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  1. to be honest we are the champions we finished top of the league did halifax no there just grandfinal winners so we are champions
  2. I do know that at least 600 people i know will be going
  3. listen yes i learnt from someone that its called having a laugh and you buddy are just takin it to far so what if hes ginger or fat at least he supports a super team your just daft any way enough said
  4. do you reckon he might wanna stay with super fev ???? id like to think so
  5. fev will win the remaining games for the season including the grand final and play offs they will have been dissapointed to lose to sheffield so fev 31 batley 14 ###### on fev woooooo
  6. fev 48 sheffield 0 attendence 2300 mom tonka 1st try whelham
  7. did u edit my text because im gettin worried beacause i cant remember typing sum of that lol
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