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  1. Whatever the answer is I can guarantee its ch's fault! *according to YY anyway
  2. The same delightful cherubs it was yes. They went quiet after a bit probably when they were feasting in his naans
  3. Don't forget the bloke that had his tea nicked!!
  4. Me too, memories of players signing and getting pie over my programme.
  5. Yeah, that's surely what preseason games are about. I don't want us to be peaking too soon. Some gradual improvements especially in the second half but as others said a few stray passes went to ground. Once we start in earnest and we get used to one another we'll play some good rugby. Defence was good all in all a much better effort. I thought fletcher did well as did bridgey, chewy and charnock
  6. Hope you';re right mate
  7. 13-7 to Hornets I believe
  8. Definitely agree there, they looked far hungrier I don't think we made a single break until the 50th minute. The way we played at barrow in the first half was promising but here we just went negative.
  9. The 1 carry he did do resulted in a try.
  10. Yep still a big fan of Leeming, another top effort by all the lads especially if you include the rolling subs
  11. Spot on @Logic... There are multiple ways the club keep us informed. @tandleIf you want to be updated more frequently I'd suggest twitter or the club website.
  12. Don't forget the B word!
  13. Can hardly wait for the doommongers to start... should be a laugh to see where we're going wrong and whose fault it is.
  14. Salford would surely be the best bet for us, definitely think with our squad low in numbers we're going to need at least a couple of loan signings or DR with a SL club. Happy New Year to you all btw
  15. Well done Michael and Dave. Top job
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