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  1. Good luck lads big performance needed. No reason why we can't win, we owe them for that debacle at their place. Hope the players remember that and play accordingly
  2. Is he experienced enough? Perhaps he could pair up with Pete Carey?
  3. Impressive from back row, bridgey had a stormer. Zach brilliant effort again
  4. Shame that, very good player. Be surprised if we see him again this season. Knee ligaments take some time
  5. Me too, big fan but he hasn't played in a while
  6. Hawkyard/Kay fb Aaronson, Leeming, mccomb, Johnson. Hewitt, Crook halves Beckett, Owen, Law Langtree, Bridge Benty Smith, Joy, Whittle, Wilkinson Very tough side to pick
  7. As others have said he's done a great job with this team and stuck at it on a very limited budget. So thanks for everything nobby. He's been close to walking many times though and you get the feeling he's had enough. Agree with CCR on the timing of this, hope it doesn't unsettle the team before the biggest game of the season...
  8. Wonder if Leon Pryce would be interested..
  9. Close game and this time got the result. Hewitt was excellent as was Leeming and Bridge.
  10. Where did he play at prop mostly? Sounds like a good signing for us this.
  11. Look at the stats from both centres, pretty much neck and neck..
  12. Totally agree, excellent debut from Leeming too.
  13. Looks a good signing, seems aggressive in defence and a good straight runner in attack. Just what we need
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