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  1. After yesterday I don't think we can slap points on anyone and now not looking forward to playing anyone - especially not Batley ........... another good result for your boys Roger We started the season in good form I hope we can rediscover that form quickly.
  2. Lets hope we win on Sunday but after Fev and York - I am not confident......... For me the team needs to meet the opposition by running up for the tackle and control the play the ball - but what do I know....:( Will be watching and hoping for a win
  3. wayne_r

    Fred Hall

    So a little bit of trivia - when I applied for a job as a student engineer at Ferranti back in 1977, I had been rejected by the likes of GEC & Plessey for being too old for their student programme. So I was convinced Ferranti would also reject me, so in the interview I was asked why I wanted to join Ferranti and I said because they had a works rugby league team and I wanted to play rugby league. My interviewer Clive Briggs sat up in his chair and said I am an Oldham and I know Fred Hall - so we talked about Swinton & Oldham (as I am a Swinton fan) for about 30mins - then I got the job
  4. Yes it was a friendly but both sides played it as a competitive match - and Bradford always have high expectations of themselves, so I agree it was a statement of intent and the game against Newcastle will be a stern test - already counting the days.
  5. I think we have real potential this season after watching the win over Bradford on Saturday. As long as Ridyard stays fit and gets protection, as I am sure clubs will target him, we will do well. The pack looked good, strong, mobile and fit - the Bradford pack faded in second half but our lads kept going. Backs also look impressive, Hansen as always, centres and wingers also good. Considering it was the first run out as a team they all did really well. It bodes well for the season but Newcastle will be a stiff challenge. Will be difficult selecting the starting 17 for the Newcastle match.
  6. you have signed some top quality players in Woods, Shorrocks and Kibula - would have liked them all back at Swinton. Good luck for the coming season
  7. Sorry that the self interested SL clubs rejected TWP application - in my humble opinion the decision is short sighted and simply wrong. Being a supporter of a championship club I have never liked the fact that SL was able separate from the RFL as the SL clubs are really only interested in their own existence and see the lower league clubs as nothing more than feeder clubs..............
  8. I think the statement from your chairman was tremendous - apart from Fev being the 12th team as I think it should be my team Swinton
  9. I think its a terrible decision by a bunch of self interested SL clubs that have disdain for anyone but themselves. TWP didn't get a share of Sky money yet were expected to continue without any revenue for the rest of the season, having to play all games in the UK - really. Several of the SL clubs that voted against TWP have in the past had financial difficulties shall we say, yet they are still in SL. I can't see the point in Ottowa continuing as they too will suffer the same fate as TWP. Allowing SL clubs to break away and have their own governance away from the RFL was in my opin
  10. Yes I agree the squad is looking good and I also have faith in the board, Stuart and the coaching staff to deliver
  11. Official announcement today that Martin Ridyard has signed for the club, great signing for the club.
  12. Pleased by the recent signings and in particular the resigning of Liam Forsyth, no news about Ridyard and the Featherstone talk is that they have signed Frankie Halton for next season.
  13. Very unhappy to see you have tempted Frankie Halton away from Swinton if its true..............our loss will definitely be your gain
  14. Ridyard would be a great signing for us with his experience and a young side with lots of energy...............
  15. Any predictions on the squad for 2021 ?
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