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  1. Really enjoyed all the NRLW games this year and they were all very competitive with some real strength in depth across the women's game over there. Ultimately, the Broncos just had too much class, in particular in their spine with Upton, Brigginshaw and Aiken and too much fire power in the pack with Boyle, Lenarduzzi and Hall. Looking forward to the next iteration in 2021 and then of course the Women's World Cup when our women can test themselves against the best in the worls.
  2. You would image NSW would go with. 1. Tedesco (with Papenhuyzen and Gutherson as backup) 2. Addo-Carr 3. Crichton or Lomax 4. Wighton 5. Cotric (with Tupou as backup) 6. Keary or Walker (with Luai as backup) 7. Cleary The difference in quality is massive. Almost all those player - including backups - would get into the Queensland team.
  3. The balance of power certainly seems to have tipped over the Blues... overall their squad is miles ahead. But, as with international League, you can only pick 17 and Queensland will put up a show. I expect NSW to win the series though.
  4. Here are the test nations represented today (a couple of players had multiple countries). Six Australian test players and 18 'other'. This can only be great for international League. New Zealand = 7 Australia = 6 Samoa = 4 Tonga = 2 Fiji = 2 Cook Islands = 1 Lebanon = 1 PNG = 1
  5. Many congratulations to StormGirl for the win. And thanks to Graham for a great competition. See you in 2021.
  6. The Panthers have a huge pipeline of talent coming through the junior system. In 2019, there were 9,000 junior players across 580 teams playing junior rugby in the Penrith area. If Penrith continue to manage their club well, they could become one of the dominent NRL sides over the next 10 years. I am sure this won't be a flash in the pan Grand Final appearance.
  7. Zane Tetevano also has a Grand Final appearance in 2018 when he won it with the Roosters (against the Storm). From my calculations, the Storm have 10 players who have played in at least one Grand Final (Suliasi Vunivalu, Josh Addo-Carr, Cameron Munster, Jesse Bromwich, Cameron Smith, Felise Kaufusi, Kenny Bromwich, Nelson Asofa-Solomona, Brandon Smith and Dale Finucane) while the Panthers have just the two. This is an advantage for the Storm as experience does count in big games but a lot of this is in the forwards. It is interesting that when you look at the spine of the Storm they have huge experience in Munster and Smith but Jahrome Hughes and Ryan Papenhuyzen only have 93 NRL appearances between them. But of course Papenhuyzen and Hughes are really talented and will be far from a weak link... and that kind of argues that the best players are most important, not the experience. I am still plumping for the Panthers as 1 to 17 I think they are the better team.
  8. 32 years since Henderson Gill did a 'bit of a boogy' in Sydney. Makes you feel old. I'm beginning to think my chances of becoming a professional Rugby League player are starting to fade.
  9. My go to example of not judging players too soon is Ian Gildart and Denis Betts. When I was playing NW Counties u17's and u19's many years ago these two were the star players from Leigh that we would play. When they signed for Wigan it was Gildart who was tipped for stardom and he made his mark on the Wigan first team before Betts. Of course Gildart had a solid enough career but Betts went on to be one of the best modern forwards with 38 international caps.
  10. Like many people at the moment - particularly those in leadership roles - his effectiveness is being hamstrung by the lack of games and the lack of opportunity to bring his squad together. But I would say that the success of the 2021 World Cup and, in particular, the success of the England team is probably the most important factor for our sport in decades. The enthusiasm and awareness that success would bring is invaluable. I am happy for Wane to be 100% focused on this and doing what he can.
  11. I am going for the Panthers. They were due an off day and they had it against Souths but still managed to get the win. They have been electric in attack this year but it is their defense that is underrated and they were the best team in the NRL in defense this year. They also kept the Rabbits to 16 when the three weeks previously they had scored 60, 46 & 38.
  12. Some good back three's in Super League including... Tomkins, Mead, Yaha Coote, Makinson, Grace French, Burgess, Manfredi On balance I would say the Saints trio but it is very close.
  13. A great first post Graham and I am proud to play in the Grand Final tipping competition in memory of George Fairclough and Richard Glover. To business. Winners: Penrith Panthers 5 tries , 28 points
  14. While it may be true that the law changes have affected the way that teams play, there also has to be a consideration to ability and performance in these matters. According to NRL.com team stats there were an average of 9.4 offloads per team per game in 2020 which is down from 9.8 in 2019 (a change of -0.4 per game or -5%). But then when you look at the teams who finished in the top 6 this year, their offloads per game increased from 9.2 in 2019 to 9.9 in 2020 with 4 of the top 6 individually making more offloads (a change of +0.7 per game or +7%). Then, when you turn to the bottom 6 in 2020, their offloads per game fell from 10.5 per game in 2019 to 8.8 in 2020 (a change of -1.7 per game or -16%). I would argue that the change in offloads this year reflects the performance of the teams more than the adoption of the new laws.
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