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  1. I'm guessing here, but, I think this system is a temporary measure to try and bring the quality of the leagues closer together before moving onto a more traditional leafue structure. The top 4 championship clubs playing Super League quality teams will be better for the game when the Championship clubs experience that top flight competition.
  2. The aim is that Championship go full time as well. Jon Wilkin mentioned that a few months ago too in his players union interview (mentioned something about giving players a second chance at full time). This new system is just the end of year play offs I understand, so if Chase' team did finish below 9th theyd still be playing instead of the 5 week break before internationals.... surely that point is a winner?
  3. A strong second tier is what the game has been crying out for for years. This gives us the best shot, Toulouse can join this second tier and develop properly.
  4. Well isnt this pretty. Does this mean those that want franchising are now the flat-earthers and parochial? Entrenched I tell thi!!!
  5. can anyone recommend a cheap remote operated camera... ... to waste some money I want to attach it to a kite or helium balloon and see what I can get.
  6. Student Finance shouldnt employ Scottish lads to work the phone.
  7. I think we look shallow in the halves, but other than Eastmond who's injured, who else is there? McGuire, Burrow, Deacon? Danny Orr!? Whats Richard Horne been doing this year?
  8. Heres mine... FB - Gareth Widdop WG - Darrell Goulding C - Tom Briscoe C - Michael Shenton WG - Ryan Hall FE - Sam Tomkins HB - Luke Robinson PR - James Graham H - James Roby PR - Stuart Fielden SR - Gareth Ellis SR - Sam Burgess L - Sean O'Laughlin S1 - Eorl Crabtree S2 - Ben Westwood S3 - Joel Tomkins S4 - Shaun Lunt Heres my brothers FB - Gareth Widdop WG - Tom Briscoe C - Michael Shenton C - Darrell Goulding WG - Ryan Hall FE - Sam Tomkins HB - Luke Robinson PR - Adrian Morley H - Shaun Lunt PR - James Graham SR - Sam Burgess SR - Gareth Ellis L - Sean O'Loughlin S1 - James Roby S2 - Joel Tomkins S3 - Stuart Fielden S4 - Eorl Crabtree Pretty much the same.
  9. Oldhams stand off found himself in the Championship One team of the year, I have no idea how on what I saw in the final.
  10. And now that everyone is successfully in a 'Fax are champions' induced heavy sleep, time to wrap it up.
  11. I've heard part of the great expansion of the game, they're actually putting more clubs in Lancashire
  12. Jesus Christ, this is going round in circles at the minute, doesn't make for an interesting thread. Halifax are the Championship Champions. Featherstone are the league winners (IE. Champions of the league campaign) Halifax won the Big One, but are suffering from 'look at me' syndrome and cant stand anyone else celebrating something won in their league. Unless we see a change around in the thread's course, it'll have to be closed.
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