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  1. Terrible defence just then, from the best 2nd row in the competition.
  2. How has Rangi Chase qualified to play for Wales and what are they doing in the challenge cup anyway?
  3. Even the greatest comedy minds could beat this for entertainment value!!
  4. Up to around 3 or 4 years ago, I would have agreed with you. At that point, he didn't know half of the players names and had lost touch with the game. Since then he has improved significantly. I think he is pretty good now, certainly better than one commentator on sky that comes to mind. Although that is not difficult.
  5. Amazing game. Immense defence from both teams. Sporting drama at it's best.
  6. And fully deserved. He was great that year.
  7. Completely agree. Was great returning the ball early in the tackle count. Made yards in contact and often found his front, for a quick ptb. If anyone watched him play for the roosters and couldn't see this, they must have had there eyes closed. Yes he's lost a lot of pace, the two major knee injuries didn't help. He didn't score a try, but got very little opportunity. If he stays free of injury, he will be a very useful player to KR.
  8. I loved watching Bosc. Very skilful and could see attacking opportunities when most couldn't.
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