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  1. Isn't that the way it is now? And always has been? Referees manage the game in a certain way. They are human and clearly have their own way of controlling the game. I often think that the most successful teams are those who manage the ref, and therefore the game best.
  2. In addition to my above point on streaming, I wonder if there is some place for a highlights package of previous matches midweek. I think I would pay a monthly subscription for a highlights package like Fev TV. (Clearly not Dewsbury's)
  3. I agree that it was great today and am really looking forward to the real thing. As for the second point you make regarding streaming, I can only speak from my own point of view. It won't replace my Sunday ritual regardless of whether streaming carries on. However, I am sure there are individuals who may very well take that option, as i suppose that's why it is there. Did the away following noticeably drop when matches were on Sky or Premier?
  4. I thought their play the ball was faster and their big guys all had good games! Gilmore, Walshaw, White and Hooley looked useful but our forwards didn't seem to be as fit as theirs. Wasn't it great to see some rugby!
  5. Missing a few but it is just a first run out so the result doesn't matter! I hope our chums from the dark side take note that I have got our excuses in first - I have been practising during lockdown.
  6. I think that the issue for streaming is that all of those who attend as family groups will be watching the one stream rather than paying individually on the gate. If most did that, it will drastically cut the gate. On running as hard as they can at each other, it was a tactic I based my short but illustrious career on as a member of the RL player production line that was, and is, St John Fishers School in Dewsbury!
  7. Or how many family members will be watching on the same stream rather than paying individually on the gate at a ground.
  8. Cheers - you're in 250/13 = £19.23. feels great to be under £20!!
  9. Don't want to sound a bit of a nerdy badge loving drip but would love to see some pics on here of some of those badges.
  10. I think your hope might be misplaced. Only two opportunities to get everyone match fit and up to speed!
  11. What an effort by the medical staff! Just shows the lengths the club and all involved have to go to just to function again.
  12. Thanks, as ever, much appreciated! 250/12 = £20.83
  13. Bumpety bump! I have another contribution from my son, so........ 250/11=£22.73 each so far!
  14. Just done, saw it on twitter - you didn't win!
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