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  1. I just think it would be a poor spectacle in the situation got worse. The ball carrier has the advantage of potentially winning a repeat, I think this needs to be counterbalanced by ensuring the play the ball is executed properly. And if that means stamping down before it gets worse it is better than fixing a bigger problem later.
  2. I'd like to see the NRL ref's pull up a few of the worst play the balls. They are deteriorating a little and some of the attempts are poor. As we have seen in Super League (and our scrums chat) these things can quickly become very poor and if the ref's can stop the rot they should.
  3. Completely agree. All we need is to return to something that isn't so embarrassing. And there is a collective blame for letting it get to this point. Players push the boundaries with the laws and just want 'win' possession. The ref's let them push and push the boundaries The games administrators turned a blind eye. And us fans said the scrum doesn't matter so let's not worry about them. But they are a laughing stock and we need to face facts that it makes our sport look stupid.
  4. Winning teams: Roosters, Storm, Tigers, Dragons, Rabbitohs, Eels, Sharks, Panthers Points: 321 Away wins: 3 9 points or less (fewer?): 2
  5. I am sure some people will tell me that I am overreacting but I find it really annoying that the players are being asked to rate the performance of the referees. That is not suitable given their relationship and the referees are there to provide authority and 'control' the players.
  6. Shaun Wane to add a bit of British Bulldog spirit? Sean O'Loughlin to get a 5 year deal as the new club captain and Sean Edwards as assistant coach. Nailed on.
  7. With Morris returning, Ikuvalu gets the nod on the wing for the Roosters ahead of Hall this week. Only fair. We can lament all we want about the Roosters not shifting the ball to Hall's wing, but you can't drop a player after a 5 try performance.
  8. There is far more danger (in both codes of rugby) in the tackle than in the scrum. This story tells the circumstances of 12 players who have died while playing Rugby Union in the last decade. Where there was an injury to blame, they were all caused by head trauma... either tackles or head clashes. None were due to a scrum related injury. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/stories-men-women-children-killed-15199636.amp Look, this is horrible and I hesitate a little to post it because I don't want to be sensationalist but the bottom line is if health and safety were a consideration we simply wouldn't play Rugby at all.
  9. When I speak with people who enjoy sport and don't watch League, the single biggest complaint is that it is too repetitive. Whether we think they would like scrums or not, removing them completely is making the game even more repetitive (in perception at least and that's what matters here). I genuinely don't care about the League scrum. But I do care about our sports popularity and I think there is a massive risk involved in removing it.
  10. We shouldn't be looking at the people who are going though should we. In order to grow the sport, we should be looking at those who are not going/watching and asking why. If we are happy with the level of viewing and participation then great, but if not, maybe the lack of tactical diversity is one of the reasons?
  11. Personally, I think the current scrum makes the sport a laughing stock and if we remove it I think there is a real danger that the sport will become far too repetitive to attract new fans. I think introducing a few improvements to the current scrum - like ensuring the teams bind properly and ensure the ball is fed into front row (even if crooked) would massively improve the way the scrum is perceived. And if that introduces a bit of pushing for a team to defend their head and feed then that would be no bad thing either.
  12. Yes, I agree with that. The bit I am questioning is that we shouldn't promote them getting better at scrummaging in order to save their lives.
  13. Sorry, but I find the argument that we cannot try and introduce a more competitive scrum into Rugby League because it will inevitably become like the Union scrum and therefore be potentially life threatening to the players utterly bizarre.
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