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    Swinton Sunday

    sorry I didn't realise that, I simply meant the regular Dewsbury fans...……..will remember for next time. Original post now edited
  2. wayne_r

    Dewsbury Today

    We were very poor today against a workman like Dewsbury team. I think our completion rate today was woeful - seems like a repeat of last season - not able to play consistently over the full 80 mins. The few times the team did put it together we scored quite easily...…………….. After last week's effort against Bradford, I for one was full of expectation for today...…………...oh well back to the drawing board to prepare for Toulouse next week.
  3. wayne_r

    Swinton Sunday

    I agree I thought Sykes had a very good game - I seem to remember he wasn't very popular with the Dewsbury fans a couple of seasons ago - but I rated him then and did again yesterday. Swinton blew themselves apart - not completing sets and poor discipline to get a team warning in both halves is hard to do and of course Fairclough getting sin binned provided the opportuning for Worrincy's interception - which won the match for Dewsbury. Even though he scored against us - it is still exciting to see a player score a try having run the length of the field. Good luck for the rest of the season - I think Swinton will need it...……..
  4. wayne_r

    Dewsbury Today

    Well we can all live in hope...……..:) But seriously - even with a much changed squad - all the bad traits of last season were on show yesterday, the requirements are quite simple...…...complete your sets, have a good kicking game, good defence and keep the penalty count down. Yesterday, the team defended reasonably well, kicking was good but the team didn't complete their sets, were given a team warning in both halves and were down to 10 men in the second half because of it and that's when Dewsbury won the match. With all that still managed to score 5 tries !!! Just think what they could do if the fix the problems...……...
  5. wayne_r

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    personally as a Swinton fan I hate DR - we had four players drafted in for last week's match against Bradford, admittedly they had played for us last season on DR and one actually transferred from Swinton to Wigan. We didn't win - even though the score would suggest otherwise it was a close match up to the last 7-8 mins. We have four players injured right now - so maybe that was the driving force behind the decision - but next week at Dewsbury - who knows whether or indeed which DR player will be available and to use them over our own squad players is wrong for me - but as we all know its more about SL clubs not having reserve teams than championship clubs with small squads - that's what I think at least.
  6. wayne_r

    York Game

    well in two matches Swinton have managed to halve the losing margin - so who knows next Sunday at your place it may even be a close match...………:)
  7. wayne_r

    Bradford Match

    I thought the team to a man played really and if they can play like this for the rest of the season they will do well. It was a close match apart from the last 7-8 min when tiredness showed and Bradford scored a couple of tries, so the final score flattered Bradford. Thought the ref was inconsistent and offered no protection to Rob Fairclough who was targeted for the whole of the match and of course the controversy of Bradford scoring in the corner with the player going into touch - my view at least. The fact that at 16-12 up Bradford dropped a goal with about 10 mins to go showed how hard Swinton competed today. Lets hope they play as well next week at Dewsbury
  8. wayne_r

    Sheffield Away

    Does anyone have any predictions for Sunday's match assuming the weather holds out.
  9. wayne_r

    Sheffield Away

    Just read it - terrible state of affairs
  10. wayne_r

    Sheffield Away

    Oh well Bradford on Sunday...………...
  11. wayne_r

    Sheffield Away

    In shock right now ……………...
  12. wayne_r

    Sheffield Away

    Its always close between us, so yes looking forward to the game...…………...
  13. wayne_r

    Swinton Friendly

    As other people have said a pretty even match with goal kicks separating the teams. Good luck to both our teams this season.
  14. wayne_r

    First Friendly

    well the only benefit of friendlies is to allow the coaching staff to determine their starting 17 for the first league fixture and hopefully get some match fitness as well, also the risk to playing friendlies is injuries and Mike Ratu dislocated his shoulder so he we will be out for a while and the previous week one of our players dislocated his elbow Hopefully, once the season starts the players will have both the passion and desire needed to win in what is expected to be a very competitive league...……….good luck for the season to both our teams
  15. The team did well considering its only the second outing and players were being interchanged and tried, so preventing North Wales Crusaders from scoring any points was impressive as the Crusaders came to play and competed hard. While there were some impressive individual efforts the team has some way to go to gel into a cohesive unit , defence was good, attack was patchy and we gave away too many penalties in the second half. I am sure next week against Oldham will be a stern test as Oldham have now beaten Barrow and Rochdale and should allow the coaching staff to select the starting 17 for Sheffield. I think we will not see Mike Ratu for a while as his injury seemed serious so hope he is ok. Roll on next week.
  16. wayne_r

    First Friendly

    we have north wales crusaders tomorrow - so not as intense as your derby with Oldham - who as you know beat Barrow last week - should be a good match between you, our final friendly is against Oldham a week tomorrow.
  17. wayne_r

    First Friendly

    match report didn't say much - couldn't really as Salford won by a large margin - but I think all teams are feeling their way right now while playing friendlies - probably would have been better to play Salford as the last friendly and not the first ………..will see how the squad does against North Wales and Oldham and as Oldham beat Barrow last week I think it will be a good test before Sheffield away. How about your match against Mayfield ?
  18. wayne_r

    First Friendly

    I wasn't able to go - hopefully someone that did will post on here...……..:)
  19. wayne_r

    2019 Championship Season Preview

    So as the season fast approaches - does anyone have any predictions, hopes & dreams
  20. wayne_r

    Garry Schofield

    Hope we (Swinton) get to play Oldham again next season in the Championship and not in League 1
  21. wayne_r

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    ok so looks like its still in place - thanks
  22. wayne_r

    2019 Championship Predictions

    Excellent post, I think there will be a few surprises in there hopefully when the front runners fall over but with such large squads it hard to discount Fax and Bradford.
  23. wayne_r

    Garry Schofield predicts:

    I think Bradford will be up there, Sheffield too, and Leigh certainly cannot be under rated, not really sure about York, of course they are brimming with confidence coming into the league. As for the rest of us well, we have all been tarred with the same brush, e.g. will struggle to cope...…….well I hope we prove the pundits wrong. Sadly everyone sees Swinton (my team) in the bottom two
  24. wayne_r

    Mid table finish

    Well as a Swinton fan I also hope that we not only avoid relegation but make mid table, like yourselves we want our teams to do well and it will be an extremely competitive league with most clubs assembling decent squads. Who finishes were is difficult to predict, I think the top six clubs will be (in no particular order) Toronto, Leigh, Toulouse, Sheffield, Bradford, Widnes...…….Look forward to our matches next year.
  25. wayne_r

    2019 Championship Season Preview

    I agree with Gandalf - but I do think the squad looks good and if they can gel as a team and concentrate for the whole of the match, I am sure we will turn quite a few teams over...……..how good would it be to go the Sheffield and win - but will not be easy as Sheffield have been spending loads assembling their squad...……….roll on the friendlies and the season proper.