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  1. Skids


    I wonder how the new stadium is standing up to the weather. I wouldn't be surprised if water was pouring in and the cladding is blowing off.
  2. Off side, but didn't see that. Replays the Ellis and was it Crooks, that looked ok to me, then disallows it!
  3. Nah, more mistakes from Arthur than both teams put together. That sad thing is Proe is even worse. As for Baz he's not great, but Tez is an absolute joke. Tries to sound intelligent, but is far from it.
  4. Welsby at fullback for Warrington according to Arthur. The first of many mistakes from him tonight i suspect.
  5. Bennett lacked knowledge of non NRL players from the start of his appointment as England coach. It didn't improve and lead to a disastrous spell as GB coach, also with poor team selection. His attitude bordered on arrogance. Wane would have been my choice.
  6. It's been a long time since l enjoyed a programme that much.
  7. Passed my test in my Dad's Nissan Cherry 1.3 SGL Spirit. D809 HWW. Great car, never broke down, even though my brother and I thrashed the t!ts off it for a number of years. It was on 150,000 or so miles when he sold it. The first car I owned was a pea green Nova saloon. Cost £100. Four gears 1.2l. B637 NVN An ugly car and always thought the NVN stood for not very nice. Still it did for me for a couple of years.
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