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  1. Who wouldn't want to parade their skills on the field of dreams?
  2. Planned introduction of supporters from Oct 1 postponed. The pilot project which has just started also stopped.
  3. He actually said the restrictions will last for six months Roger, is that what you meant? I suspect the only release will come with an effective vaccine. Rugby is all a bit secondary to everyday life at the moment.
  4. Don't sweat it. the way things are going, we might not need half backs till 21/22
  5. Am exaggerating to make a point, you repeating the old half back sweat theme.
  6. Keep scouring! You are almost as bad as Graham Fisher with your copied and pasted posts!
  7. True, I am sure they can scour somebody else up from somewhere.
  8. When are you announcing his signing?
  9. Much wisdom here. I would add, put yourself in the position where you have options with which to discover what you want and what will make you happy. I spent 30 years working at 100mph, long hours, stress but good pay. Then I woke up and didn't want it anymore, so planned for a time when I didn't have to do it anymore, facilitated by my wife's creative and optimistic thinking!
  10. Go for it. My doctorate will be in my professional field, but in a specific aspect I have chosen, so am happy. And as you quite rightly say, only possible both financially and available time due to choosing option 2!
  11. Option 2! Worked hard when I was young, achieved highly in my field (same as yours) but never changed my lifestyle. Middle of the road car, decent but average semi. Am now 57, retired at 55, go on decent hols when I want where I want while peers are still working and looking to downsize. Am starting a doctorate this year because I want to and think I can. Best thing I ever did was pay off my mortgage early by overpaying when times were good! Children had plenty of great experiences due to where I worked. Life is short, enjoy as much of it as you can. Bigger house means more time cleaning!
  12. As above, I am delighted that this is going so well. A real boost to the BISSA coffers. I hope BISSA have some more gems up their collective sleeves!
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