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  1. For someone who has complained on here time and again that Rugby League is too oppressive and players are not allowed to showcase their skills any more, I would have thought you would be happier about seeing teams and players score points?
  2. This is entirely right. As a sport, we are always looking for the negative and blow out scores are always taken as evidence of something gone wrong on here. But if Chelsea or Man City were scoring 5 or 6 every week people would be piling in to see these goal scoring exploits. Let's actually celebrate some of the skills we have in the game (and that's coming from someone who loves a tight physical content and thought the Panthers Eels game was one of the best of the year).
  3. I'm still not exactly the biggest fan of the NRL admin at the moment but I am delighted that Rugby League is thriving over there.
  4. But they are so clever with their apparent passion for Rugby League and their negativity only having the best interest of the game at heart. They fool me every time and it literally never gets old.
  5. Well according to this page on their website "RLWC2021 will be Spark Sport’s first foray into Rugby League". https://www.sparknz.co.nz/news/SS_RLWC2021/ But can we trust their website over Harry's grandson?
  6. Let's not be too harsh on Harry's grandson here, it is easier to do than you think. I was halfway through the game this morning when I noticed that Kim Kardashian was playing for the Panthers against the Eels... turns out I was watching the E! Channel by mistake.
  7. Wigan's defence has been outstanding for the last 4 games or so. As we start to approach the wetter weather and the more grinding games that will do them no harm at all.
  8. What I really want to know is how popular Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend thinks Super League is in Trinidad.
  9. That's a funny example to back up your point. Bundesliga, Major League Soccer, Serie A, Primeira Liga and Ligue 1 are all shown on subscription tv here. This is an example of the popularity of football in this country, not a refection of the relative quality of these leagues or popularity of these leagues in their home countries.
  10. It's all ridiculous. There is no way Rugby League will be dead in New Zealand in 10 years.
  11. What I find interesting about the original post is that a New Zealand sports subscription channel ceasing to broadcast Rugby League from another country is perceived to be a problem with the source country when the reality is that it is a reflection on the popularity of Rugby League in New Zealand. If Sky stopped broadcasting the NRL over here, it wouldn't be because of how well or poorly the NRL was performing in Australasia but how popular it was in the UK and the volume of people consuming it. This is a worrying update for Rugby League. But in New Zealand, not the UK.
  12. Well done Wigan for playing every game of the season. Great effort.
  13. In the final round of the regular season, Terry O'connor has just beaten his previous best number for the year by saying "little tip on play" 675,543 times.
  14. I think this is right. Most of the alternative suggestions took place before the poll was made or subsequently occurred behind a firewall so didn't penetrate the national consciousness. Maybe the NZ World Cup semi would have traction but I doubt it. After that I can only think of the Ben Flower send off that may be infamous enough to be included.
  15. The Don Fox miss is just as much about the iconic commentary as the incident itself. Of course missing a kick in front of the sticks to win a final would be a big story but nowhere near as memorable over 50 years later without Eddie Waring's "He's a poor lad". Just shows the power of personality in sport.
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