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  1. Friend of mine took me to a very first TWP game at Lamport. Fell in love at first sight.
  2. Thanks Robert. Does anyone know what the attendance was for the away game w. Sheffield Eagles (Round 15)?
  3. just finished watching GB Wellington game. Fantastic! I don't know enough about RL but if game fells like it's over in 10 minutes that tells. Are there any "classic" games on YouTube you'd recommend?
  4. So how do I explain all this to my kids?
  5. Sorry did not mean it to sound personal at all. Just venting my frustration in the general direction. "Oh, humanity"
  6. Relax. I'm saying it's happening and we are nowhere close to resolution.
  7. How come a racist owner of the club has black players in his club ranks?
  8. Some did quite recently: https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/rfl-demand-answers-from-featherstone-over-fan-behaviour-20678/
  9. So what can RFL do? have there been precedents like such?
  10. They hate you because you're TWP fan. Get it ffs.
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