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  1. Do the Super League clubs who pay Elstone £46,000 per year want New York City accepted? I would suggest not. Ringfencing and licensing are potentially returning for 2021 and those clubs currently in the top division won't want to jeopardise any of the new broadcast money.
  2. It's this level of ”self-vested interest” attitude that has the held the game back since 1895.
  3. Just a quick heads up that this top four clash at Legacy Park on Friday evening has a capacity limit of just 2,000.
  4. The RFL members (the clubs) saw the New York City bid as a perceived threat to their future existence. The voting and acceptance power fundamentally lies with the RFL members (the clubs) and not Ralph Rimmer, Karen Moorehouse, Emma Rosewarne etc... Survival of the fittest mentality.
  5. Swinton vs Bradford next week has a restricted capacity of just 3,500 so could go close to a sellout.
  6. Aggregate Championship crowd of 17,826 from six matches, so near enough a 3000 average. Rugby League is back.
  7. Seriously, if you’re a supporter of Batley, Bradford or Championship #RugbyLeague then you must be really heartened by that game and the performances this afternoon for the new Championship season ahead.
  8. No worries mate. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the letters and legal documents from the airline and hotel chain. Thanks for listening to the Full Eighty Minutes btw. New York expect an average crowd of 5,000 for the first season.
  9. What a truly ridiculous post. Bewildering and blinkered Super League view with zero substance. No current Championship club other than Toronto can afford to keep funding the loses of hosting it in Blackpool. The Championship clubs need to keep that money in the game, not paying ridiculous lost making rental charges to the owners of Blackpool Football Club.
  10. And lose another £100,000? The Summer Bash won’t be going to Blackpool.
  11. You forget to mention the new red button coverage that has pushed the price up.
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