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  1. I think we need a French Super League Derby first. I’d also like to see a successful Bradford and Widnes sides for some extra derby matches. I doubt we’ll have two Canadian teams in SL unless we returned to licensing.
  2. The merger in Perpignan is the perfect example of how to make it work. Two clubs who on their own will never make it at the top level, but together they could be commercially successful and win trophies. Unfortunately some rivalries in the UK are too intense to successfully merge clubs. In an ideal world would a club born from Castleford, Wakefield and Featherstone become one of the top clubs in the game with the highest average attendances etc..... probably.... in the real world will it happen? No. I think the best we can hope for is that the likes of Castleford and Wakefield get their new stadiums sorted and gain the kind of stability that Warrington have experienced from their facilities. One merger I think should happen is the Cumbrian clubs, but only at under 19’s level to develop players and play against the super league clubs academies.
  3. I completely back Jose if he feels he’s been racially abused, but Twitter probably isn’t the arena to share it initially. He should have gone to the governing body with this in my opinion.
  4. You missed out basketball, they’re currently in the final against Golden State! I hate this notion that a town or city can’t have multiple successful sports clubs. A market as big as Manchester can easily accommodate a successful club. It’s just a shame there isn’t an obvious location like the Wolfpack have at Lamport to attract the 20-30’s demographic. Theres a hell of a lot of football fans who don’t spend any money on sport during the summer months, attracting even 1% of them would bring in a lot of revenue. I’d also love to see Salford move in with the football club and fill the ground!
  5. Valley Parade doesn’t have the standard of media and corporate facilities we should be looking for.
  6. Nothing new to me as a Wigan fan. He always had an eye for the try line and for setting others up.
  7. I’d say the biggest pro is keeping a large chunk of current fans. Lets say West Tigers relocated to Perth, they would have thousands of fans who could still stay in touch with the club through their games in Sydney. It expands your brand to multiple markets, many USA teams sell merch all over the country because they have relocated.
  8. There are far better locations than Bolton anyway! Huddersfield or Sheffield could work well. Headingley would be good but might be slightly too small, but i’d rather keep the money within the game. Knowing our luck we’ll end up with Coventry. I would like to have seen them be more ambitious and go for the Etihad but it’s probably too short notice.
  9. As always... if you’re going to do something do it properly. Rugby League regularly fails in this mantra.
  10. One of the most bizarre things i’ve ever read. Some of those people include legends of the game in both hemispheres.
  11. It’s madness. Benefit to the local economy for an event like this is in the millions.
  12. I feel I have a right to moan about the magic weekend because I’ve attended every single year. Here’s my 5 steps for making it a success.... 1. Take it back to Newcastle - the 3 highest attendances for the weekend and highest single day attendance was there, it’s a city centre location AND there is a rugby league club there. 2. Drop poorly supported teams from the event. If they’re not bringing fans they’re not offering value to the event- the atmosphere is dead for those games. Probably drop Catalans and London and they can move a fixture to Montpellier or something. 3. Invite the best supported championship clubs and have 4 games on each day. Add Leigh, Widnes, Bradford, Featherstone, Halifax and York. They would probably bring over 10,000 fans between them, smash attendance records and fill the stadium. 4. More activity between games - Yorkshire v Lancashire legends 9’s 3 match series over the weekend. Women’s 9’s matches as the build up to individual games. Newcastle legends v Rugby League legend 5-aside. Miles better than mascot races or a DJ nobody has heard of. They did this a little bit better in Liverpool with the PDRL games but how good would the build up be 5. Include a Newcastle Thunder game and sell the event to locals. Give them a reason to go and support their team. Go big on the fact a Newcastle legends team will be playing there for a Newcastle charity etc. Work closely with Newcastle FC like Catalans did with Barcelona... tweets and posts out to their fan base letting them all know it’s happening. Four games on each day without the lesser supported clubs will instantly give you a record crowd back in a location that we know the fans already love. Couple that with some better rugby in between the games and fans will stay in for longer. I think 40k on each day at Newcastle is achievable doing this.
  13. I don’t like it either. It doesn’t give the sport chance to attract casual fans. Add that to the fact that every weekend other than this one 3-4 of the games are filmed so amateurishly that they negatively impact the image of the game rather than add to it.
  14. There isn’t a shortcut, it’s a slow process. Part of that process is getting more media attention and giving young kids something to aspire to. We don’t need a top down OR bottom up approach we need BOTH. With 10+ home games each for both Catalans and Toulouse in SL, a game on the road in Barca, another on the road for Toulouse and the two derby matches..... that’s starts to sound like a very tidy package to sell alongside the French RL final as well. TV money and sponsorship is what will fund the development.
  15. A French derby is certainly the next thing French RL needs to really kick on and gain larger media traction.
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