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  1. Cdd

    France team 2019

    A team with so much genuine home grown talent deserves home games against the likes of England, New Zealand, Australia and Tonga. France could be competitive on home soil given the chance.
  2. Cdd

    Hemel and New York

    Rugby League fans - “Any new Canadian teams must have Canadians on their roster” Perez proposes putting Canadians in the new team despite knowing that North American sport doesn’t rely at all on this... Also RL fans - “These Canadians aren’t good enough, what a load of rubbish” You can’t win with people who’ve already made their mind up about whether expansion is going to succeed or fail. Its understandable I suppose for people who have seen expansion into places like Wales and Newcastle fail. I’ve had to accept that North America is a completely different market and can’t be judged with the same yardstick as we would judge it in the UK.
  3. Cdd

    France team 2019

    Surely you wouldn’t leave out Navarette? Grand final winning French player! 1. Kherellah 2. Escare 3. Miloudi 4. Garcia 5. Yaha 6. Gigot 7. Fages 8. Casty 9. Da Costa 10. Bousquets 11. Julien 12. Baitieri 13. Goudemand 14. Simon 15. Maria 16. Pelissier 17. Springer Decent side if everyone is fully fit. Serious quality in the halves which could bring the best out of the rest of the side.
  4. So you’re saying it’s a different market to northern villages? A place where sport operates differently to tiny clubs over here? Surely not. That would make too much sense.
  5. And so what if it is? Any of the clubs that those players get taken from are welcome to use ANY of the player pool so mentioned. It’s ridiculous to suggest the player pool will be weakened when clubs aren’t even utilising all the potential pools at their disposal at this point in time. And also some of the clubs that people don’t want to die because of new clubs coming in.... they don’t produce their own players either, so why has nobody ever mentioned them being a drain on the player pool? Are the likes of Wakefield, Salford, Hull KR and Warrington producing swathes of players for the game? To me they all seem to be living off one or two players. Salford don’t even run an academy, Wakefield have one decent winger, Hull KR run a joint academy to cut costs and Warrington rarely back any home grown player over an import. The ‘player pool’ argument is only thrown around as a convenient way to bash expansion clubs when the expansion clubs aren’t any more of a drain on the current player pool than some other clubs. Then you’ve got Catalans and Toulouse who have increased the player pool and get little praise for it. How dare Toronto sign players from Wakefield and Salford who those clubs had to sign from elsewhere themselves because they weren’t producing the talent.
  6. Great post and I agree that the player pool argument is weak. Ottawa could recruit from Canadian Rugby union, Canadian 7’s, the Toronto Wolfpack, the PNG Hunters (highly advisable IMO), both the NSW and Queensland cup competitions, and of course the NRL and maybe even some young French RL talent (also advisable for the bilingual aspect)..... The suggestion that they’ll ‘weaken’ League 1, Championship and Super League is a weak argument when Ottawa or any other club could tap into talent pools they don’t currently use. Not to mention the dozens of young players who leave Super League clubs year on year because of the lack of a reserves structure. I hope they do a serious raid of Canadian RU talent along with the Wolfpack and make it clear that RL is the pathway for professional rugby in Canada.
  7. Not really. It’s quite standard for all the changing, media, corporate and broadcasting facilities to be housed in one stand. Thats the case at Wigan, Hull, St Helens and Warrington.
  8. In the long term yes, hopefully. But they desperately need to sort a main stand with facilities to match other clubs. The media, corporate and changing facilities at belle vue are the worst in the league. Many championship clubs are far better. A main stand could ensure more undercover seating, proper corporate facilities and boxes, top changing facilities and some good areas for the media. I’ve sat in the media box at belle vue, it doesn’t exactly get the media excited about watching a game there. All the facilities they need can be built with one stand to avoid putting unessesary financial pressure on the club.
  9. They just need to knock down the main stand and build one stand to increase the capacity with great corporate and media facilities. That would be enough for a start. Put a roof over the terrace down the toucheline and it’ll be a tidy ground which will increase their income nicely.
  10. We don’t need conferences. We need a couple of French teams to increase the player pool, a couple of NA teams to increase exposure, then we need to ensure the clubs with the biggest potential in the UK are thriving. Eventually we’ll have a 16 team comp.
  11. I don’t understand how people can’t see that in the 90’s and early 00’s we had practically no French players playing at the top level. We now have a whole bunch and they won our two major trophies last year spread across two clubs. That is purely down to Catalans involvement in the league. Toulouse would increase that pool further and I’m all for it. Once there are 30-40+ French players playing across Super League then I’m sure the French team will improve but it takes time. Be patient people.
  12. Im not saying it has to be West’s. I just thought they were a good example of how a club could move to Perth but still stay connected with their fan base in Sydney. It could be done with any Sydney club in theory.
  13. Seems there’s two options here: 1. Relocate 2 Sydney teams to Perth and Brisbane where they might not be well receive and might alienate current Sydney fan bases. 2. Put new unique clubs into Perth and Brisbane that are more likely to be well received but won’t be able to maintain a presence in Sydney if they were replacing Sydney teams. I’d say let natural selection take place with 18 teams and if the Sydney clubs can’t survive then so be it. IF the NRL wants to make it lucrative for a team to relocate then I believe it COULD work but it would have to be the right club and they would need to ensure that the fans of that club in Sydney could still stay well connected to their club. West Tigers moving to the west coast would make sense, they could keep the name and play 2 games at Leichhardt Oval each year as well as up to 8 away games in and around Sydney. Perth gets the NRL franchise it deserves and the NRL can grow it’s national footprint and increase broadcasting revenue, while current fans of the Tigers still get to watch their team regularly and a special season ticket could be put in place to ensure its easy to attend the games. Away support for the tigers could become quite a pull. As for Brisbane they need a clear unique team rather than a relocated one. They should play out of Suncorp with potentially a few regional Queensland fixtures thrown in as well. As for another option, a Sydney club could also move to Central Coast while maintaining a Sydney presence like West’s moving to Perth. For example the Sea Eagles could move to Central Coast offering a wider footprint for the game while still playing a couple of fixtures at brookvale along with their away games in Sydney. This way we get a new Brisbane franchise that pretty much everyone wants. Perth gets a franchise which pretty much everyone wants. None of the Sydney teams lose their club entirely and we don’t lose valuable brands as happened with the bears.
  14. Cdd

    Hemel and New York

    My understanding is that his vision was always for multiple Canadian teams to attract the attention of sponsors, broadcasters and the media. As soon as he’d set up Toronto he went to find his next location. Fair play to him. No doubt he’ll be announcing Montréal in years to come once Ottawa have been up and running for a year.
  15. Cdd

    Hemel and New York

    I’m sure Eric Pérez will come up with a great name/brand for the team just as he did with Toronto. Any early guesses on a name for the team? The other teams in Ottawa seem to have pretty naff names for pro sports teams.... Senators, 67’s, Redblacks, Fury etc. are pretty poor. Ottawa Beavers would get my vote. Ottawa Axes Ottawa Antlers Ottawa Rapids