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  1. I will be delighted if the quality of next's season pack is of sufficient quality to keep him out, he as you say gives his all and leaves nothing out on the field, been a consistent performer in a poorly performing team this past season in SL, will do very well in the Championship.
  2. If Bateman was unknown, he would be nowhere near the squad on his form this season, and if Hardacre is chosen at centre along with Bateman's selection it will smack as an old pals act from Mr Wane. Is Toby King unavailable?
  3. No not really, it is an attitude thing with him.
  4. A very nice and polite way of putting it Gubby, and I agree wholeheartedly.
  5. Why not! No seriously the 3rd choice Aussie team will do☹
  6. Yep, Perpignan or Leigh (last 3 games, I think) the outcome will be the same.
  7. This thread could be renamed "Rugby League OCD, do you suffer"
  8. England should even it up and send the academy team to play, Seriously although this is being played on French soil and they will have the backing of 99% of the attendees, I can't see any further than a resounding easy England victory, even with a team that will be well short of what England would deem full strength.
  9. Have you ever had the pleasure/or otherwise of watching him play regularly? If you have then there is a lot of his general play that you are missing, if you have seen him very rarely and think that his kicking game (which I would term barely adequate, not very good as you describe) should be enough to take Newcastle onwards and upwards I doubt that is going to happen. There is a good player in that body somewhere and he has a lot of the skills required, Wigan saw that in him initially in awarding him a contract and a giving him some SL games, but they deemed he needed more time to develop and sent him to Swinton then to Leigh on loan where is 'progress' would be monitored, the fact that his contract was not renewed by Wigan and Leigh subsequently saw no place for him is the reason he is plying his trade at Newcastle, has I said initially he is not the guy to lead Newcastle around the park, it would be good if he came good and shoved the words down my throat, but I just can't see it.
  10. Can't believe that Josh Woods has been retained, when I have seen them they have been lacking in the halves, having watched Woods very closely for a couple of seasons he is not the guy who will lead them around the park.
  11. Coming back to RL I honestly thought that is worth on the field of play was below the average of an average player, after seeing him on TV he would not have enticed me to go out of my way and pay to watch him perform live, and quite frankly If those who did attend the Toronto games over here had previously seen his performances on TV I just wonder why. BUT, if he did have the opportunity to fight Tyson Fury as he says "It would be a dream come true to fight against that type of calibre of fighter [Tyson Fury]. I am an avid boxing fan. I watch their training and see what they do and love boxing." that would be mouthwateringly appealing to me, I have never paid for a 'Box Office' event but would most probably make an exception in this case, albeit I expect it would be quite expensive if broke down to £'s/minute - in Fury's favour.
  12. 12 pints and 24p change in Witherspoon's in Leigh! As Tommy says, if you have not had to pay it before there will be some resentment to it.
  13. Does Adult members also mean the army of volunteers, club officials, coaches, the ladies who man the snack bars and make the after match refreshments, in fact any one who has a club membership or is it just aimed at the player's? Sorry if that is covered in the link, but for some reason I can't open it.
  14. Oh my, then don't go making statements which will get a response.
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