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  1. I would contribute to a GoFundMe campaign to get France reclassified as Lesser Britain again.
  2. I think if, in 10 years time, Argyle was discussing the landscape of Rugby League in Canada and he made that statement I would be ok with it. Not least because it would mean that Rugby League was thriving in Canada as it is in Australia.
  3. I am with John Lennon on this... 'Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for'. Although no countries does make the international calendar for Rugby League harder to plan.
  4. Northern Ireland is not a part of Great Britain. If you live in England, your sovereign country is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  5. Well, definitely get annoyed with the World Cup reference. And I would get annoyed with this as well in another context. I guess I am in a forgiving mood today!
  6. Seeing as though the entire context of the conversation was the sporting landscape of the country of Australia then I was happy to take the 'in Australia' as read. I understand you are not and I am happy to disagree.
  7. Would you agree with the phrase 'Rugby League in Australia was born in Sydney'?
  8. The conversation before the statement was clearly around the sporting landscape of Australia and Sydney being a Rugby League city and potentially surrendering its grip if it loses the volume and rivalry of Rugby League clubs. The speaker said Rugby League was born in Sydney but it is clear to anyone listening to the conversation that the context was Rugby League in Australia was born in Sydney. He could have said that Rugby League in Australia was born in Sydney but I don't think it was required in the context of the conversation.
  9. I am in agreement with Saint Toppy. We have not seen an open age reserve team structure since 1997 and in that time the professionalism and output of the Academy programmes have increased dramatically. Teams like Saints, Wigan and Leeds et al are producing squads of 20/25 talented youngsters every year or two... the Saints kids going to Australia and defeating their NRL junior opponents proving their talent. At the moment these junior players have a pathway of Super League for their clubs (one or two a year) or DR if they want to stay with their parent club or a move away to find a club. Now, many more of these players can stay with their parent club into their early 20's. The reserve league plus the production line of the academies has the potential to significantly improve the player pool in our game.
  10. No way he will turn his back on Wigan. Hastings being coached by Shaun Edwards is a dream ticket!
  11. While I think there may be some personal agenda with Mitchell at work here after being dropped from the NSW Origin team but remaining a Kangaroo incumbent, I think more players in the NRL seeing international League as the pinnacle is a very good thing indeed and it will be a positive in the long run.
  12. I see you have managed to get a hard start and turn on it before it has started.
  13. The NRL approved the medical retirement of Burgess. This means any payment of his remaining contract will not effect the cap. Also means they may now be in the mix to sign Latrell Mitchell. https://www.nrl.com/
  14. It's ok for you, I needed eye bleach!
  15. I was getting changed in my gym in Chiswick last year when a naked Shaun Edwards walked past me. And I would like to clarify for the record that I only recognised him from the neck up!
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