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  1. Yes, I think that we invited that pressure early on with so many errors. I don't think we got in their half until the last 10 of the first half, you have to say our try on the stroke of halftime was against the run of play. As you say second half much better, I thought muranka caused them a lot of trouble making good metres.
  2. Played well after an error ridden 30 minutes. After that we defended well and pleasing to nil them in the second half. We seemed to manage the game and made few errors.
  3. There was me thinking even Oldham can't lose from 39-0 but they very nearly pulled it off!
  4. Classic that, wouldn't fancy being a centre and being tasked with trying to keep Ellery quiet , pretty much impossible! What a player
  5. Certainly amongst the worst teams I've seen. I really thought we'd at least be able to compete with teams around us and pick up a fair few victories.
  6. I think I'm done now. I thought about going then remembered how poor we are and spent a lovely afternoon on my allotment
  7. This season was always going to be one of rebuilding. That's exactly what's happening on and especially off the field
  8. We went and made a weekend of it, found a really nice site. The game went as expected really
  9. Always going to be a rebuilding year, I'm not expecting much. A top 8 finish would be a half decent season
  10. In truth there wasn't much in it at all, we just conceded penalties at crucial points of the game and ultimately they got back into it. Defence was much better but I still feel our pack is a problem, we need to them breaking tackles
  11. We didn't lose! Had Hunslet not missed most of their conversions we'd be looking at a loss. Thought I'd just add a slightly positive slant just for balance
  12. It'll definitely be a different challenge to Saturday. They'll come hoping for an upset. Pretty sure it'll be the core of the team that played on Saturday. Though might be worth having whittel on the bench.
  13. I was also impressed with Jack Coventry, definitely likes to steam in. Also Restall looks a fine player.
  14. I was working until late last night and couldn't go unfortunately.
  15. Spanner was playing some really good rugby early on too.
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