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  1. Only if he returns and contributes to our season. It doesn't help this weekend in what is a crucial match. I agree we should not stand in the way of a player progressing, and what we do is admirable in many ways, but this really seems to have happened at a very inappropriate time for our club, but a very opportune time for Hull.
  2. Oddly enough, I was just discussing Logan with a fellow poster. I am impressed with him and how he quietly produces quality every game he plays. I am not happy with this and can only assume that it is similar to Griffin when he returned and there is some kind of SL clause. At the very least, as said above, I hope there is some £££ in it for us.
  3. It has but I guess Morton will be back.
  4. 1. Broughton 2.Walshaw 3. Logan Hard choice this week, but special mention for the props, who lay the foundation every week.
  5. I think the ref did ask someone, as l seem to remember him mentioning a penalty try when considering the tackle. I might revisit the game to check.
  6. This! Or any of the centres we have used so far? Logan does so many good things that go unnoticed, and both Campbell and Broughton have been outstanding on the wings, not just attacking but in running out from defence to give the forwards a rest.
  7. It was, very gutsy from us. York have all the talents but seemed a bit soft up the middle. If they could get a decent and settled half back partnership, they will really get results that their potential deserves.
  8. No! Let's! At least until Monday! For the first time in years it is a pleasure being a Batley supporter. Next week will be harder still, so hope we can do it all again.
  9. As a fellow Batley supporter, I doubt it. I think he is very highly regarded, but I think today was a clear example of why a losing coach shouldn't be interviewed straight after the match. I heard the summariser on RY after the match and he was right it was all about the result and whoever won was the best side.
  10. Thought our halves led our pack magnificently in the first half where we dominated. Sometimes it is about that rather than them creating chances and cutting through the defensive line. Walshaw been great this season and really went big today, along with the forwards, especially the props who were all outstanding against much vaunted opposition. They were the unsung heroes of today.
  11. Agree, they were very much second best in the first half, and if I was him, I would be worried about the middle defence, our forwards dominated theirs.
  12. James Ford showing why losing coaches shouldn't be interviewed straight after a loss. Thought our defence was excellent all game, and the forwards great, especially in the first half.
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