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  1. The cricket situation is a little different. Subs in cricket have only ever been allowed to field, they are not allowed to bat or bowl. If one of the key goals of concussion protocols is to discourage players from continuing with head injuries then having a 'full' sub is sensible. With four on the bench for Rugby League we already have players who can replace one of the 13 on the field. It is pretty rare for teams to be down to zero subs available even in the era where players are withdrawn after failing a HIA. Another element to consider. If a coach had an18th man available would they feign HIA to get a fresh/specialist player on the pitch. You would hope not but you wouldn't put it past some.
  2. If we are allowed to take it beyond Super League, I would vote for 1984-85. Hull Kingston Rovers were champions aided by the signing of the great Gavin Miller. Wigan beat Hull in probably the best Challenge Cup final of all time with Peter Sterling and Brett Kenny opposite each other. St. Helens beat Hull Kingston Rovers in the Premiership with the Harry Sunderland Trophy going to the mercurial Harry Pinner. Mal Meninga inspired St Helens to a win over Wigan in the Lancashire Cup final at Central Park. Last but not least, the 1985 Man of Steel, Ellery Hanley became the first man to score more than 50 tries in a season since Billy Boston.
  3. Reading through your posts, I am coming to the conclusion that you believe Rugby League does what Sky says. If only there was some way to validate this theory.
  4. I agree with this but there are far fewer penalties than there could be in a game. Literally every single scrum and every single play the ball breaks the laws of the game... the ridiculous position we have put our referees in is not refereeing to the laws but asking them to provide some kind of judgement on how much unlawful play is acceptable.
  5. I'm really struggling to think of another sport where the players try and cheat and con the referee as much as Rugby League (at the top level anyway). In football, we sometimes see players diving to try and win a foul or a penalty when there was no contact... this maybe happens 3 or 4 times a game. I remember when we used to laugh at football and all the cheating that went on. In Rugby League now though, a player tries to con the ref in almost every tackle. Whether that is locking another player into the tackle, stripping the ball, releasing ball to win a penalty or (as with Greg Bird yesterday) throwing himself to the ground to try and pretend he was on the end of a dangerous tackle. We should be embarrassed about what our game has become and it is only when, as a sport, we are collectively embarrassed enough we will actually try and fix it.
  6. London have shown so much character this year. They are an absolute credit to their coach and their performances reflect very well on him.
  7. Oh yes, I agree with that. I remember when Rugby League fans used to be able to look at other sports like football with derision based on how their players cheated and conned the ref. Now our sport is rife with it. And I hate it.
  8. I might be wrong but I don't think he gets to see as many tv replays as we do.
  9. Can't stand cheating like that. We are trying to protect players by ensuring they are not put in dangerous positions and Bird does it to himself just to win a penalty.
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