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  1. Best kit we've ever had.. Made by bukta wonder if they're still going
  2. I think it's a top ground, at least you can see what's going on
  3. If they are, they spend far too much time on our forum rather than contributing to hornets.
  4. My opinion and I do accept that badge is our age old one with a gimmicky shield around it, is that our playing kit has the traditional badge on. All for a rebrand for social media purposes something less fussy..
  5. I put him on ignore last year, best move I made
  6. Brook didn't get much of a chance last year, maybe with time him and chewy / charnock will develop. Aaronson is a good acquisition I think.
  7. It was September 1889, first game was against Swinton.
  8. Absolute workhorse and a sound lad too.
  9. Brilliant news, quality player look forward to seeing him back in the championship
  10. One of my favourite players ever.. Bought him from Blackpool Borough I seem to recall. Strong running fella rip legend..
  11. Hope a change of club is just what he needs.. Think he's been signed as a half back but time will tell
  12. We've got a good 7 already with pace and developing all the time. Maybe he'll be used at loose who knows we shall see
  13. Think that was because of the reduced wages bill though. Plus they want to keep a nucleus of local lads.
  14. I don't remember it happening, mind you couldn't see a thing... I was probably queuing for Guinness at the time
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