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  1. Passed my test in my Dad's Nissan Cherry 1.3 SGL Spirit. D809 HWW. Great car, never broke down, even though my brother and I thrashed the t!ts off it for a number of years. It was on 150,000 or so miles when he sold it. The first car I owned was a pea green Nova saloon. Cost £100. Four gears 1.2l. B637 NVN An ugly car and always thought the NVN stood for not very nice. Still it did for me for a couple of years.
  2. It's a great pub, been plenty of times.
  3. Any recommendations in Lincoln? Looking for decent beer and pubs with interesting history.
  4. Both great pubs and can't go wrong with York Tap, as mentioned earlier. Other side of town, about 15 minutes walk from the station, is Brew York. Loads of keg beer on the first floor, usually about 40. Downstairs is the brewery and all the hand pulled beer. A nice beer garden at the back, looking onto the Foss. Loads of great pubs in York, particularly just outside the centre.
  5. Well it is a long way to travel!
  6. When did they lower the ABV and what was it?
  7. When did they lower the ABV and what was it?
  8. Unless it's changed recently, Riggwelter is 5.7% in a bottle and 5.9% out of the hand pump.
  9. 5 points for a try according to one of the commentators on the BBC!
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