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  1. Agree, who would disagree with a legend like him!
  2. Agree, can't see us getting anywhere near them, If we win, it will surely be one of our greatest performances.
  3. Yes, this! It is just a matter of getting into a routine. Hope you are well Batley Bird
  4. I wonder how many of our supporters know about and use www.easyfundraising.co.uk It is the simplest way to raise money for BISSA and costs absolutely nothing. If you, or anyone you know shops online with Amazon, Ebay, Booking.com, Expedia or literally hundreds of major outlets, then donating is so easy. I donate even when Mrs Distantdog shops as she orders what she wants (everything usually) and leaves the items in the checkout area and I simple log in through easyfundraising and the money goes straight to BISSA. Perhaps a bit of a push on this might bring in a bit more for BISSA.
  5. I never bothered making the emotional commitment knowing there was a pandemic, and subsequent social distancing around the corner!
  6. That means l will have to rally my voting friends again.
  7. Does anyone know when we are presented with the big gold trophy?
  8. All's well that ends well!
  9. There is room for both in our great game I am sure you agree!
  10. Thank goodness for that! I can get an early night tonight rather than stare at a poll that changes once every half hour all night!
  11. I believe that was against Sheffield.
  12. Fantastic support at this match!
  13. Oh at least. Complete outsiders, went over there on a Thursday evening and physically dominated them, and hardly missed a tackle all night. My all time favourite full 80 minute performance.
  14. Could I ask if you are making any preparations for the summer holidays? Any catch up programmes etc
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