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  1. Couldn't agree more. I am going with little expectation of a result (though I suppose one never knows) but I want to show my appreciation to the players for a quite outstanding season.
  2. It's not. It is probably the best reason for leaving or joining any club!
  3. I couldn't agree more. I'd rate him as good a scrum half as l have seen in a Batley shirt in my time watching Batley. My post was in response to the guy who asked why he would move. Players have a range of reasons for leaving.
  4. Expanding family, desire to spend more time supporting wife/work, less time sat on the M60/62 travelling to and from Batley. How do you know he is willing to forgo play-off ruby? Surely he assumes that next year he has a chance of play-off rugby. Batley might not reach the play-offs next season. Widnes might. More money!
  5. Haven't you got a perfectly serviceable match worn shirt to wear?
  6. If he is/was/ever did, I could think of several very good reasons. I think your question is majorly flawed!
  7. Good idea. I always think calling it a lifeline draw sounded a bit desperate. I understand all of those who run the club (fabulously)must be exhausted, but I think it might also be a good idea to re-start the publicity for the War Chest for next season so people can prepare for it ahead of time and we can get as many people joined up to it before the start of the season. I think a monthly draw, as per lockdown might be a good idea for the close season. It seemed to be quite successful. I also wonder if a season long draw might be a good idea, selling tickets starting at the first match of the season and drawn at the last home game of the season.
  8. You could be right on the pitch, but you are completely ignorant about the ground.
  9. That's true. Taking a step back!
  10. Just an utterly brilliant moment! loved it.
  11. I've missed you Phil. Don't leave us again!
  12. It really is. Enjoyed listening to it last night. Only poor bit is when they appear to be taking the mickey out of our 'small following.' Other than that, it was great.
  13. I see our title of coach killers remains intact
  14. Morton Campbell - Both wingers were defensively outstanding, catching and tackling as well as making the hard yards out of defence. Manning - As always really, fight from minute one. Of course the real answer is 1-17
  15. As a Batley supporter, it was a scary last 20 once you started throwing the ball around and Jacks started running. You played into our hands by trying to turn it into a forward battle initially, mainly because we stood up in the tackle and developed lots of second phase ball. Great game though! (I Know, I would say that!)
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