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  1. Really enjoyed that, and great to see some of my views on some of those players proven. Great kicking game from the half backs and what a player Mick Stephenson was. He would not look out of place in today's game. All the better for beating a pretty good Leeds team too.
  2. I got the first two but struggled with the last!! ######!
  3. Yes, and lots of the street came out also here in Gateshead, sensibly keeping their distance.
  4. Same for me but I asked for a new link for my password and it worked for me then. Also, whether it made any difference or not, it worked when I used my phone, as it wouldn't work on my laptop. EDIT: I sent for a new password through the ticket purchasing site, e.g. clicked on the forgot password link.
  5. I think several players who won't play are selected in the squad due to the rfl requirement for named 21 man squads.
  6. Bloody optimists!! Spoil it for all of us.
  7. Yates - showed a really good attacking edge. Everett - I like the new him White - good game management,, especially uphill
  8. ls it a 500 seater?
  9. He definitey was. Two of them were in front of the kicker, the player who didn't attempt t play the ball, and the guy who tried to kick it on.
  10. That reminded me - Hawkwind Live 79.
  11. Yates passed to White who put in a low kick. Chisholm collected it close to the ground and ran the length of the pitch. watched on highlights.
  12. Live Rust - Neil Young and Crazy Horse! Changed my musical outlook! Pictures at an Exhibition - ELP. The sheer excitement of the crowd is awesome
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