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  1. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    Glad you enjoyed the production and commentary today. it certainly was a pleasure to call such an enthralling fixture.
  2. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    We have the raw data to suggest that our business model with the live streams will be a success. How a similar project could work for say Hunslet or Doncaster, I don't honestly know, but streaming is the way forward for Rugby League.
  3. WatchNrl.Com

    The RFL have just sent out a promo code offering 10% off.
  4. Chris Houston at the RFL Disciplinary...

    Clearly looking at the ball from the end on shot. Will be difficult to prove that Chris Houston made deliberate contact.
  5. Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    Streaming is definitely the future for Rugby League. I hope everyone enjoys the coverage on Sunday.
  6. 18 Feb: Betfred League 1 - Round 1 Match Thread

    Credit must go to the York City Knights for creating unprecedented interest in the game at Bootham Crescent on Sunday. I know from speaking to John Flatman that a lot of effort has gone into promoting the game around the city of York - including the four day hiring of a digital advertising truck. Bradford have sold close to 1,500 tickets, so could have over 2,000 inside the ground come kick-off - with a big walk up crowd. I think whatever happens on Sunday, John Kear summed it up with this: "I think this will be the biggest day in League One's history. That will be demonstrated by the size of the crowd, the occasion and what happens on the field of play. Credit must go to York and Bradford for creating unprecedented interest in this game" https://t.co/WaxDhV1JC3
  7. 18 Feb: Betfred League 1 - Round 1 Match Thread

    York City Knights Head Coach James Ford thought's on the new League One season. https://soundcloud.com/user-129831624/york-city-knights-head-coach
  8. 18 Feb: Betfred League 1 - Round 1 Match Thread

    Listen to John Kear's thought's ahead of the season opener against the York City Knights. https://soundcloud.com/user-129831624/john-kears-thoughts-ahead-of
  9. Restructure 2019?

  10. 9-11 Feb: Pre-Season Match Thread

    None are due to arrive for this weekend.
  11. 9-11 Feb: Pre-Season Match Thread

    Joe Keyes and George Milton have recovered from injury and will both start on Sunday.
  12. Amazing 2021 promotion

    That's the official video from the official Rugby League World Cup twitter account. Wonderful promotion.
  13. That's why we're preparing at Bradford for the first streaming contract. Nothing confirmed but I've heard the figure of £124.99 for the year being mentioned. £10.41 a month for over 80 live games, I'll be having some of that.
  14. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Interesting times ahead.
  15. BAR TV

    That's what I was getting at mate. Sky produce the product and then distribute through those Netflix/Amazon/Facebook platforms. Rugby League has always been seen as the innovative sport. This could be potentially game changing.