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  1. Absentee fans not allowed to offer an opinion or question anything?
  2. Is that what the call was? He didn't award a penalty so not sure it was, or did he just award the handover because it was incorrect on the last tackle?
  3. Batley being far too elaborate. Opportunity wasted there to play for a drop!
  4. Depends what you mean by first choice. I would say Leak I'd still our number 1 hooker, but is nearly always a replacement. Perhaps Burton plays that role at Hunslet.
  5. Leeds awful. No leadership on the field. Must be awful for a young lad to be trying to make a go of it at Leeds at the moment.
  6. Not sure why whatshisface is singling Hooley out for lacking confidence. What does he expect? Leeds lack any form of leadership across the park, exactly when young players would look to it for support. Smith's coaching appears non- existent.
  7. We've (Batley) been on a terrible run of form, which has coincided with a real run of success for York. Can't see past a York win. That said, I wouldn't write us off totally.
  8. Morton - all round game. Walshaw - we've missed his defence and go forward Leak - gives us that extra spark.
  9. I thought it was a decent performance today. Playing uphill we looked a little more fluent after not quite clicking downhill.
  10. Nothings hopeless PD, opinions or otherwise. And we still have a decent chance of getting to the play-offs, which l always thought should be a realistic aim. On the reduced admission, it was initially introduced as a reaction to the cost of living crisis, which is why l think the sponsors supported it. I agree on the draw, but hated the name. It smacks of desperation. But whatever it as or is called, it worked during lockdown so why not now? Anyway, enough thread drift! I am confident of a win against 'haven. Us by 1.
  11. I know what you mean, but I think that this is applicable throughout all sports at all levels. For right or wrong, money is the deciding factor at every step of the way, and we have shown success despite this. It struck me recently how far we are behind the rest when I looked at Fev's admission prices for next season. Even if they are not promoted, it is £25 admission on the day. That is at least twice as much per spectator as we receive, and they get approximately twice as many watching as we do. The difference in revenue is huge even before commercial activities are taken into account. On the plus side, we must be better off financially after an extended losing run!
  12. Bickering? Where? I agree with KTF. These past few years have been great. Each game is worth winning, brings its own pleasure. Losing, especially at the moment is annoying and painful. But isn't that every supporter's lot?
  13. Just to be pedantic, did JC say he was retiring? I thought he had said he was finishing with us but I assume he might stay with Hunslet.
  14. Me neither. If the suggestion is he's leaving for better ££, well that's fair enough.
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