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  1. He was not. He was two metres from their 40 metre line. That is the line just in front of him. The halfway line was behind him. The line indicator you can see on the video is for their 20m line. For some reason, we only use them for that line and not the 40m or halfway line.
  2. Nah, he was only messing with us!
  3. It was nowhere near that Phil. I would reckon about 42 metres. If it was 55 yards, it would have been in their half, which it definitely wasn't.
  4. His selection caused a fleeting controversy, which quickly passed when he played. I know why it is being discussed, just not sure what it has to do with Brexit, other than JRM pathetically linking the team's vistory to Europe!
  5. Or as implied by a previous poster, a bottom kisser!
  6. Controversy? Why should it assist anyone in the Brexit debate? What has it to do with the Brexit debate? Is it possible for anything to happen without it being judged through the Brexit prism?
  7. Manning - so much hard work. Broadbent - looked dangerous everytime he touched the ball. Dickinson - a decent game in a good pack performance.
  8. I have been impressed by him. He has pace to burn and that something extra. A good loan.
  9. How do you know this?
  10. Agree, punching to the head. He gets to return and you lose Bussey for the match. How is that fair?
  11. None of it is true, but all of it is predictable which is the depressing thing. If the same problems keep appearing, one would hope they will be dealt with. For me, that's the issue.
  12. Hundreds. Look at the link above. It is hugely organised, with local to national competitions.
  13. I agree with this. We played well for 20 minutes which was enough to be well ahead. We both said at the time though that we felt that 10 points wasn't enough. After they scored their final try, there was plenty of time to turn it around, but we were running around like headless chickens and couldn't even complete a set! It all felt inevitable and dismal. If anyone thinks we are too good to go down (I heard it said after the match) then they are deluding themselves. This was a crucial match and simply had to be won. We should have approached it like a cup final, taking every point when available, but instead resorted to throwing it around as if it didn't matter! Inevitable, dismal and brainless!
  14. Welcome to my world!!
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