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  1. Yes. Boxing sell out venues like Wembley and Cardiff most of whom aren’t die hard boxing fans. The darts PL is a series of events most of which are attended by non darts fans. Even I’ve been just for the event.
  2. The Magic Weekend, Grand Final, Cup final and semi final double header are big enough events and add enough to a local economy to have a bid process in place for all 4 maybe even tied in with regular internationals. That would be the best commercially for the game in my opinion. For those worried about the crowd if we moved from Old Trafford, I’d hope there should be plans in place to sell more than half the tickets for any final BEFORE the two teams even get there. We should be selling these as huge events to the general public who want to attend something big. Just like darts and boxing do.
  3. Top teams make more by reaching the grand final than winning it because winning it means paying tonnes out in bonuses to players and staff.
  4. He’s right. The evidence is there with Catalans that a club can thrive if they’re not battling relegation for the first few years. Some of the clubs in super league will just never allow the sport to obtain the profile we want it to.
  5. I’d like to see a 4th game on each day to boost the attendance. Day 1: Newcastle Thunder game and do a harder sell to the locals Day 2: Two well supported teams from the championship such as Bradford and Halifax. Stick an extra 5k on than usual and get some decent publicity.
  6. If you think that should be the only criteria then I’m not sure you understand broadcasting. Look at most other sports, news channels, presenters, game show hosts etc. And you’ll realise that someone who speaks well with personality can make a huge difference to the way a show or event is perceived. Baz and Tez don’t do the sport any justice at all.
  7. Nothing worse than coming up with a good idea and then not following it through properly. How good would something like. Bradford v Leigh curtain raiser be to the cup final? Now we’ve got teams not even wanting to participate. Our sport doesn’t half let itself down with decision making at the top level.
  8. If only the NRL had spent the last few decades putting successful franchises into Perth and Adelaide, then it would be a truly national sport that the AFL probably wouldn’t compete with. As it stands the AFL is pretty strong in its lesser regions of NSW and Queensland and the NRL has pretty much zero presence in Perth or Adelaide. The NRL should have expanded to those areas when it was cheaper to set up a franchise and the salary cap was lower. SOO might be the unique event that grips a couple of states every year but in terms of attendances throughout the year the AFL looks like the far more successful league to me.
  9. Hate to say it but Jon Wilkin is fantastic. He’s knowledgable, passionate, engaging and he speaks really well. He should be signed up by sky the moment he retires. Anthony Gelling is a gem as well but for different reasons. Sam Tomkins is also really good.
  10. It’s difficult to find words to describe just how good Smithies is at 18 years old. He doesn’t look like an 18 year old at all. He looks like a seasoned pro and a leader. Frightening how good he could become in his prime. He’s already one of the top 3 number 13’s in the comp for me. He’s a defensive machine and very skilful with ball in hand as well. To break a long standing record like that is absolutely incredible at his age. I’d be tempted to do what Wigan did with Farrell and Leeds did with Sinfield.... give him the captaincy at a young age.
  11. Barcelona - Nou Camp is the ideal location. 1. Close enough to Perpignan to get 25,000 of them making the trip like they did at the Nou Camp this year. 2. Well known city with loads to do to attract RL fans from the UK to travel for the experience. 3. Tonnes of hotel, flight and travel options. With the amount of fans fans who would travel over it would also be a huge opportunity for commercial deals with airlines and hotel chains. It could be a huge cash machine for super league.
  12. We’ve seen it time and time again with smaller clubs at this stage of the season. Castleford, Huddersfield and even London going back far enough were tipped to potentially win at Old Trafford. As always it’ll be the clubs who’ve been there and done it in big games who’ll be the favourites come October. Salford with no experience in big games will crumble at some point on their play-off journey and that’s no disgrace.
  13. Increase in viewing figures is fantastic but it needs to result in more revenue from broadcasters and sponsors to make a difference. The main way we need to improve our TV product is better attendances. We need a game wide strategy for both of these things.
  14. The length of the field effort from Bevan French at Old Trafford.
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