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  1. Sport has reached a sorry state when the interests of the fans and the sport are in conflict with each other.
  2. So, we have now reached a point where you are insinuating that Hall wasn't injured last year when both he and the club were putting him through a rehabilitation programme. No, they were just pretending he was injured as a cover up to the fact he wasn't selected. Get a grip man.
  3. Is that what the Roosters do, if they don't select players for the match day squad do they pretend that they are injured. Why do they do that?
  4. Are you really asking me to explain to you the role of a winger in modern Rugby League? if you are, just check a few posts up when we discussed the distribution of workload in the Roosters team. I am sure that Hall and Robinson would have preferred to get his name on the scoresheet in the games he played but unfortunately the Roosters attack didn't present him with any. Hall not getting on the scoresheet was in no way reflective of Hall's performances as he didn't bomb any opportunities. And what does 'barely got a game mean' mean? The guy was injured, are you saying a injury hit season means a player is poorer than the healthy players. When Roger Tuivasa-Sheck only played 7 games for the Warriors in 2016 due to injury does that mean he 'barely got a game'. I don't know why you find this complicated. Hall had a injury hit season and when he did play the stats show that he made a really good contribution to the team.
  5. In response to your points: Yes, he was injured when the season started as he was recovering from a serious injury. He recovered and was selected and the picked up another injury. It isn't complicated. Yes, Tupou didn't get injured did he. Neither did quite a few other players last year. I assume Robinson wanted Hall to play the way he did as that is also the way all the wingers play in Robinson's teams. No, he didn't pass the ball a lot. On the meters made, we are not arguing about what we both think, there are some actual facts here. He made more metres per game than any other Roosters winger and was 6th overall for backs in the NRL last year. It doesn't matter what you think he did, that is what he actually did.
  6. Very good news that we have some content on the Amazon platform as the quality there is usually very good and reaches a different demographic. Did anyone on here even know this documentary was in production?
  7. I struggle to see how being injured can be described as 'ordinary'. I saw all his games and he was not presented with a single try scoring opportunity which he failed to convert. When Hall was selected he did exactly the job Robinson needed him to do (the same job Tupou does on the other wing) and helped the Roosters lay the platform for victory. Stats matter when they show perfectly one of the reasons why the Roosters are the champion team in the comp.
  8. Indeed, every team wants to play this way but there is a difference between having a game plan and execution. As I said above, the Roosters had 3 of the top 10 backs in average metres carried in the NRL last year and I would would hazard a guess that Saints would have the same type of stats in Super League.
  9. The set was after a turnover. Maybe referee Rascagneres was ahead of his time and unilaterally invented the zero tackle 30 years early.
  10. For balance I think it is worth pointing out that the first few paragraphs of the article cover the fact that Coote was selected for the first game of the tour, played poorly and was subsequently dropped.
  11. The division of workload in the Roosters team is one of their most impressive attributes. All teams want their back three to make carries and do some hard yards out of their own half but the Roosters do it better than any of the other teams. If you look at the top 10 backs in the NRL last year on average ball carrying metres per game (there are 5 full backs and 5 wingers) the Roosters have three players in this list. Tedesco (187) tops the list as a full back and Ryan Hall (164) and Daniel Tupou (159) are in there as wingers. Between the three of them they carry the ball for over 500 metres per game. This workload is massively helpful for the pack and this is rewarded by the aggressive and oppressive defence the Roosters have in the middle of the park. It is a simple formulae in theory but it takes discipline and attitude to make it work and this is what Robinson instils in his teams.
  12. The one thing the Roosters have and Robinson clearly instills in his team is a tremendous work ethic and ultimately Mitchell didn't fit this culture as he simply didn't put his hand up for the hard work like the rest of the outside backs at the Roosters do. Some would argue that with a player like Lattrell you don't make them do the tough stuff as they are match winners but you can see at the Roosters that the workload is shared no matter how much of a superstar the player is.
  13. I asked my boss for a 0.0003% weighting on my salary for the minutes I pass through Holland Park on the tube as it is a very expensive area.
  14. If this comes off then it is great news. A great opportunity for TWP to continue to raise their profile in their market. And a great opportunity for the Kangaroos to build their brand... something they should have been doing for the last 40 years instead of simply letting the All Blacks become the premier 'rugby' brand and the accepted best players in the world while the Kangaroos remain the best kept secret in world sport.
  15. I wasn't too bothered about Burgess giving away a penalty or two in a game. He lived on the edge and his role in the team was to intimidate and out muscle the opposition. Something he did far more often than not. But I think it is fair to call out his handling errors and ball security, for me this was the one aspect of his game that meant he was not one of the very very best players we have produced. I will really miss watching him play though.
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