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  1. RL really needs to consider which direction it needs to head in. We need a competition attractive to broadcasters and sponsors, that’s not really something we’ve ever had. Theres a group of clubs outside of the traditional areas who could transform the image of the game. Imagine a league with Toronto, New York, Toulouse, Ottawa, York and Newcastle alongside traditionally big clubs like Wigan, Leeds, Hull and St Helens. I think that’s something that could sell far better than what we have now.
  2. The idea that there aren’t enough players or resources is just ridiculous. Expansion GIVES you more players and resources. All expansion locations will either increase the player pool or improve the competition commercially.... or both! 1. Perth should be in because RU has given up on it and the new time slot would be huge for TV negotiations. 2. Brisbane should be in, the broadcaster clearly wanted it and the Broncos have a monopoly on the city. 3. Adelaide needs a team as its the only remaining large city that doesn’t have a big RL presence. 4. PNG - I’ve heard all
  3. Absolute disaster if Perth misses out. When will they ever actually become a “National” Rugby League?
  4. Looked like they oversold the western terrace in the hope that all the Cas fans would leave and then Hull fans would take their place. That seemed to happen. If all the Cas fans had stayed there would have been no room.
  5. I hope a super league club can sign him. Clearly we need more marquee player spots. Or perhaps a club who won’t be using both marquee player spots should be able to sell/trade theirs to Toronto for cash or a player? Either way. We need as many big names and stars playing in super league as possible.
  6. Exactly. Huge missed opportunity with Super Rugby ditching it. Create a pathway and get all the youngsters in WA aspiring to play League.
  7. Absolute frauds calling themselves the NATIONAL Rugby League when they wont even take the competition to Perth or Adelaide. It’s like they just don’t see the long term benefits of having a presence in the biggest cities. Happy with their Sydney centric comp and will be for years. As always with RL a lack of vision holds it back. Surely the TV companies would love part of their package in a new location AND a different time zone. It really shouldn’t be difficult to sell.
  8. There’s no such thing as ‘fast tracking’ and there’s also no substance in the claim that the only way a club can be ready is starting at the bottom. Our one and only hugely successful example of expanding Super League is the Catalans Dragons. They were told a few years before they entered the league that they would be coming in, they had bags of time to prepare as did super league itself. They were then given exemption from relegation to help them build for the future. I’ve no doubt we’d see similar success stories if we allowed the likes of Toulouse and Toronto to do the same.
  9. 1. World Cup 2. Test series 3. Confederations cup/four nations... whatever you want to call it. 4. Test series 2 week mid season international break. Not difficult is it.
  10. Should be a great event. My only gripe would be that they should have picked a team with decent away support to play Toulouse. Bradford would have been great. Would created a better atmosphere in the ground and make it feel like a bigger event.
  11. International RL is the final piece in the jigsaw for Rugby league to trump AFL in Australia. It’s good that anyone high up in the game recognised that. Regular internationals between more nations are ESSENTIAL. More test series, more four nations, more mid season tests during origin and more pacific nations playing each other. Put in place a 10 year plan that doesn’t rely on each test series turning a profit individually. On the subject of nines I’d like to see an international circuit of 5 events to start with. - Perth - Melbourne - London - New Zealand
  12. I’d be quite happy to give the rights away for those games. Being on TV is better than not being on TV, the sport needs to turn those viewers into new sponsorship deals. Once we’ve got a second french team we might then have a real package to ask for some cash. One game in France every week with the two derbies thrown in.
  13. You’ve got to commend not only the signing but the way in which they have announced it all. They clearly leaked it slowly to the point where everyone knew he was signing, this got the Wolfpack in the media spot light around the world. Then a few days later they announced it officially keeping them in the media spotlight for another few days. Next week they’ll have a press conference in London Infront of the global media where they’ll all get their pictures and interviews and they’ll get more media coverage all over again. Three huge rounds of media coverage just by pl
  14. SBW switching to Samoa for the 2021 World Cup could trigger similar scenes which we saw with Tonga.
  15. I don’t think we should simply “raise the cap” that will result in players like Willie Isa earning more than they do now with zero benefits to the sport. If we raise the cap we just raise the average salary for average players, if we allow clubs to spend more money it MUST be on talent. What we DO need is more dispensations. HOME GROWN - Allow 3 marquee player dispensations for HOME GROWN talent. It will encourage more clubs to develop their own and rewards the ones that already do. We don’t need to just sign top talent we need to hold onto it as well. MARQUEE PLAYE
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