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  1. As was Dessie Drummond and Jason Robinson, and in modern times Ado Carr who could well be international is not to big either.
  2. I didn't expect any other answer from you at all Scubby, you didn't dissapoint me one bit, so we have plenty of other options for that position so thats no problem, what if the player concerned was bar far the best centre we (Britain) has produced in the last 50 years I suppose you would change your opinion.
  3. That reminds me of the guy who propositioned a girl with £100,000 to have sex with him, which she agreed to, he then said what if I reduced it to £10,000 will you still have sex with me, she said yes, then he said would you accept £100 she replied "NO, what kind of a girl do you think I am" he replied we have already established what kind of a girl you are, I was just seeing what was the best price I could get! Get the point Kev, as Dunbar said it is not just about money, there has to be a connection.
  4. So thats it then, Sneyd is the most influential attacking British half up to this monent in time so why not pick him? People use the stats charts to get their point across so here it is in black and white, and his kicking game is right up there, most probably better than any other on that list.
  5. I am basically expressing my views on a particular player just as you have done with Lomax.
  6. I expect to see Reagan Grace in the GB team, it may well be come the WC that we are ruing his unavailability.
  7. I use to think that every time Sinfield got picked against Aus or NZ, he had more than enough opportunities to impress at that level but he simply could not make the step up from being a very good influential player in the domestic game to transferring those skills when it mattered at International level, nothing against the guy just my opinion of the limit of when his skills became inadequate.
  8. I said that the bottom of the SL at this moment in time is creating more interest than the top of SL, on this forum that is true, why 1895 cup?
  9. What about it? Is it in context with a professional system.
  10. Well go on then admit your "traditional' none P&R argument is wrong based upon the facts I posted. Professional:- Paid or Salaried, non amateur. I said all professional clubs, are you suggesting a 14 team SL and scrap the rest of the full time and semi-professional clubs? That would sort out your P&R situation then!
  11. Now now Scotchy we operated a league structure of one division for most of those years so it was totally impossible to have P&R, we had two divisions albeit regional at the begining of the 20th centuary for a couple of seasons then it went to one division, went back to 2 divisions in the early 60's for 2 seasons, then in 73/74 we went back to 2 divisions were we have been since and included the 3rd division along the way. A truer reflection would be to analyse since the inception of 2 or more divisions in 73/74 how many of those years have and have not operated P&R, that is a better indicator and would be the tradition of the New Era not the Old Era of a one division system, and I would suggest we will never ever revert back to a single division of all Professional clubs. I will suggest you will come back with some silly counter claim to substantiate your argument or not answer at all if proven wrong as your track record prooves.
  12. Simple Kev, the game is not as popular as it was, the trend will continue, I will carry on going but I bet we all know people who use to go but can no longer be bothered. PS and there is also natural wastage, the faithful for years and years have either expired or are to infirmed to attend, its the younger generation who are not filling enough gaps with their 'too many distraction's"
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