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  1. Toulouse

    Rams 24 Tolose 12
  2. Rochdale predictions

    Rams 38 Rochdale 12
  3. 2018 squad

    Eddie Rombo takes some beating, one of the Quickest wingers we have ever had, Legend
  4. Josh Gudzek

    Strong rumours james craven was training with us, the coaching staff was apparently impressed with him n was looking to sign him, whats the latest on him signing ???
  5. Alex Brown

    yes hes signed , good player on his day, welcome to the Rams Alex Brown
  6. Predictions

    Finn n Hirst to the Rams ???
  7. very sad news, R.I.P. Keith
  8. yes, it was a family member who was telling me, great signing, always puts a great shift in, when hes been to us on loan, Dewsbury lad too
  9. another clue, hes been named above, thats yeh lot, no more clues
  10. all i will say hes a Dewsbury lad n played for us in the past Graham
  11. i know one player whos signed for the Rams, Great signing
  12. Whitehaven Game

  13. ex and current dewsbury players

    one from a few year ago, Eddie Rombo was class n scored some right trys