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  1. Because the Summer Bash is on that weekend
  2. Please spare a thought also for Mattie Wildie at Fev Rovers. He's also sustained a season ending injury as well.
  3. Instead of upping the SC, why not invest extra money into the grass roots. This where and realistically the best place to bring forward new talent which can be nurtured into top rugby league players. Paying the Burgess brothers or whoever more money to play in England is a short term solution, if it is a solution. The RFL need to get back to basics and set out a clear plan for future talent to be brought through in suitable competitions. The scrapping of reserve grades, under 16's, introduction of DR, etc. has been the downfall of the standard of rugby in this country, not the fact that someone can earn more money elsewhere (a factor in any sport/industry) A major shake up is needed very quickly.
  4. Sorry...... No, that was Jordan Baldwinson. He has an award that says so.
  5. More arrogance from Beaumont. Unfortunately a trait running through the Leigh club at the moment.
  6. Hardman Hitchcox Maitua
  7. Maitua Ellis Hitchcox
  8. I would imagine that all Fev fans would be shouting from the roof tops as we all are right now, with the developments at the Big Fellas. The develpoment is absolutely different from the proposals being talked about regarding Cas. Firstly Fev have invested hugely in the development of the stadium over the last 30 years, I read somewhere that there isnt any part of our stadium over 30 years old. Secondly the land you talk about is owned by the club, we wouldnt be going cap in hand for an area to be "put aside" for us by the nudge nudge wink wink situation of the council leader being a fan of the club. I can't see where there would be any disruption to the public of featherstone, only improvement as new road infrastructure would be needed and would only benefit the town.
  9. This is Fev, Robin.................. wouldn't be the same without a bit of panic
  10. Hi Richard I pledged £10 on Facebook to the stand fund when I did my ice bucket challenge, but I'm not sure who to give it to. Is it ok to give it to you on sunday at the game and will you ensure it goes into the fund. Thank you, Darren
  11. I suppose the same could be said about Ben Cockayne....... came to Fev, sorted himself out and look at him now. Pushing for an England place. I am sure Mr Campbell will have had a good chat with Sean and sold the vision of whats happening with the "Fevolution". And Mark doesnt suffer fools .
  12. We at Green Lane club have a 32 seater filled
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p009q...rt_07_09_2010/# 14 minutes in, also Halifax view, 33 minutes in.
  14. This thread has totally gone OTT. If the original poster had made it clear that there will be two presentations, I think that reactions would have been different, I originally questioned it because all there was, was a link to an article on the website and no reference to a presentation at the Barrow game. F Factor will be a great event for the club, and I hope there will be more events in the future to bring in funds for Rovers. Mark and Andy have brought this club on in leaps and bounds, with ever increasing obstacles being presented by the RFL. The fact we have won the league and speculation about top players coming to the club is testament to their efforts. All we need now is clearer and better communication between the club and the supporters.
  15. I think I understand where your coming from, but as someone who was quite voiciferous in my views about Hobbsy's coaching methods I think I would prefer to recognise the efforts made by Tony Kenney and the consortium around him that believed in Rovers at that time and moved us towards where we are now. I was very worried at the time that we were heading back to the second division under Dave and all credit to Danny Evans and John Sharpe for steadying the ship, then the recruitment of Daryl, who in my opinion is the best coach this club has seen in a very long time. I cannot believe the highs we have had this season so far and long may they continue.