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  1. I assume he doesn't have any other work commitments in the South of France. It is pretty poor form for a full time professional athlete to be in that shape.
  2. I like that they put a caption up saying 'voice of video ref Liam Moore' after the sound had failed.
  3. This is the best match thread we have ever had on here.
  4. I'm not sure I agree with this. While Wigan did make too many errors, a lot of these were after FC had dominated the initial exchanges. I thought the defining characteristic of that game was how physical FC were against a big Wigan pack in the opening 20... a commitment that laid a platform for their victory.
  5. That right edge for the Roosters was Radley, who has played well enough this year on the edge but is typically a middle forward and, as you say a second row in the centre, and Young. There was no experience managing that defence. Young was exposed a few times, did he do well, no, but he was always going to struggle.
  6. The Wigan coaching team are highly regarded. Will ne interesting to see if they can turn this game around after half time.
  7. Wouldn't that have been incredibly unfair on the named NSW Cup player who would have to make way for Pryce?
  8. I think absolute shocker is a bit harsh. He has been exposed on his wing a few times and made some poor decisions but when you are defending a 3 on 1 or 2 on 1 it's ever easy. One poor handling error but has still made more than twice as many tackle breaks as any other Roosters player.
  9. If it was a late decision to go with Gamble over Pryce then of course he wouldn't have played NSW Cup. And I don't think fair comes into it, it is professional sports, not a school sports day... the coach has to what he thinks is right for the team. And to be honest, after a good first game, Pryce made too many simple errors in the last couple of weeks to demand to keep the shirt.
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