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  1. Hall is leading the player of the match on Ourleague. I don't think he should be even on the list.
  2. A business like the RFL, where most people involved (supporter, offical, player etc), would like it to continue in perpetuity, should never go near PE firms.
  3. Bill Arthur unable to identify half of the players on the pitch. How is that possible, when watches so many games.
  4. No good for the red/green colour blind. The RFL can't even manage to prevent kit clashes of the same colour, so I guess there's no chance of this been taken into consideration.
  5. Terrible defence just then, from the best 2nd row in the competition.
  6. How has Rangi Chase qualified to play for Wales and what are they doing in the challenge cup anyway?
  7. Even the greatest comedy minds could beat this for entertainment value!!
  8. Up to around 3 or 4 years ago, I would have agreed with you. At that point, he didn't know half of the players names and had lost touch with the game. Since then he has improved significantly. I think he is pretty good now, certainly better than one commentator on sky that comes to mind. Although that is not difficult.
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