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  1. krakauer

    Paul Rowley

    Does it matter where the coach hails from and whether he is an ex-player.. I'm guessing most coaches were players once, no?
  2. krakauer

    Team for next season

    Just saw on Twitter:
  3. krakauer

    Team for next season

    Meanwhile on Twitter: Rumours are London Broncos and Huddersfield Giants are interested. Does anyone know why he missed so many games at the end of the season?
  4. krakauer

    Championship 2019
  5. krakauer

    Team for next season

    Dickson = Dixon?
  6. Thank you, wanted to update TWP Wikipedia page.
  7. Would you happen to know what the attendance was @ New River? Thanks.
  8. krakauer

    Million pound game

  9. krakauer

    RL on Canadian TV

    Saturday's 19 has been announced. Paul Rowley on Cory: “Cory won’t be fit unfortunately. We’ve got a few bashed up bodies but so do London and we’ll definitely put out 17 fit players that will give it their all.” (Brierley, Wallace, Higson, Whiting are in though).
  10. Doesn't look like they were
  11. krakauer

    Million pound game

    Never too late for Touch Rugby,
  12. krakauer

    Million pound game

    If all three unable to play then possibly Brierley, Stanley and Whiting will see some action?
  13. krakauer

    Million pound game

    What's the deal with RB not playing much these days?
  14. krakauer

    Million pound game

    weather forecast ok.
  15. krakauer

    Wolfpack vs Rhinos

    fantastic atmosphere at 3b today! place was packed, wolfpacked. beer flowed, chants chanted loud and proud (-hit the streetcar- becomes a thing here). at the end it felt like a big family reunion. shock win but well deserved. go wolfpack!