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  1. What a great result yesterday - great to see us win and also great to see the players getting reward for sticking together and never giving up - I hope we can finish the season on a high note with a win next week against Widnes.
  2. I agree with Rowan's opinion about Super League - Swinton are nothing more than a feeder club now regardless of ambitions that we supporters may have for our teams - sadly RL now is all about Super League - I even get wound up with the Challenge cup - with seeding it is impossible for any team outside Super League to get to the final - so I am sick and tired of seeing Wigan, Warrington, Leeds, Hull, etc getting to the final - in the good old days big clubs met each other in the early rounds so smaller clubs had a chance to progress - but not now - anyway none of this helps Oldham find a ground for next season
  3. Well as a Swinton supporter, it is inconceivable that Oldham would not be playing next season - as we all know a nomad's life isn't easy..................hope you do get a ground sorted out
  4. I agree on the half back situation this season - but I put that down to the fact that ball distribution has been really slow and hence its difficult to create openings - I do think Hansen will go to another Championship club and I also think there will be a queue of clubs looking to sign him I think Ridyard and Hansen combination worked really well for the first few games - then I think opposition wised up and closed our play down. Of course without Hatten for most of the season meant our pack rarely dominated and therefore didn't create a platform for the half backs.............. Anyway, next season is new challenge
  5. I think we will do well to retain all the players in your list - I noticed no Hansen - so does this mean Jack is leaving at the end of this season ?
  6. So who do we think we will be able to retain for next season in League 1 - I think sadly several players may leave to continue playing in the Championship
  7. I am sure I have probably said this before - but as a Swinton supporter I have many memories of Watersheddings - and most of them bad I think I only saw Swinton win there once in so many years. My first memory is going to see Swinton play there at the start of the season ( beginning of September I think), left our house in Manchester wearing a short sleeved shirt - got to Watersheddings and it started to snow at half time...........I was ten at the time and 54 years later the memory is still stuck in my mind as it was so cold As they say "the good old days"
  8. As has been said already on this thread at least we (Swinton) get to play you Oldham again next season - which having working in Oldham for almost 30 years was and is my favourite local derby.........:) I do wish you every chance to stay up but I think as with Swinton both our fates are sealed.
  9. Yes Batley weathered the pressure from Swinton the first half and then scored at key points at the end of the first half and then immediately at the start of the second half that killed Swinton off. I think Gilmoor and your #9 ran the game for Batley. I agree with sentoffagain2's comment as I also look forward to going to Batley. Good luck and hope you get in the play offs
  10. I know the team are ravaged with injuries - but today while the effort was there we didn't create any real scoring chances - had 80% of the possession in the first half and the try just before half time and the ball steal try at the start of the second did it for us. Gilmoor and the Batley #9 bossed the game and sadly without Jack Hansen on the field we offered very little on attack. Cobi Green seemed subdued for most of the match and only started running the ball late on in the 2nd half Will be difficult next week at Bradford....................but every game has to be seen as an new opportunity to win :)
  11. I think a draw was a fair result yesterday - but I don't think a point does either ourselves or Oldham much good - but at least we have now gone two games without defeat. Having Hatton back in the side is a big big plus - on reflection it was a mistake taking him off after we took the lead - but that's how it goes. Personally I would like to have some half backs on the bench rather than forwards............. Lets hope we can make it three games without defeat by beating Batley next week
  12. Yes a sad day as Stuart was an honest and as you say decent bloke - but its a difficult job being a coach in sport..............and of course we won yesterday - which would probably happened if Stuart was still charge ? Anyway looking forward to our derby match next week
  13. Really happy we won today - I think we did well to keep Dewsbury out on a number of occasions - I think Dewsbury overall had more of the possession than we did and most importantly we stopped Sykes with his drop goal attempts in the last few minutes. Better than being at Wembley
  14. I see it all as banter and it is light hearted - it amused me anyway I guess we could win a couple of games then face the agony of going down by a point or two - sadly after a bright start Swinton have massively under achieved and as the saying goes the results never lie. League 1 is a difficult place to be and not easy to get out of............ On a different point I hope the world cup goes ahead ............doesn't bother me that neither Australia nor New Zealand will be there - will make the games more interesting..........and competitive.
  15. for a minute I thought this was a Swinton supporters page no love lost between Coolie & Spanishnight then ...............sadly, I can see Swinton now going all season without a win
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