre, but who will do it.
  13. It won't get fixed by playing France Bert, they just don't offer as an attractive fixture. I lived less than a mile from the LSV for the last French fixture, when I saw the list of how many of the expected strongest French lads had pulled out, I think it was 11 or 12 who couldn't be bothered, I took the same respect and boycotted it myself.
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