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  1. Probably does mean King is leaving, although we could probably do with another hooker as well, given Jones had gone. Seems a decent signing to bring in though.
  2. I can see why Swinton fans are unhappy, not that abuse or threats to the former board are acceptable at all. The club, with a long and proud history are seemingly disappearing forever. That said, may they now anyway? I'm a Fev fan. Would I be upset if the club decided to rebrand as "West Yorkshire Suburb" or something similar? Yes. That said, I'm 42, and if the we'd not been playing in Featherstone since I was 15, I'd like to hope I'd be open to all options for survival and growth.
  3. Exactly. They stayed up, keep your gob shut.
  4. Didn't Leigh and Widnes both get the £850k + £500k parachute payment though?
  5. Equally, those of us that travel to home games from further away would potentially be less likely to attend. Ultimately, you'll never please everyone, as seen everytime a game isn't played at 3pm on a Sunday. At least our games are, in the main, played at the same time and day, which makes planning around them easier.
  6. To be fair, a station was built next to the last "new" Cas ground. Sadly, they forgot the stadium.
  7. 5 signed but yet to be announced?
  8. Let's assume he does know what his players are paid. How would he know how much other teams pay? It's all speculation, from all parties.
  9. True. I'd happily resign any of our other overseas signings though.
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