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  1. Semi Finals for both the Championship and Shield event were played yesterday in Belgrade, anyone know the results?
  2. Harry Stottle

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    Les, why on earth have you clouded the issue and opinion of all the experts with facts, you've not half spoiled their fun.
  3. Harry Stottle

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    The system in principle is good, the fall out of it is catastrophic.
  4. Harry Stottle

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    Quite correct, and how many other clubs are perching perilously close the edge of a wealthy mans wallet, even some in SL who if they did not have the benefit of the central funding topping up the contribution they make, could very well suffer the same consequences.
  5. Harry Stottle

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    Hi John, I believe the figure is in the region of 1.9M both to him personally and to his company, he has already stated that he will leave it as goodwill to any investor.
  6. Harry Stottle

    Derek Beaumont statement Re Leighs future........

    I will agree that Mr Beaumont made some calamitous decisions the main ones being his continued faith in Neil Jukes as head coach when he clearly showed he was not up to the job in 2017, and the appointment of Keiron Cunningham as Head of Rugby, KC's appointment led to the wholesale changes of the 2017 squad he showed 19 of them the exit door - some desevedly so, not all - he then took all the accolades for identifying, sourcing and signing 19 newcomers, Mr Beaumont sanctioned those signings, but it was on the advise of Cunningham and Jukes the so called experts he entrusted and employed to do the job. It is also well chronicled the mistakes he made on public media he put his foot in it on more than one occasion and regretted it later, BUT for me being a native of the town and a life long supporter of the club, I know how he feels about the club he is as passionate as any of us who stand on the terraces, there are a lot of supporters of any team who say "If I had the money to invest" well he had and he did, and he took us on a rollercoaster ride for which I will be forever grateful to him for doing so.
  7. Harry Stottle

    Feigning injuries

    The difference with the round ball game was soccer player's spent most of the game pretending to be hurt, whilst the players of our code refused to show they were hurting, we knew that if someone stayed down they were really injured, but not any more, what we are witnessing today is a by-product of how the game has become over sanitised in the not to distant past, it is allowed it to happen, and I would go further and say coached to happen.
  8. Of course it did, also the same for Fev, and the extra game had the reverse fortune for Tolouse and Fax. I am not griping about it, Leigh got what they deserved, even you and your mates from Wiggin and Liverpool who said "I'm not convinced that the magic/summer bash is really enough to have an impact on a league table" should be able grasp that if the Bash did not take place the fortunes of 4 clubs would have been reversed, Simple.
  9. So so true Padge, and neither did they deserve to, but I was just correcting the statement that the extra game provided by the Summer Bash did not impact on the Championship League tables, it is explained in joined up writing above, simply put, even your good self should understand it.
  10. Harry Stottle

    NZRL to block Aus V Tonga Test

    Why, because my opinions are maybe different to yours?
  11. Perhaps an indication of what is happening at each club would paint a better picture, as informed Skolars are selling discounted tickets, Leigh are allowing season ticket holders to have tickets for £10, open sale £20.
  12. Have you not contradicted yourself LR? Championship Final standings TWP 41 pts, London 33, TO 33, Halifax 33, Fev 32, Leigh 32, If the extra fixture of the bash did not take place in which TWP beat Leigh, Fax beat Fev and Tolouse beat London the final placings would be:- TWP 39 PTS, London 33 pts, Fev 32 pts, Leigh 32 pts, TO 31 pts and Halifax 31 pts both miss out on the play offs Clearly you did not engage in any research or had a complete memory loss as to the effect the Bash had in the final placings of the Championship teams.
  13. Harry Stottle

    NZRL to block Aus V Tonga Test

    Are they Tongans or are they Kiwi's by right, by birth? Why did there forefathers decide to up ship and settle in NZ, would it be that they got a better standard of life by doing so, and reaped the benefits of living in a better prosperous society? When in Rome comes to mind Spud, conform or go back if that is truly where one believes that is where they really belong, exactly the same is happening at Lord's this weekend.
  14. Mick, do you know you have not to say that term, there are those on here who say it does not exist, in fact it aggravtes and agreives them!
  15. Hi Spidey, no doubt that Leigh were the beneficiaries of that 'extraordinary' payment, but the speculation at the time was that it was destined to be for the Catalan Dragon's should they be relegated, SL could not say 'we are favouring Catalan' so I do believe they edged their bets and lost, Leigh may have been awarded it by default but I suspect a payment they would have readily been happy not to recieve should the circumstances have been different. Will it be awarded again this year should any SL team be relegated, well maybe, albeit it could depend who it is!
  16. One - Nill to the K'man in the "Brain of Canuk" comp!
  17. If HKR do lose those next two games, I can see Mr Leneghan and Mr McManus struggling to stay upright, Mr Hudgell will be hanging of their shirt-tails and throwing another tantrum, wouldn't it be ironic should they get relegated again.
  18. Harry Stottle

    Marwan's fixture proposal

    Oliver you are considering it is the same competition, read back, In my proposal the first 23 rounds is a seperate entity entirely, the teams will have left that comp behind just as tge do when entering the bottom 4 do for the qualifying 8's, the SL clubs start again for the right to get to Old Trafford.
  19. Harry Stottle

    Marwan's fixture proposal

    Simples, award the league leaders sheild to both the SL and Championship after round 23, the Qualifiers then all start on zero points, BECAUSE IT IS A DIFFERENT COMPETITION, treat the Super 8's in exactly the same way, start them all on zero points for the right for the top two to play at Old Trafford, there is absolutely no need to carry points over, the league leaders will have had their reward at round 23, all clubs in the SL will be ENTERING A DIFFERENT COMPETITION. All the clubs will have a chance to get to Old Trafford, just think if it was in this season Catalan coukd have an opportunity to "do the double"
  20. Nothing between the teams, the result is the time honoured habit of teams that are stuck in a run of winning and losing, when you need the luck most (losing) it deserts, when you are winning those 50/50's seeem to head your way.
  21. Or Blackburn, Bristol, Doncaster, Tranmere, Raith even Melchester, any more?
  22. Harry Stottle

    Tattoos in rugby

    Do you not cut the hair on top of your head, do you walk about like 'Cousin It' from the Addams Family? Do you conform to the hair cutting ritual? If not other reasons could possibly be you are either folically challenged or a member of a religious order like Indian Sikhs. I suppose when an argument suits you, use it.
  23. Harry Stottle

    Lions tour 2019

    I well remember that sketch, parody par excellance, well it would have to be, wouldn't it?
  24. Harry Stottle

    George Williams to NRL

    Beginning of the 17 season, I would have backed him anywhere, he looked that good, prior to that period he looked like the young guy who had potential and promise, since that period he has not been able to maintain anywhere near that standard he set himself, did he have one of those "purple patches" that we see sportsmen have, and what we witness now is he now performing at his normal level? If the answer is yes and he cannot regain that early '17 form he will be back after a season.