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  1. Well I think its a big plus that the majority of the squad have been retained and I hope that some of the younger players signed in the close season prove as a success as Ashton was. The first match away at Whitehaven will be a stern test and if the team wins there then it would be a very promising start. I think as always our half backs are key and last season Fairclough and Hansen were really good together. I am sure the pack will again compete with any team in the division. I would like to see Lloyd in the 2nd row rather than centre and possibly Thomas at full back ? I too don't know what will happen with DR Roll on February that's what I say
  2. I would agree with Robthegasman's comment - it could be a very good move for Rochdale. Still in shock that the board (all but one) resigned on mass, but that is history now.
  3. wayne_r


    I would have thought the way PNG rolled over the full time, super league athletes, would have meant several Championship clubs would try to sign one or two if they could.
  4. No doubt the RFL will cancel the competition anyway - that's my prediction (however ridiculous it may sound)
  5. Seems like a pretty fair assessment to me - can't wait for the new season and I do hope Swinton survive what will now be a difficult season, good luck to all the teams really
  6. Oh yes we are still DR'd with Wigan as well
  7. I would like to see a couple of experienced centres in the squad as I prefer Lloyd in the pack. I didn't realise Oscar Thomas was on a two year deal - hopefully he can break into the team this year (maybe at full back). I also think Hansen and Fairclough had a good halfback partnership last season, so I hope that continues next season. Really pleased we have managed to retain so many players - has got be good for next season.
  8. Does anybody know how many players we have signed on for next season ?
  9. I hope its not anybody and just a rumour...……...
  10. wayne_r

    The Final

    Not me personally of course ( a bit for that these days) Swinton I meant
  11. wayne_r

    The Final

    Well done Oldham - look forward to playing you again next season .
  12. Well deserved as Matty has been fantastic - scored some brilliant tries. All credit to him, the Swinton team and coaches. Hope he does well at Warrington.
  13. Well done Oldham - best of luck for the final and hope to see you back in the Championship next season - although I am not sure where or who we will be next season (from a Swinton fan).
  14. Surprised to hear how bad Riley has been for you - its a good few years ago now when he played for us (Swinton) on DR from Warrington but he was always a real handful for the opposition...…….
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