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  1. Online podcast

    Hi guys, im in Vancouver at the moment and would love to watch a podcast of the Sheffield game. Sad i know with all that goes on in this awesome city buy we are Fev for life! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Champions 2010

    I can't understand why you're not happy with just being the winners of the Grand final! You can't be entitled to the League Champions title because you weren't, as you came second. We are the League Champions! The winner of a comp are the winners/Champions of a comp! the winner of a group stage progresses to the next level in that comp! Apart from Halifax that is as you lost the semi but still progressed! How mad is that!! It could only happen in Rugby League!!
  3. Champions 2010

    Batley won the NRC (NRC Champions), Fev won the League (League Champions), Fax won the grand final (GF playoff Champions). We were the Champions of the League as we won the League by finishing top of the League!! The GF and the playoffs are not the league, it's a playoff knockout comp added on at the end! If you had won the league then i'd see you as League Champions but you didn't we did!
  4. Champions 2010

    Featherstone Rovers -League Champions 2010!!!! Fax just got lucky won a knock out final! Not the league!! But as Robin states, why are you all on here disagreeing. Are we not allowed to say things as we see it on our own forum! Go away now and be happy in you victory, no need to keep rubbing in the fact that you got lucky on the day! Let us celebrate our own seasons achievements in our own way!
  5. Champions 2010

    To finish at the top of the League at the end of a season in any sport makes you the League Champions. Which is what Featherstone are!!! To get lucky and win a knock out competition at the end of that season makes you the Grand final winners not the League Champions! or whats the point in the league, the playoffs arent the league, it's just a knock out competition to raise money and add extra interest! Well done for winning the Grand Final but please don't try to steal our slice of the cake we were awesome this year and whooped your ass's 3 out of 4 or don't the other games count now! You can live in denial all you like but "Featherstone Rovers are the League Champions"!!!!
  6. Haliclowns

    I am in full agreement with not being able to somoke freely in public places Colin, it's not fair on the people in the vicinity who don't smoke! But all im trying to point out is that provision should be made for those that do. It would have probably avoided the first half fire which disrupted the game as the person that started it wouldnt have been in the toilets stealing a sneaky fag they'd be in the smoking area if there had been one!
  7. Haliclowns

    I don't beleive some of the rubbish being talked about smoking on here, im thinking by none smokers! I like a smoke at a rugby match! I rarely take a dump at one but there is plenty of provision made incase I want one!! I don't want an apple or a chew of bakky, just a bloody fag- "BECASE I ENJOY ONE WHILST WATCHING A GAME"! So please stop telling me what to do im over 18 by a long way and It's my free choice, I pay tax on them so i have the right to excercise my free choice and expect provision to be made to allow me to do so in a safe manner! If it means letting me out of the ground and back in then fine! but that option isn't even available! It's ridiculous in an allegedly free country just to be told you can't smoke for the next few hours and thats it. That for me should be illegal.
  8. Haliclowns

    I couldn't agree more mate! It brought a nasty edge to procedings from then on and the focus of the game seemed lost! Griff- I enjoy a smoke mate, thats why i wont give up. It's my free choice and while ever i'm able to sit back and relax with a pot of tea and a smoke then i'll keep on if i keep enjoying them. It relaxes me and creates staging posts in my day. I only smoke about ten roll ups a day anyhow but i don't half enjoy them and thats got to be good for you in a sense, as stress is the biggest killer they say!.
  9. Haliclowns

    Can't agree more Robin! We are being pigeon holed as undesirables and lacking in moral standards which is diaboical! We pay more tax into the coffers than anyone, but we're treat like leppers! Surely it's much less expense for a club to provide a smoking area than to police an outright fascist blinkered ban! Because thats what it is in my opinion, people teling other peope what to do! I like to do what i ike to do, i never ever encrouch on anyonelses space or ever try to tell other people what to do with their lives, it should be our choice to do what we like within reason! When i want a fag it gets to needing a fag after a while, thats what my mind is telling me anyhow! so then temptation starts to creep in and the next thing you know your breaking their law! I've never smoked on a plane even when you could as i thought it was not fair for none smokers to have to breathe in my fumes in such a confined space! But a great big open air stadium is just ridiculous not to provide somewhere! Hom much money and hassle would they save themselves by providing access? We too held off going in the groung for the same reason sos! so that cost them easilly
  10. Haliclowns

    Having a cig at the game is a big part of my enjoyment of my whole day, it only takes five minutes or so to have a quick ciggy, so a smoking hut in each corner of the ground for each stand wouldn't be too much of a problem. Even airports have gone back to having smoking areas now, stadiums like this are denying us of our legal rights in my opinion! We aren't bloody terrorists were just like to excercise our free choice to have a smoke when we want one. We cant smoke anywhere indoors anymore which is fine with me, but provision is aways made outside pubs, clubs and public centers etc. How can an open air stadium with plenty of wind access from each corner prevent people from excecising their legal rights, provision should be made, my rights are being affected and im being tempted to break the law!!!!! Why??? There was a guy near us smoking and we noticed the police watching him from the front where they were stood and gettng themselves sorted to burst up the stand and frog march him out! He was having a fag not causing trouble! Why treat someone like a criminal for having a fag! I see the reason for not smoking on a plane, it's a confined area! you can't exactly nip outside for one so you prepare for that, it's common sense! a bit different to an open air stadium who can easilly make provision for smokers!
  11. Haliclowns

    This was arson and not caused by someone having a sneaky fag! As a smoker myself it is very difficult when there is no provision for smokers in place in stadiums like this. Smoking is a legal act so provision should be made for smokers! All thats needed is a designated area, it's not like there is no room for it. A smoker needs a top up every half hour on average and to go through a full afternoon without one makes you agitated and gagging for a drag! Hence people being caught having a sneaky one! It's not like the place is made out of wood! Why not have an area in the stand or a bus shelter in a corner somewhere! It's like tempting people to break the law and it's not just a desire to have one it's more of a need! They wont let you out for a smoke and back in at these stadiums, but they will sell you as much ale as you can sup! All thats needed is to put the provision in place for people to have a smoke when they wish!, then they wouldn't have a sneaky one in secluded areas like the toilets which is the only place that has anything likely to catch fire!!
  12. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    Neither have Halifax as far as im concerned! The last time fax played at our place two brave blokes decided to pick on my disabled son and found it funny to push him around and flick his flat cap off his head! Real brave! I aint no nut jack but im pleased i didn't see them do it, or i might have become one for five minutes or so, then who'd be to blame for that? me i guess being a Fev fan! But I didn't go whining on a website about it as it does no good for the game! I told my son to not worry about it as sh@t happens sometimes and you can't judge a whole club by the actions of a few @rseholes!! Hence me congratulating Halifax on their victory yesterday on a previous post.
  13. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    This is far more a direct assumption of our guilt than you claim in your last post, im pleased your not tarring us all with doing nothing as opposed to just one or two for not doing anything wrong! NAME AND SHAME FEV! whats that all about, do you think the club have a direct link to your fictional assumptions, you've foung us guilty there through earsay!!! and announced it to the world before you have any facts to back it up!! and no I don't expect an apology either!
  14. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    Just about mate yes. I always see the same old faces reappearing on finals day who i never see during the season, it was the same when we had 3,000 for the last GF at Headingley, then struggled to pull 1500 per game, some folk just turn up for the big game day. But i was trying to generalise the greater chance for trouble with people who have no regular attachment to their clubs other than finals days. I'm not slating our support anyhow, if you read my other post i thought it was magnifcent and a credit to the club under lots of intimidation. Turns out the guy was hurt by one of his own anyhow, so we are now vindicated in that department. It's amazing how we were tarred so quickly over this over just hear say, lies and assumptions! Some folk are just too quik to judge!
  15. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    Very sad when this sort of thing happens and it's not what any of us true fans of the game want to see or hear about. I hope the guys going to be ok! That coach park was a recipie for disaster tbh, there were Fev coaches one side and Halifax the other. I saw many Halifax fans revving for a scrap, fingers up in the bus windows along with their backsides and hopping on and off their busses gesturing the Fev fans over and it didn't look like they wanted a light for their cigs either! I saw a woman in a Fax shirt scragging and punching a woman in a Fev shirt and her husband having to drag her off like a screaming banchee! There sadly seems to be a lack of common respect going on between the two sets of supporters and "both clubs need to get this sorted out not just Featherstone". My crowd of friends are a level headed bunch of people out to support our team and and enjoy our days out, we have good banter with the opposition fans wherever we go, but it's a good job we are level headed too as we were receiving snide remarks and intimidation every time we passed fax fans yesterday! But we are level headed enough to let it go and just ignore it. I know a guys been hurt and there is no excuse for that, but the fans should have been policed, the police should have had a prescence in that coach park! I am not in any way condoning whats happened to this guy and i hope he has a speedy recovery, i'm just explaing what i saw in that coach park, it was truly volatile and could have been much worse. I can only comment on what i saw from my seat on the bus and my experience on the day. To cap it all off we were stuck in slow traffic all the way to the M62 behind a sea of sweaty bare backsides and one and two fingered gestures from the opposition fans bus window ahead of us with my daughter along side me! Not the best hour of my life! infact quite disgusting. Are the people causing trouble at games like this true fans of either team, we at Fev took over 4000 to the GF, we have around 1500 fanbase for home games. so who's the other 2500? and where are they for the league fixtures?