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  1. When did they lower the ABV and what was it?
  2. When did they lower the ABV and what was it?
  3. Unless it's changed recently, Riggwelter is 5.7% in a bottle and 5.9% out of the hand pump.
  4. 5 points for a try according to one of the commentators on the BBC!
  5. Just at New Earswick sports club, getting ready to play cricket. I can confirm that New Earswick All Blacks are about to set off. Should get a match on today.
  6. Anyone tried Tesco 12 year single malt, highland or speyside? £20 A bottle at the moment.
  7. I hope the Hull supporters roar them home, I've backed them with 2 start!
  8. Please could anyone answer the question below. Which set of supporters are in the West stand at OT? Many Thanks
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