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  1. oops... did not see that. Still trying to find my way in the forums.
  2. krakauer

    Myths debunked

    Maybe the way TV broadcast is shown should change. Rather than showing empty seats there should be a bird's eye view similar to half time game analytics during fifa wc, leave audience reactions/costumes/pretty ladies etc. microphones on, more stats in the ticker (yes similar to e-games)
  3. krakauer

    RL on Canadian TV

    Wolfpack CBC stream schedule - I hope 3B will open early for Salford game.
  4. krakauer

    Local Press Coverage of TWP

    Spotted TWP ad on Imgur:
  5. krakauer

    London Broncos

    For some reason this thread has a tag with a wrong date, should be September 1st.
  6. krakauer

    Try of the season?

    Liam Kay TWP vs. Sheffield Eagles.
  7. I recently finished his "Road to Wigan Pier" fantastic trip through different social strata in and around RL homelands.
  8. krakauer

    Newspaper coverage

    Couple from Hull Daily Mail:
  9. krakauer

    Wolfpack - Superleague 2019

    Here are some reasons why:
  10. krakauer we go!!!!!!!!

    I thought it was "Wolfin' Around" that coined that?
  11. krakauer


    Exact reason why I couldn't enjoy Hornets-WP game live.
  12. krakauer


    Come to Lamport, you will see.
  13. krakauer

    July 14th vs. Batley Bulldogs

    Aren't Broncos and Leigh full timers?
  14. Thank you Leigh fans! Best dressed in the stands and treated us to a fox hunt after the game. Hope you had a great stay and see you in SL.