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  1. Too young to have seen him play but my dad told me he was a good un' and clearly a loyal club man. Rip Kevin.
  2. It's poor, what were they trying to achieve with this? Behind closed doors yes by all means but it makes look amateur
  3. I was wondering the same, hope he's okay. Been superb so far
  4. Made it difficult for ourselves again but job done...
  5. Cup run least of our worries, like others said no injuries and concentrate on the league
  6. And haven are currently beating London...?
  7. Last to the party again I'd suggest
  8. I think Widnes will be a force this year, surely top 4 or 5. They were able to hit us on the edge and scored every time. Less so through the middle which is a plus. Worthington was very good bit I feel we missed Leeming and Hutchins at centre.
  9. No reason why not, particularly if they've been reading the odds and think they just have to turn up..
  10. Did really well last season and got better with every game. Be interesting to see how he goes in the champ.
  11. Whatever the answer is I can guarantee its ch's fault! *according to YY anyway
  12. The same delightful cherubs it was yes. They went quiet after a bit probably when they were feasting in his naans ?
  13. Don't forget the bloke that had his tea nicked!!
  14. Me too, memories of players signing and getting pie over my programme.
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