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  1. Nothing particularly positive in that story, it is just confirmation that the suspension has been extended. The first paragraph says it all... "The Scottish football season has been pushed further back with all games suspended until at least 10 June."
  2. As I have said in my earlier post, the cases of Harawira-Naera and Jayden Okunbor are different. I am prepared to accept that Harawira-Naera met a girl in normal social interaction and while she was young there was nothing illegal and it was consensual. If he broke the club rules about females in hotels then he should be punished appropriately. But Okunbor is different. He met the girl on a school trip where he was officially representing the Bulldogs. Any man in any job who met a schoolgirl while on official business and then met her for sex would lose his job... illegal, consensual or not. And rightly so, he was in a position of trust as an adult visiting that school and he broke that trust.
  3. Are you seriously asking what the difference is between sleeping with a school girl who you have met on a club's official school visit and hooking up on an 18-30 holiday?
  4. The article posted yesterday from the Sydney Morning Herald said the following. "After high-level discussions between the NSW government and NRL powerbrokers, Sydney-based players will be allowed to remain at home when the competition resumes, which was well received by the RLPA, whose members were reluctant to undergo solitary confinement." Has that been reversed and everyone in the comp will now be in isolation?
  5. If a guy jumps out of a second floor window for the first time in his life because his house is on fire is that innovation? Doing something out of necessity is not innovative. Formula 1 do not want to have to run two races over a single weekend and it is not something they would even comprehend for a second under normal circumstances, it is an act of desperation to try and conclude a massively disrupted season. To call it innovation is a huge stretch.
  6. I know you normally 'win' these conversations through attrition but we are living in exceptional times and social lockdown gives me a fighting chance here. The irony is that F1 are not doing this through innovation, they are doing it through necessity to squeeze as many races as they can into a shorter timeframe. Just as my suggestion of playing more frequent games allows Rugby League to do. Aren't you worried that the F1 drivers will get tired and the quality of the driving will go down?
  7. I think it should be top 15. No particular reason!
  8. I haven't claimed playing two games a week is innovative. I have said that when the social restrictions are lifted, playing two games a week will allow all clubs to have a home game every week and so have a chance to claw back more revenue than the typical home and away fortnightly format. You have argued against this and so I found it quite ironic that you posted a story about F1 considering running two races in a single weekend as an example of a 'fundamental change' that other sports are considering and that we have a 'dearth of will for innovation' as you put it.
  9. I think the clear implication from my post is that the social lockdowns will be eased when it is safe to do so.
  10. Indeed, which is why I suggested that we do it in exceptional circumstances and with some regulations on how many games a player can play consecutively to protect their welfare. You know, exceptional circumstances… like the one where Formula 1 are suggesting running two races in a Grand Prix weekend which is the innovation you were highlighting as a fundamental change on the previous page.
  11. Indeed you have. And over the course of a season, if you play a game on one of a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or a Sunday then you have played once a week. Are you not just a touch embarrassed that you are trying to argue that our season comprises of teams playing two games a week?
  12. In your belligerence you are digging your heels in and sticking by your assertion that Rugby League teams currently play two games a week?
  13. Rugby League teams already play two games a week?
  14. So, the formula 1 suggestion of "two races over a single grand prix" is a fundamental change and my suggestion of two games a week to guarantee a home game for each club every week is a "dearth of will for innovation"!
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