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  1. krakauer

    2019 Season Video dump

    Games on-demand from CBC and others. Pre-season friendly - Bradford Bulls Round 1 - York City Knights Round 2 - Rochdale Hornets Round 3 - Widnes Vikings
  2. Whatever happened to Wolfpack TV?
  3. Lots of good beer choices and all from local breweries for about $8-9 for a pint/tall can. There is some liquor too but I'm not a fan so not sure what kinds. Stadium food of decent quality. VIP section is fully catered and much better of course. No outside drinks allowed, not sure about food as I've seen people with sandwiches and wraps. "BEER GARDEN: Showcases seven Craft Brewerโ€™s tents, a Cider Tent, a Wine and Spiritโ€™s Bar and a variety of smaller themed vendors. LIST OF BREWERIES: Led by Henderson Brewing Co., Lost Craft and Shiny Apple Cider. Supporting cast of Woodhouse, Amsterdam, Bobcaygeon, Brew Dog (from Scotland), Big Rock, Redline and Red Thread.
  4. krakauer

    TWP and ISC

    Merry Christmas deluded pom, may all that is good in life come to you and your dearest. Thanks for your support.
  5. krakauer

    Pre-season friendlies

    ...less than a month from now, can't believe how time flies. Hope CBC and 3B steps up and will broadcast Hull KR game, can't wait!
  6. krakauer

    Liam Kay

    That try looked iffy at best. Thank god there was no video ref..
  7. krakauer

    TWP and ISC

    World famous crack smoking Toronto mayor.
  8. krakauer

    Challenge cup first round
  9. krakauer


    Do you ask yourself these questions when buying non-european products?
  10. krakauer


    Are reductionists happy?
  11. krakauer


    Putting all bureaucracy involved with "multi-level activity" aside, I think you are mixing expansion with evolution. As someone new to RL, I love the idea of bringing fans together by any means available, beer, free tickets, local bar meetings, hanging out with players. Would I care if there was an academy, local amateur club, community schemes (whatever that means), sure but would this grow immediate interest? Minimal. Grow the appetite for TGG the rest will follow.
  12. krakauer


  13. "Ryan Brierley (Scottish international, former Leigh and Huddersfield), Adam Higson (ex-Leigh and Swinton) and Jake Emmitt (Welsh international) do not fit into the plans of the new head coach of the Wolfpack and are asked to find another club for the 2019 season".