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  1. Well, we on "the dark side" know the tax bill was paid ---4 days late--but paid, so end of story. Meanwhile we are mourning the loss of Scott Mc Avoy's father. Got to say I'm surprised at the attitude of SOME on both sides of the Cumberland Gap who find things like debts amusing but no accounting for taste, eh. So come on RL fans on here show some sympathy for Scott and his family--I'm sure even Sandy McJam Sandwich couldn't spin his usual venom on that. Good luck to all three RL clubs for 2018.
  2. Chris Coward

    Think you mean FROM the jambo's
  3. Any news

    More chance of Pamela Anderson
  4. New directors

    So PV does not mean Position Vacant then?
  5. Oldham Match

    Spot on 18-20 2 mins
  6. Workington away

    FT 31-24 Dogs
  7. Workington away

    now 24-31
  8. Workington away

    now 24-25
  9. Workington away

    Now on Radio Cumbria
  10. Workington away

    24-24 15 mins left
  11. Workington away

    Now 12-24
  12. Workington away

    12-18 Dogs
  13. Oldham knock HKR out of the CC

    Don't tell him Pike--err Donald!
  14. Who do WE want in part2

    Could it be Town officials are waiting for the report back on his wrist ops? You certainly wouldn't want to be caught out him missing the start or even months of the season! Just a thought anyhow.