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  1. As I say, Hodgson is quality and one of the top 3 hookers in the NRL. I happen to think based on their overall games that both Roby and Clark are better.
  2. Yes, it may have. He has been superb in an underperforming team and then the match winner when the team form turned around. It is probably all moot as I expect Bennett to select Hodgson ahead of both of them.
  3. My preference before yesterday would have been Roby and I would probably still have him as the best 9 we have. But Clark is fantastic... and I think they are both ahead of Hodgson who is widely recognised as one of the top 3 hookers in the NRL (alongside Smith and Cooke). It is the one position where we have more world class players than any other nation.
  4. But equally, you cannot use one area to label the whole city as squalid. Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, it is beautiful and stunning... I got engaged there. But there are parts of that city that are far worse than Wembley. It won't stop me loving the city though and recognising that it is wonderful.
  5. I may of agreed in principle if you had described the Wembley area as 'squalid' (I may have argued with the specific language) but you decided to label the whole of London this. That is clearly an exaggeration.
  6. There will be places like this in every city and every large town... hell even some of the smaller one's. The best parts of London are beautiful, vibrant, historic and cosmopolitan all wrapped into one.
  7. I don't know which parts you are going to but I assure you it is the wrong parts. London is one of the finest cities in the world.
  8. When it comes to the timescales involved in the history of the establishment and the development of a class based society, Australia is a new territory.
  9. I wouldn't have worded it quite like that but the simple answer is 'never'. The social fabric of this country has been millennia in the making and it will not unravel without some kind of cataclysmic worldwide event. For Rugby League to be perceived differently we need it in new international territories where the prejudices are not already embedded.
  10. In the UK I have seen sports like field hockey and cycling increase its profile thanks to international success. Heck, even Curling had its day in the (winter) sun. The 2003 World Cup had a real effect on the popularity of Union in the wider sporting public at strategically important point in its development. A World Cup win by England in 2021 would be a huge opportunity. Now, whether, as a sport, we are capable of grasping that opportunity is a different matter. Attracting sponsors beyond (historically) fags, booze and gambling companies is whole other conversation.
  11. It might have been an opportunity but what was her motivation. Put yourself in her shoes, is the Challenge Cup final top of the list of things you would expect her to do. You need some empathy Johnny, you're not thinking like a princess!
  12. I would add this event in London on this weekend. This bank holiday weekend is the last chance for a long weekend break before the long slog to Christmas. Does a Saturday at Wembley fit into these plans for most families? I don't think we will see the answer to this till next year and see if the earlier timing away from the last bank holiday, the start of the football season and school holidays works.
  13. I would like to look at the attendance data before during and after the rotation and Wembley rebuild to be convinced of that. From memory, the return to Wembley crowds were not bad... but I am posting on the phone today and the data would be a hassle to find.
  14. I agree with using the premier grounds in the UK. Cardiff again for sure and with Edinburgh and London on rotation. The European venues feel like a gamble but I would be delighted to be proved wrong.
  15. In attendance terms cricket tops us because of internationals. Club Union is ahead of League.
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