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  1. Just got back from my local. Doesn't open on a Wednesday, so likely just had my last post 10pm pint for 6 months. Treboom Yorkshire Sparkle, was very nice too.
  2. To take into account the uneven number of games, the bookies are basing it on a try to game ratio. Number of tries scored divided by number of games played.
  3. Rashid not at his best, but had a very useful knock. The other 4 bowlers were superb. Looking forward to Wednesday .
  4. Woakes and Archer have been superb. The Curran brothers and Rashid need to finish it off.
  5. If only! Him and Gledhill are like chalk and cheese.
  6. Manfredi not Farnworth. I thought that would be obvious!
  7. Centre is the hardest position to defend and you've picked a winger there. Madness.
  8. Some nice ones in there. I'll lookout for the ones I haven't tried.
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