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  1. I always took it to mean Whining, as in someone complaining about something unimportant, that would fit.
  2. Before that it was Leigh Bears, were the fish did that come from? Anyway this year it should be the Leigh 1.26 Centurions, I have always thought it was a naff name.
  3. Moreover how are teams that get a 'B' rating going to decided upon who is in SL and who is in the Championship? Until we see the criterion we will not know, but it won't be just a tick in a box, it will be like last time when there will be different marks say from 1 to 5 in each of the criteria, then the fun starts with the challenges of why one club gets better grading than another and it won't be for nothing the difference could be as much as 1.3M
  4. Not a chance, and I am a Leigh supporter, 6,000 Leigh folk represents 14% of the population if the 42000 published by Wigan metro is correct, that is not a bad return for any demographic. Then obviously add in the away fans,
  5. There are 24 players in the squad, it could be that some of those who get called on may not have had a game for a number of weeks.
  6. You are in for it m'laddie when @Wolford6see's this.
  7. What's the point? I was under the impression that this game was in preparation for the squad that is going onto the WC to play together. And once the squad is named and the tournament starts can others be drafted in, that would give some teams an unfair advantage if they could.
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