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  1. Ooh I wonder who the centre is!
  2. I think this is the point. Whenever we have had successful seasons in the past we sit back and watch other teams strip us of our better players. This season we have been proactive and signed them up. This is the one big difference to other seasons, and where the club have got their 'ducks in a row.' I am OK people beefing, but look at the facts first.
  3. Delighted to see people ignoring Batley, it is exactly how we like it. What usually happens is we have a decent season, then our best are taken by other clubs. Not this season, the spine of the team has been retained with additions to come. That said, next season seems to be heading to be the most competitive ever.
  4. No not really but good luck with the covid, hope you feel right asap!
  5. It clearly is now! I found it of interest but don't really care either way!
  6. The Wakefield Express clearly did!
  7. So you don't think this is newsworthy?
  8. Hmmmm! It's almost like you had some kind of special knowledge!
  9. A decent signing, but the young lad who has just moved on to Hull KR will take ssome replacing.
  10. Do you think Whiteley would be happy to sign as back-up?
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