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  1. Hit it on the head mate passionate and long may it continue, we are all the same in this sport that
  2. The only sport a team can get beat in a semi final and win the final, but we knew the rule before we started, as Fev fans we know we have been the best team all year as we have seen the quality of Rugby most week in the season. If we had won it from six place last year like we looked like doing for a long time I think we would have been well happy. Having said that Halifax have been the most consistent side for the past two year. I wonder if the Fax fans that were calling for the coach to quit earlier in the season still think the same way.
  3. Thought I had put some weight on when I tried to squeeze into the seats, It was OK but enjoyed myself more at Batley than Warrington it dose not have the Rugby ground feel that we all know and love give me POR any day.
  4. All the discussion over Sunday
  5. For the amount of times it has to be used it will do. If we had played another 10 mins each way on Sunday we would have lost by a lot more Halifax had all the go forwad at the time and we had gone.
  6. Both sets of fans had a share of idiots yesterday, we got some abuse at the service station on the way home luckily I was sober so delt with it in a polite and friendly manner. Why do these people call themselves RL supporters we don
  7. Cant blame Stu for taking the kick off I would have done the same, Halifax had struggled to get out of there own half all night apart from with the kick so the odds looked good for us. Two try
  8. Come on Rovers you can do it get in to em
  9. Dont think you will need much help on Sunday Chris point and shoot mate.
  10. get on the bus with the fans, do some of outside the ground get in the dressing room before and after and half time if DP will allow
  11. Well done to one and all last night you are all winners in my mind.
  12. Country mile take them home to the place they belong national league one
  13. Wish I had not bought the tickets now Bob sounds like you will have a party no matter what at yours next Sunday
  14. Anyone know what the parking is like at Warrington, please tell me its better than Widnes.
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