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  1. I am not sure it should be about money. But I guess that is the point, I am not sure what it is for. I would happily do without it. For me, it devalues the local derby. Neither us not Dewsbury really need another fixture against each other.
  2. They seem to be buying a good few SL players. They must have found a magic money tree .......... ..... again!
  3. I am! I was responding to Phildog's comment about him at Hunslet. The reason he was there was that he was on DR from Leeds.
  4. Is Keinhorst at Hunslet? I suspect Dewsbury have more money than us.
  5. I would like Sammut at Batley next season, but have not agreed terms with him yet! Not meaning to be negative at all, but that report could mean absolutely anything.
  6. Wednesday evening! Would never dream of refusing one.
  7. To reference a forum legg end, two bald men and comb spring to mind!
  8. Yes, I hope he has success with us in the seasons to come.
  9. Do we have your permission to discuss it on this forum or should we ignore it altogether? Would you let us discuss the retirement of Sam Burgess? I know it doesn't involve Batley people but he did come from just down the road!
  10. Just an update on the amount. We have 19 who have pledged, so that means £259/19 = £13.157 per person if everyone who says they would, actually contributes.
  11. Have done two trips to Toronto now. From Newcastle, via Heathrow price around £650 ish. I stayed for 10 days both visits, first time stayed at the Hyatt in centre of town. Second time we took an AirBnB, as mentioned above. We hired a whole townhouse along Queen's Street West, very trendy, near to the ground and a tram ride into town. Hired a car for trips to Niagara etc, very cheap to car hire. Go for it, we absolutely loved both times, it is a great city. Take in a Blue Jays game too, awesome.
  12. The player we are sponsoring next year is Dale Morton.
  13. We usually ask for someone who will play regularly. In the past, when we sponsored two players, we tended to do an established player and a young lad. Players that re-sign normally keep the same player so we will be in for a new player I suppose. I don't usually do the negotiations with PH, another poster takes on that role.
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