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  1. Kingstone Press Finals

    Hi I understand the format after the 'normal' season',with the top 8 teams going into a mini league, followed by a knock out play off competition. But can anyone advise dates for quarter finals, semis and when and where the Grand Final is due to be played? I've searched the Kingstone Press website and as I'm sure was the case in previous years these dates and full explanation of the structure are very elusive
  2. What Takeover?

    Presumable there is a deadline the RFL have set for the Knights to be sorted, and knowing how long York council can dither about- not just on this subject but virtually any decision they have to make, we could still be in danger of being too late We still need to sign players and get them training, normally at this time of your the lads would be back in full time training, otherwise as we have found previously when facilities haven't been available things go wrong at the business end of season Come on all involved lets get the show on the road
  3. Is this the end

    weighman you are asking the right question. Going back of old ground of who said what to who doesn't move things forward. Talk of a supporters trust running the club is a great idea but without someone with cash its never going to happen which is why it hasn't already happened in the 2 year period Gary, Simon & Gav have been talking about it. I would love JG, the club, or someone to make a statement so all the players, staff and supports know what is happening, otherwise we will loose more great players like Jack Aldous So absolutely right weighman "But what about the future , sometimes you have to move on !"
  4. Toulouse away again!

    The unfairness is what everyone objects to. The RFL haven't thought things through, assuming Toulouse beat York. Barrow or Doncaster will have to go to Toulouse for one of the most important games of their clubs history with very few fans able to travel due to cost, how ridiculous is that. As already been pointed out how even more unmanageable will the travelling be when you introduce a club from Canada and that's at any level not just Championship 1. If the games is not being played for fans to watch then I'm afraid the RFL have lost their credibility if their only consideration is how much cash they receive from elite expansion clubs
  5. Jesus its quiet on here

    Thanks I understand the format so the last game to decide the promotion place is just played at the ground of one of the clubs competing for the promotion place. Maybe less pressure than been on stage at Warrington or wherever the powers that be see fit Glad we don't have to travel to Toulouse
  6. Jesus its quiet on here

    As I don't have the 'main poster' to ask, can someone tell me is there a grand final for our division at the end of the play offs to decide the second promotion place. If so where is this game being played. I miss him more than you can imagine...........
  7. speechless

    I too am keeping the faith. I believe the 3 directors are doing their best to sort this despite obsticles being put in their way. I guess you cannot blame the football club re-seeding their pitch, but what would have happened if we had signed the deal and been allowed to play at BC, what will happen at the new stadium which is to be used 365 days year how can that be maintained? I think someone is playing games and its NOT JG
  8. Interview with Jason McGill

    Controversial If only 100 people from a crowd of 1000 to travel to one of our nearest rivals, what does that say about the people of York being bothered about having a rugby club. I think that a lot of damage has been done by all the bickering on both sides not just on here but on other social media sites. I think a lot of people have lost sight of what we are supposedly interested in RUGBY LEAGUE. Once you have lost fans its hard to get them back. Be careful or it’ll just be another tourist attraction built not a stadium to house the sporting interest of York people
  9. tonights meeting

    I'm glad a director was asked to attend and its a shame we couldn't hear the clubs point of view, but I do understand there are confidentiality clauses which have been signed, I know for a fact John Guildford could not attend as he is not allowed to talk to or be in contact with council officials. This makes thinks difficult for all sides, some of the answers given last night were very vailed as I would expect as the council to did not want to be in breach of agreement clauses in place. Hence my comment I didn't hear anything new last night But what all fans want is for things to move on, and hopefully they will
  10. tonights meeting

    Sorry I didn’t hear anything new in the debate last night. Was an invitation given to the club to have a representative on the panel last night, I’m guessing not.. As only the Council and the club directors know whats been said behind closed doors, it was unfair to put club directors ( attending as members of the public not in an official capcity) on the spot to divulge facts and figures and the council representatives knew that and used that to deflect flac from themselves. If you were moving to new business premises I don’t think you would buy in from seeing a pretty picture painted by the builder I think you would want to know a few more facts on running costs etc At the end of the day I still have reservation that the council have the ability to bring this scheme in on time & budget, past schemes like the Barbican spring to mind. Therefore the immediate problem of where the club are going to play now far outweighs any argument over the stadium. I hope and pray the meeting on Wednesday brings this a step closer to a conclusion for all concerned
  11. Next Season

    I spoke to the club yesterday there will be a VP package same price as last year (£350) but the details have not yet been finalised, but it will include a meal on match days. I also belive the package to sponsor a player this year is £480 for anyone feeling generous enough to support the club in this way