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  1. Four years ago since we were anything like a fortress at home or anywhere else!
  2. Ironically l don't think that was the case on Sunday. I think the forwards got stuck in. The backs were just outclassed by a half back who could send a long decent ball out wide and huge fast backs.
  3. Isn't that the theory behind playing strong running second rowers out wide?
  4. Totalrl had a report that we had or were going to re-sign him. Not heard anything concrete about Gledhill.
  5. i think we need another centre, not just cover.
  6. I only expected it would mean a very small contribution from everyone who was at the games, so that it added up to maybe £5. I have no idea how we will organise it. If other player sponsors want to sponsor other try scorers that's up to them, but I will stick to Morton. I certainly don't want it to become an unnecessary financial burden for anyone.
  7. Well, it was just a thought really, and won't be possible for those who are not able to get to matches regularly, but how about we sponsor Dale Morton for every try he scores. If any member wanted to add just £1 each for every time he scored a try. we could donate it to either Bissa or the War Chest. Three of us have already discussed it so we havethat many so far. Not a problem if no onewants to. as said, just a thought really. As an additional thought, the way we are playing during the friendlies so far, it won't cost very much anyway.
  8. https://twitter.com/BatleyRLFC/status/1216079834096467968/photo/1
  9. Lunt playing. Complete change of starting pack from Dewsbury. Hooley at stand off. Think Walker might be playing too.
  10. You obviously wrote his speech for him! You missed off the bit about better supporters too.
  11. It's a pleasure. Paul Harrison pulled out your name. It was a good night. Our man Dale Morton spoke really well about why he has moved to Batley. I have a suggestion to make about our sponsorship tomorrow but am tired now and off to bed. P. S. Handed over our money to PH. Thanks for all of your contributions. I have a contribution to make to BISSA made up of extras and change from contributions.
  12. Wow, straight into the play offs with that kind of contribution. The most l manage is a couple of pence from buying the odd Emerson Lake and Palmer CD!
  13. Thought i read that he would only be playing in the last two friendlies.
  14. Neither are definite options.
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