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  1. This can work both ways. I'm an Airbnb host, and have lost around £2k of bookings so far. Fortunately this is only an additional income, not my main one. Airbnb policy has been to allow cancellation and 100% refund to guests irrespective of booking criteria , within a narrow window of dates, but that has meant hosts having their cancellation policy ignored and thus them out of pocket. It is what it is to me, but for those making a living from hosting, it's had their pants well and truly pulled down.
  2. Sometimes trying to look at the wider situation helps. I've had what to me is a fairly crappy day. I've been on annual leave all week. I'd planned working on my classic bike, plus getting out on my modern one. Due to current circumstances I've done neither. I've wanted to start going for a run on the moors but can't, as my daily exercise is walking the dog. I've wanted to get out and do some landscape photography, but can't leave home. I've got through this week fine, but then today, my mood fell. I then saw a few comments on twitter about how much my employer, an NHS subsidiary supporting the front line, had helped this week. Suddenly my personal circumstances, and my own mood began to pale into insignificance. I'm now looking forward to getting back to work next week, and contributing in my own way.
  3. My view is that he is a jockey of spherical door handles. I've oft thought it, but this makes me 100% sure.
  4. Fev put staff and players on Furlough leave. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/club-statement-vjEjk
  5. Interesting to see one of our rivals taking the completely opposite view with regards to allowing overseas players to return home. Personally, I'd suggest we've taken the correct approach. https://www.totalrl.com/scotland-international-leaves-leigh/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=scotland-international-leaves-leigh
  6. Nationwide currently offering 5% for 12 months on one of their current accounts. Limited balance, but better than a kick in the unmentionables.
  7. I've been with Halifax for numerous years, however they're about to end their monthly fixed interest payments, so it's time for a change. Who would people recommend? I'm looking for an account that pays at least some element of interest and doesn't have account charges simply for banking with them. I'm currently looking at TSB and Nationwide; any others to consider?
  8. It's better. That said, Trough of Bowland is nice, not that I've ever stayed there, only passed through.
  9. Our 4 month old kitten, and his mum. Both adopted just over a month ago.
  10. Any particular ideas of things she might be interested in? Have you considered heading into the Dales?
  11. Ducati Leeds/Triumph West Yorkshire closed as well. I could manage about 100 metres on my Monster without leaving the property. Shame I don't have a little motocrosser for riding around the fields on, though I think the wife would have a fit in case I spoiled the ground for the horses.
  12. I'm on leave this week, but my sources are suggesting I'll be working from home come Monday. Initially we were advised to keep attending as usual, as there wasn't sufficient capacity for everyone to work remotely and priority was being given to setting up contingency plans for medical staff who could potentially work off site, like radiographers. Sometimes things only make sense when you're given the full picture.
  13. Text from a post from my Dad on Facebook. Some people are going to suffer here more than others. It is with heavy heart that we have closed the Pontefract Food Bank immediately. Following the guidance of no more than two gathering we would be unable to operate. We will keep the situation under review but as Trustees we have responsibilities to clients and volunteers to operate safely.
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