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  1. Whoops got that wrong didn't I, has he gone on 'The Grand Tour'?
  2. I will agree with that, it says to me we are not ready to move to be a intercontinental sport just yet, we really need to build our sport over here to a position where we are much stronger in both financials and participation levels, give that a good dose of looking and invest to achieve results then and only then branch out. Both scenarios of Expansion into NA and Development over here are gambles, but the latter I feel is more controllable.
  3. No not at all, As Dave T eludes to the clubs that get bad press for not having an academy have their player's very actively involved in the local communities in all manner of functions to promote the game whether that be in schools, community clubs etc as he says "to develop and grow the sport", now please tell me how that can be acheived with the people of the club who are actively involved in the playing aspects spending the whole of the 'off season' and 6 months 'in season' 3,500 miles away?
  4. In their first year, I would see the TWP coach and any number of player's around the town Tommy, it is where they lived for most of the year and continue to do so, they were no different to any number if guys I know who's job takes them away from Home for a period. It will always be same for any "Canadian" club the players will be based in England at home, even the Antipodeans have their homes here they will never be based in Canada, they only go there when it's scheduled to raise the big top and draft the performers in.
  5. Thats why he was paid $1M a season, to lead the others on the field. Incidentally Toronto's only win v Huddersfield in the cup was minus his influence, he didn't play!
  6. I wouldn't disagree, but there will be plenty of clauses attatched.
  7. OK you answered my next question the further I got down the thread.
  8. The fact that there has been no decision/announcement indicates there is much infighting going on around the table. But who are the naysayers? Is it just about Toronto or are other contingencies being discussed like P&R and a closed shop? If I was the Chairman of one of those SL clubs who are the least well off in the division, I would vote for retaining P&R for next season at least and Toronto to be allowed back in, minus funding, with paid travel and subsistance in Canada for the visiting teams, and a 8 points reduction, that should assist them in securing their SL place for 2022.
  9. So by the end of year 3 what do you expect Toronto's contribution to SL will be?
  10. So you would you be putting another club on stand by to fill the 12th spot? If so :- Would you give the standby club full funding? We have considered it difficult for any promoted club to prepare a team in 4 months how would a few weeks work. Who would be the stand by club, excluding using last season as a yardstick, would it be invitational, the ones with the most money to place a bond, or by a miny comp to decide if the powers that be allow TWP back next week it could be arranged that the 'standby' contenders play off in January, but minus DR player's as they could not represent that club if they won promotion. Just some thoughts.
  11. Yep I am one of those, no RL on Sky no Harry, but would my kind bring any fear to SKY I suspect not.
  12. There is your reasoning Rambo, if you are on the SL board how would you vote. IN or OUT ?
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