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  1. Well that goes a long way to explaining the state of the game.
  2. If I was the video ref, I would rule out every try for an incorrect play the ball. That would show 'em.
  3. The only thing wrong with this NRL season is the fact that Penrith are apparently going for a 'three-peat'. If you repeat something, you do that thing multiple times. So surely if you repeat something three times then you have done the thing 4 times, the first time and the subsequent three repeats. This is far more important than the Grand Final in my eyes.
  4. I am really not a fan of using reserve team games to eat up a ban. If a ban results from a first team game then you should miss that number of first team games.
  5. I don't think either was enough to disallow the try. Just that the on field ref actually had that lead runner in mind when he sent it up. There was definitely more of a case for that one (although not enough) and it was the 'correct' shoulder contact to be an issue. And the ref clearly looked at it as the play progressed. My point is that I think the video ref checked the wrong contact and his 'ok to this point' was because he didn't think he had to look at it.
  6. You are having an absolutely cracking argument with yourself on this thread.
  7. To be fair, you have posted 4 times on a thread just to tell us you won't be joining the discussion.
  8. With the sport being salary capped (and at arguably a low level) for the playing staff, you would think the salaries offered to the coaching staff could be a real point of differentiation.
  9. I have just been to look at it again and I think we may have all been thrown a red herring. The on field ref says to look at contact with the outside shoulder and then everyone looks at the French contact. But there is an earlier lead runner from Leigh in the play who makes some contact with Ellis on his outside shoulder. The ref is also clearly looking at it. I suspect that is the one he wanted to the VR to look at and he focused on the French one by mistake. Not saying there was enough in the lead runner to chalk it off but it was contact on the outside shoulder and more contact than on French to be sure.
  10. Very easy this week, name the winning sides (1 point each): HKR vs. Leigh St Helens vs. Warrington Tie breaker to determine the winner of this week: How many points will be scored in total across the two games (this is just for the winner of this week, no points on the overall leaderboard).
  11. At the end of the regular season, @R L Winger has opened up an impressive 4 point lead at the top of our tipping competition leaderboard. The competition continues through the play off's - but picking winners only. R L Winger: 125 The Future is League: 121 Jeff Stein: 120 Spotty Herbert: 120 HawkMan: 118 Ragingbull: 118 lucky 7: 117 gingerjon: 113 sam4731: 113 Dunbar: 112 Jill Halfpenny fan: 111 The Mighty Trin: 110 glossop saint: 108 Click: 98 StandOffHalf: 88 Gerrumonside ref: 71 hunsletgreenandgold: 55 Morecambe Warriors: 49 Jughead: 41 Taffy Tiger: 35 Irish Saint: 32 MZH: 28 dboy: 27 ShropshireBull: 18 steve75: 10 SalfordSlim: 9 Wellsy4HullFC: 8 MattSantos: 7 nathanfilkins: 3
  12. Congratulations to @glossop saint, @R L Winger and @The Mighty Trin for topping this week's tipping comp with a very good 7 out of 8 points each. glossop saint: 7 R L Winger: 7 The Mighty Trin: 7 HawkMan: 6 Spotty Herbert: 6 Click: 5 gingerjon: 5 Jeff Stein: 5 Jill Halfpenny fan: 5 lucky 7: 5 phiggins: 5 Ragingbull: 5 sam4731: 5 The Future is League: 4 Dunbar (Muppet): 0
  13. Not sure I agree fully with that. The MoS in particular will be far more likely to award points to players from the winning side so that would favour players from the better teams.
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