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  1. Shock horror, SL clubs finally work out that the fewer games they play at this point of the season the less chance of their win percentage has of going down, thus protecting their place in the top 6. It seems covid rates are dropping everywhere except Cas were all their players seem to have had covid twice
  2. But even the percentage points does not give a level playing field. Say one team has 2 wins from 18 and another team has 2 wins from 20. Now lets say the team who have played 20 games has played Wigan or St Helens 3 times and Warrington 3 times. The team on 18 games has only played those teams once each. The team with 2 from 18 has a better points percentage than a team with 2 from 20. Name me one reason/thing that makes that fair when you are talking about losing a million quid. By the way have a gander at the fixture lists as part of what I have said is NOT theoretical.
  3. Guessing you a have now realised its Alex Mellor that is still banned. Not sure why Joe would have appealled a zero match ban
  4. Wire doing well to sign players having just announced a 750k loss last year whch would appear to be after players and backroom staff took pay cuts plus donations from supporters groups.
  5. How is it a fact? It is just your assumption. Maybe ask Salford why they were reportedly interested in him too.
  6. Oh look. Another Toronto thread is beginning to look like a Leigh bashing thread. (Always the same people though)
  7. This was not stated by the RFL but by a reporter or someone who said that they didn't think he would get a visa because he hadn't played NRL in the last 2 years. But yes I think the RFL have to 'sponsor' the visa.
  8. Out of date as usual. That 'style' went out with Mr Rowley
  9. Really, Toulouse video was out virtually before Toronto were rejected. Heard nothing but Bradford and stock cars at Odsal for the last week. York and Featherstone were also quick off the mark and have regularly posted such on their websites. What was that? You had no idea? Oh no it was "look at me I hate Leigh"
  10. Anyone notice how quick Toulouse managed to create edit and produce their video application after TWP were rejected
  11. So Bob Hunter is confident of presenting the new owner to the RFL/SL by next Tuesday. Yet in the same breath he talks about the American ownership group and says there is still a UK unterest, who are a little slower in gettng things together. Name me a businessman who would 'buy' a club AND pay at least four months of debts off. The debt will be a fairly substantial number also. As far as i see it is just another Toronto special (words and no action - ask the Skolars). Noticed too that they may ask for an extension.
  12. So all those in favour of giving them dispensation AND protection from relegation AND a bye to the GF say aye. They are spending up to the cap without the TV money so there is no need for that to be brought up in any argument. They don't live in Toronto so a dispensation ala the London weighting does not apply. Even if Canadian players were not classed as overseas players, there aren't any of SL quality at the moment. So now a question for the RFL ........ how the f*** did you ever think this would work. Catalans have been in the league for how long? Is French RL any better off ..... nope its still ######.
  13. To be fair I am not sure you can use the cost of living as a reason ala London. After all they live in the North West of England for 9 months of the year. Your point on salary cap dispensation they can't access does however cary some weight, but I would imagine that would be no more than 100K, 2 or 3 players maybe. Do they have more players out on loan other than Greg Worthington? Are they out on loan due to the shockingly managed salary cap. They cannot convince me they were unaware of these possible issues 3 or 4 months ago, yet they only decide to start shouting now. How has it taken them 4 months to sort out Chase Stanleys isues, because thats how long they wold have known it needed to be sorted
  14. All I can say is you didn't merge them very well as my most recent post (last night) seems to have disappeared. Basically stated that there was an update appeared on Play Store last night which seems to have fixed my app which now opens and doesn't crash. It does state that the update was to fix an issue for some Android 10 users following the previous update at the end of January.
  15. My app is doing the same. Quick flash of a white screen then the message about the app keeps stopping. It was working fine up until Friday. I did notice that there was an app update on the 31st Jan(Friday). It looks like that update has fecked the Our League app up on some phones. Mine is a OnePplus 7. Have tweeted the RFL and sent the system logs through the app feedback option. They just seem to contain the word 'Crash'
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