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  1. Exactly right. The women's game being shown on TV is a great thing, there should be no 'instead of' conversation here. We shouldn't be having a conversation about which Rugby League should be taken off air to allow others to be added or which form of the game 'deserves' to be on... the more the better surely.
  2. Depends what you mean by generally falling. If you take from the high point (73,512 in 2015) then yes they have gone down since then. But if you take the attendances for the Grand Final overall there is a strong upward trend so they 'generally' going up. The average attendance over the 22 events is 65,533 so the 64,102 this year is pretty close to the norm. Personally, I think it would be a brave (or foolish) decision to take this game away from Old Trafford as it is now the single most important day in our domestic calendar and by any reasonable measure a huge success.
  3. Based on the squad selected, I would go with the following: 1. Coote 2. McGilvary 3. Connor 4. Gildart 5. Hall 6. Widdop 7. Hastings 8. Walmsely 9. Hodgson 10. Graham 11. Bateman 12. Whitehead 13. Thompson 14. Burgess 15. Hill 16. Clark 17. Jones I think half backs have to control the game and be creative and Widdop & Hastings have the best kicking games in the squad. Williams is unlucky to miss out but he is not as good as these two in an all round half back game. Coote offers more handling at full back than Hardaker and is more of a natural full back than Lomax. Jones on the bench to cover the back row as both Whitehead and Bateman can do a shift at center in case of injury etc. Thompson at 13 with a huge engine will allow us to rotate 4 big men in the front row while having three big middles at all times. Clark to inject some pace from acting half during the game.
  4. Moving the final may have proved problematic with Man U and Old Trafford. I don't know how far in advance the date of the Grand Final needs to be confirmed. But in principle I agree with you, I would rather we selected the best team for every international game/tournament we enter.
  5. Difficult to say with so many injuries to our wingers. Ash Handley and Reece Lyne are flying to Australia for the 9's and so will be in with a shout I guess.
  6. What I don't understand is that the article says that 11 players have been confirmed on the Great Britain tour due to their selection in the 9's squad but five players are excluded who are in the 9's. Does this mean they have officially missed the cut for Great Britain. Confusing Ash Handley (Leeds Rhinos) Reece Lyne (Wakefield Trinity) Ryan Sutton (Canberra Raiders) Sam Tomkins (Catalans Dragons) Liam Watts (Castleford Tigers)
  7. Or a valuable opportunity for the Great Britain selections to stay sharp prior to the tour?
  8. I hadn't realised until I read this article today that the England 9's squad is actually made up of the players that will be selected to play for Great Britain... as this excludes players from the Grand Finalists, it was a pretty restrictive pool to pick from for an effective 9's team. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/55829/great-britain-squad-update
  9. Hall and McGilvary have already been confirmed in the squad as all the England 9's squad will be in the GB squad.
  10. Morgan Smithies is plenty big enough. He is taller than Cameron Murray and Victor Radley and looks stronger and bigger than they did at a similar age. He will be good enough to play for England and it may even be as soon as the end of next year but this tour is probably just a little too soon.
  11. Two points from me. Firstly, there is absolutely no value in comparing the quality of the women's game to the men's game. They are separate competitions with the Super League the pinnacle of the domestic competition and the international game the pinnacle globally. We can enjoy and celebrate both the men's and women's game as we (hopefully) see our game grow. Yes, it is a free country and people are allowed to express their opinions. And the fact it is a free country also allows girls and women to play whatever sport they choose, irrelevant of whether someone thinks it 'suits them'.
  12. It might be the first game of Rugby League ever played when the teams have a referee each!
  13. That's not what women are asking for. They are asking for the same money for doing the same job. In fact, they shouldn't even be asking, they should (and are) demanding it. And we still have a long way to go.
  14. As always with the WCC. If the Roosters win, the Australians are super human and are miles ahead of us and unbeatable. If Saints win, the Australians don't take it seriously and weren't trying.
  15. Yes, I like that. And we have a pretty strong front row rotation with Walmsley back to his best now.
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