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  1. There is one positive, all the teams around us lost today.
  2. I know we'll get hammered and I'm glad to not pay for the privilege. As long as we go and compete ill be happy and show how we can actually play.
  3. Spanner was good again yesterday, he really is playing well this year.
  4. He still had loads to do but what a performance from him. Martin Reilly was just amazing yesterday too.
  5. What a game and what a win! The lads played out of their skins and full deserved all they got.
  6. I guess so, not named in the squad.
  7. He's doing really well, runs really direct and a real handful. Gave a few pens away but also turned the game. Fine player
  8. I wonder if we'll be on the lookout for a centre now Cam has gone..
  9. Loads to work on there but nothing to panic about. Dupree looked good as did Fletcher and Kirk. It was great to see nelmesy too..
  10. Can't be Abram he's already signed so maybe it could be Flash?
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