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  1. Halifax web site

    also on the Halifax forum Just a quick note, Sky Sports are having an 'open day' on Sunday 26th September (Grand Final day) which means the sports package will be available to all SKY and Virgin Media subscribers. I believe you can also watch it online via SkyBet if you place a qualifying bet. I would imagine that the majority of people on here will be there in person but it may be of use to those (like me) that don't have Sky Sports and will watch back our glory later on
  2. Tickets

    not all regulars have a season ticket
  3. what a result

    Quote from the Halifax forum We could play fev 30 times this season and we wouldn't beat them once. They are by far and away the best team in this league this year. Outstanding
  4. From the comment page of the Guardian today http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...of-featherstone
  5. Wakefields Announcement

  6. Briggsy leaving?

    Maybe C*s Wildcats or Wakefield Tigers
  7. C*s Fined

    I didn't know you had a choice. I thought you born gay or not
  8. Danny Allan

    Maybe just as a spectator. She was in the club house at the Toulouse match
  9. Sky Recording?

    There's a scart connection on the Sky box so presumably connecting through this to a dvd recorder would do the trick