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  1. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/60837/premier-sports-to-cover-betfred-championship-play-offs
  2. If its the final you are talking about, I'm almost certain the the KO is at 6.30 on the 2nd October.
  3. Actually hoping Fax can finish third so Leigh can only play them in the final. Although they could lose their semi final just as Leigh could lose the Final (please god no )
  4. Any extra game outside of the Home and away format, could skew the league positions. For example soeone could miss out on the play-offs by 2 points. Someone could get relegated due to the results in the extra round. Imagine for example Dewsbury get relegated but if they had won their game at the bash they would have escaped. What would have happened had they played Workington instead of Batley. Also Fev could yet end up third especialy if they lose against Widnes and Fax. That would mean an extra game in the playoffs due to having played Leigh three times.
  5. Yes, it was appaling. Between 6 and 7k on the Saturday and between 4 and 5 on the Sunday. At least thats what I think I read. So probably at least 5k down on previous bashes. Down to location and timing (Commonwealth games/ Womens Euro Final) RFL as fixture planners are next to useless
  6. Fev will be fine when they sign Ben Crooks and Jamie Shaul, but I expect you will release one or two as well. Seems to be the pattern at Fev.
  7. If they bring one in on loan, they have to deregister one of the others. Has been done before but can't remember who. Hull KR?
  8. Think you may need to read that again. The beginning of the sentence "A Super League Club's Register..."
  9. Yes, I think the number was 10. More than 10 'met' the standards. Leigh were deemed not to be in the top 10
  10. You are the expert and a frequent traveller, you must hardly ever be at home. Let s see what transpires over the next 2 or 3 days.
  11. Just priced it up about an hour ago. Train from Warrington with tickets thru to Whte Hart Lane £203 for two. I did get my costs mixed up a little however. Train £203 plus match tickets. Driving, fuel costs about £70, parking - not cheap, and whats to say the guy hiring out his drive may have sold his space for more after you have booked it, or they have already closed off some of the roads as they seem to do on match days. You would think things would be straightforward, but it always seems to be a case of how difficult/expensive can we make it to attend games at the stadium
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