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  1. Good start, he did pretty well I thought. Should develop further next season
  2. Thanks Dave, just voted probably all voting for the same player I reckon
  3. Feels like 2 good appointments that. Think it'll work well.
  4. Yeah, thought he played well all season. He's decent defensively and is a workhorse
  5. Can't blame any of the players for going, don't think any have been approached re contracts
  6. I think a wholesale clearout is probably needed. I don't think many , if any of this squad will remain.
  7. Never saw him play but my dad drank with him in the black horse in Shaw. A really nice bloke rip Kevin.
  8. Felt we played pretty well but lack of a killer instinct let us down again. Close game though and another we should have won. Enjoyed the afternoon though with our friends from Dewsbury
  9. We're coming over Graham, looking forward to it.
  10. He's worked hard all year, been quite impressed with him.
  11. I'd say Martyn Reilly , Tyler and Max Roberts
  12. I think that's it for our great club, hope I'm wrong
  13. Also a good shout, not been to the club but assuming they've got some facilities?
  14. Sounds okay to me. Lovely clubhouse and facilities and central as you say with good transport links.
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