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  1. That 2008 team is a mystery. On paper when we look back it full of what we would describe as some of the best players of the last 20 years. But they got absolutely mullered by Australia, beaten twice by New Zealand and scraped past PNG.
  2. I don't think you going against the grain on here. Plenty of people have been advocating for our best young athletes to be picked... Farnworth, Murphy, Young, Newman etc. Even when it hasn't looked likely with Farnworth dropped from the squad and Young in his early days at the Knights.
  3. Well, who knows. But I would be very surprised. Since the Knights came into existence, an England squad and a Knights squad has been named and players are in one or the other. The only exception I can think of is Bateman on a technicality.
  4. So which of the Knights do you expect to be in the England squad?
  5. Mikey Lewis is in the Knights squad and (barring Bateman to run down his ban) I don't think any of the England squad will be in the Knights.
  6. If we had a fit Harry Newman to partner Farnworh in the centres, Lomax at 6 and Walmsley in the pack, I would have us as stronger than 2017. Now, probably not a lot in it. But I think New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga are all stronger than 2017. Australia is a funny one as they have lost some greats in Cronk, Slater, Smith and Cordner.... but they are always strong.
  7. If he ain't doing it, I'm not. I am probably overly fussy about writing with punctuation and grammar on here... and even text messages etc. but from now on johnny has a lower case j.
  8. No one is really tested at internationalevel. Nathan Cleary has never played an international game and Munster was at 6 when Australia lost to a tier 2 nation for the first time. They have some way to go before they are legends.
  9. A balanced and not at all melodramatic post as usual johnny.
  10. Putting structure and number of games and anything else to one side. I think 2 legged Rugby League ties are awful. That is my view, if someone else likes them great but I don't (that last bit is so I don't get someone telling me my opinion is wrong when it is, in fact, an opinion).
  11. The Lomax situation does frustrate me. I get that clubs have to look after their players and players are contracted etc etc. But Lomax has been 'managing' an injury for months that fans of Saints were assured couldn't get worse. He played all the way to the Grand Final and won man of the match. Now he is out. As a Rugby League fan, I believe that any success at the world cup is immeasurably more important than Saints getting 4 in a row. But my priorities are not Saints priorities.
  12. If Lomax is out, I would definitely have Sneyd in the 13 as he is the best game management half we have. Have him plus Williams and Smith and then probably Welsby and Tomknis who can both play in the halves if need be. We have a few options in the spine but centre is starting to look very bare. Good news if Farworth is fit otherwise we would be in trouble. I just don't see Hardaker as a quality centre but he may be there for utility. Will Watkins revert to the centre for the World Cup. He is safe and in form but is he the attacking threat out wide that he was.
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