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  1. Nothing will change - I don't know why all the clubs voted for a seeded Challenge Cup - which simply means the final is always contested by super league teams - of course clubs outside super league get to play three or four games (with what ever the winning money is per game) but can never make the final. All clubs in the draw at once would mean there was a chance of of a club outside super league getting there - but the RFL doesn't want a final contested by two clubs outside super league.
  2. Never liked the man - can't say he has done anything on note or benefit while in post other than pocket his salary - an absolute disgrace.
  3. wayne_r

    Great win

    We need to do the same on Sunday - I am sure Doncaster will be up for the match - should be a great match for the neutrals and nail bitter for us and the Doncaster fans. Hope there is a good crowd to cheer the team on. I think it will be very tight and not a high scoring affair............
  4. wayne_r

    Great win

    I could not go today I was worried before the match as we had injury and Doncaster are in good form - as you say a great result. So its Doncaster or Rochdale in the final - can't wait.
  5. I agree with Riggy - the loss of your hooker was a big blow to Oldham as he was very lively - the score did flatter Swinton - all the best for next week's game against Hunslet - they are a well organized team but can leak tries.
  6. It was disallowed for a forward pass - but the Keighley try at the stroke of half timed looked to everyone as a forward pass but the ref did not see it that way For a neutral it was tremendous game of rugby league - tough but no foul play - and Keighley won it by hair's breadth I think Roby and Else's tries were the best I have seen all season...............and still don't know why Roby was sub'd at half time I agree what is important is keeping the current form that the whole squad is showing for the remaining games so we can go into the play offs with confidence.
  7. Apart from two refereeing decisions that didn't go our way and a couple of missed difficult conversions we would have won that match. It was a super performance from the team with everyone playing really well and if this form can be maintained we should be in great shape for the play offs. Talking to some Keighley fans they said not having Roby on at the start of the second half was a key factor in their win - and I agree, don't know why Roby was substituted and when he was brought back on with ten or so minutes to go, we threatened Keighley's line and with that little bit of luck could have snatched the win. Roby was potent attacking player - so why he should be substituted I guess we will never know
  8. Hi Joe, I am sure there will be a re-match in the play offs and that will be the only one that will matter
  9. A great result today the team did not put a foot wrong in the first half and there were no unnecessary substitutions and unlike the Doncaster match the subs came off the bench and played well. Rochdale's indiscipline was their undoing but never the less the team played really well and had the match won by half time. All bodes well for the Keighley match next week - hope the team can maintain the this level of performance Would be great to beat Keighley next week.
  10. A shocking decision - would have filled the stadium
  11. I think we must have been watching a different match today - Rochdale took the lead and self destructed by giving penalties away for foul play - I really can't agree with the previous comment "Discipline a disgrace, we knew Swinton would wind us up and we fell for it hook, line and sinker" . I think Rochdale wound themselves up to honest. At the start of the second half you gave away penalty for back chatting to ref - and Swinton scored from the resulting play............ I think its hard to take big defeat but its out of order to blame Swinton for Rochdale's poor discipline. I imagine we will meat in the play offs and that match will be the only one that will matter..............
  12. I personally don't think bringing players in on short loan deals helps - it was a disaster playing the young stand off from Huddersfield against Keighley when he had only trained with the club once ! It was so bad that he must have opted to go back - I felt really sorry for him. Getting Roby on long term loan has been really good though..............so if we can get long term deals then yes I guess that is fine, but good players don't always get a look in - I was upset to see Ben Heyes leave - then we take a young centre from Wigan and put him straight in against Doncaster ? As Joe 90 said if the money is there - then its the coach that should decide..........
  13. wayne_r


    Its a difficult league - I am sure Rochdale thought they would turn us (Swinton) over a few weeks ago but never did - then last week we lose to Doncaster at home we cruising at 12 nil up and its went to pieces and we have scored 60 I think it was at Doncaster earlier this season. So I am Oldham will pick wins and Rochdale will suffer loses as will Swinton............
  14. I agree why rotate players for rotation sake - which I think was the issue yesterday - I don't think Doncaster did much in the way of player rotation but I could be wrong as I wasn't paying that much attention to Doncaster players leaving the field
  15. As they say in sport a game of two halves Don't think the ref did us any favours yesterday but that being said we were dominant in the first half and should have scored more points - letting Doncaster score just before half time was a decisive also. I also think non of the forwards that come off the bench made an impact I would say taking Charnock off was a big mistake because the pack lost focus I believe - so for 25 mins in the second half Doncaster forwards dominated and of course they scored three tries in that period - once Charnock was brought back on along with the rest of the pack we showed more resolve and again threatened the Doncaster line - but it was too little too late Doncaster managed to contain us out wide after our two tries and they deserved their win today. Don't thin we or anyone will catch Keighley - so it will be the play off route which will certainly have some tasty match ups I think as I think there will be North Wales, Rochdale, Doncaster and ourselves in the mix...........
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