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  1. Give it up Gubby, it plays havoc with your social life - correction, with the social life we once enjoyed.
  2. Are you a politician Paul avoiding a straightforward answer, again would you have liked someone rich or daft enough at the Bulls?
  3. Bet you would have loved to have had Bradford lad like Derek Beaumont at the Bulls these last few years Paul, I don't think you would be playing in the Championship or in some foriegn town as you presently do.
  4. That sounds probable but presumably it was a 1950's French tour that impressed the Roosters, it would be intersting to learn if it is fact or fiction.
  5. Yep fair enough suggestions, what competitions we would have a number of SL clubs fighting to stave of jeapordy along with 4 Championship clubs, and lots of competition to secure a pro otion spot, bring it on.
  6. Not saying you are wrong dk, but who are these long term Championship chasers you have in mind, examples please.
  7. I will be giving up on the system K'man, I just can't comperhend sport that doesn't reward winners but rewards losers.
  8. If that is true, then they deserve to do well, they would be really making strides to expand the game, unlike some areas in North America, who are happy to sit back and let others do the hard work. Just saying.
  9. What excellent news, when all we hear and observe is how the community game is struggling on a lot of fronts.
  10. Hi K'man, as I said earlier if no P&R no Harry, not interested, I will get along to the Community games, at least in hard times I have got that to fall back on, get my drift?
  11. I have not said one thing in response to the compensation suggestion, I don't want any compensation I would just hope for the monies that have been invested in trying to secure promotion could be taken to its conclusion, and may the best team win.
  12. Not at all, dislike yes because I think if as Manfred wishes for with his TWP, Ottawa, New York and any other city in North America he could blindfoldedly throw a dart into a map will be catastrophic for our sport in this country, jealous no.
  13. But it doesn't matter does it, the other teams around them won't be bothered either if they win or lose, great competition.
  14. Not lost, denied the opportunity there is a massive difference!
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