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  1. Thanks for thinking of me. Not a mini break, major holiday actually. And have enjoyed it immensely.
  2. But you have done by explaining the difference! I loved going to Toronto , but the Lamport and 6000 is really no Wembley. Seems an odd thing to do to have a dig at supporters for going to watch their team.
  3. Yes. Don't really see the difference between going here and going to Toronto last season.
  4. Entry between half six and seven I believe it says, but a good gesture.
  5. This and this again. At every squad announcement l find myself being overly optimistic only to have my hopes dashed more often than not. But.. tomorrow is another day and who knows?
  6. Just so that those wishing to post on the match thread do so on here, therefore avoiding incurring the wrath of ernieone! A tough afternoon ahead.
  7. I agree with this 100%. But as yet we haven't accused any clubs of selling their souls.
  8. I am sure I would have hated the situation I had found myself in through no fault of my own,but it still does not mean DB did anything wrong. Anyway, I am sure we can agree to disagree and allow others to bring the thread back on line.
  9. Cheating the system? What's the difference? Would you like KN to ensure the club had a future if god forbid we were ever in that situation, or happily pay them their contracts but make sure all the lights were out and doors locked as he left the building? Thanks for taking the trouble to find and post the links. I was fully aware of his dealings with Larroyer and Evans, but think that bullying is a strong word. His many social foibles are well publicised, but what has he really done wrong? I am not Brain of Britain, but surely they would have legal recourse if he had acted in any unlawful way.
  10. What rules has he broken? Do you have evidence that he has broken any rules? He might be morally and ethically bankrupt, but it would seem he isn't financially bankrupt. Genuinely, do you have a link to the fact he publically bullied any players? I am no fan of the Leigh club or chairman, but if he hasn't broken any rules, then what's the issue? I would love it if we spent some decent money on a couple of big names right now, as we are really struggling with numbers at the moment. Would that be morally and ethically bankrupt?
  11. Out of interest, what should he do? What would you do? If we had a rich backer, would you not like them to spend their money on us?
  12. Lower than the lowest of low things.
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