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  1. Confirmed. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/featherstone-welcome-gadwin-springer-Pe6WY Out of interest, which of our forwards are currently injured? I know we've had a very light squad for the last couple of weeks, however I was under the impression we were due most back following isolation.
  2. As it happens, my wife came down to London with me but didn't come to Wembley, instead going to a show. She was pinged yesterday to isolate from a contact over the weekend, I haven't been (yet, at least). Given we were together other than Saturday, we can only assume it was either from the tube or the theatre.
  3. Imagine the meltdown in the wider RL community if we got that cancelled due to Covid absences.
  4. True. I'd have thought it unlikely that we'd name a potential debutant when injured though. I'd agree about this afternoon; a win and no injuries will suffice.
  5. He was looking for flights back to oz a few days ago according to his twitter feed...
  6. If the RFL agreed that, what were they thinking. If the RFL didn't agree that, the stock car promoter should be reinstating.
  7. Who made it smaller? Surely they should be the ones to reinstate it. Whilst the landlord has responsibility, surely that wouldn't cover a third party deliberately digging up part of the pitch.
  8. https://twitter.com/kriswelham/status/1408407023755186187?s=19
  9. Agree its unlikely, but didn't a London player get selected a year or two ago, whilst they were in the championship?
  10. Yes I have, arrived within a couple of minutes of the booking. Have you checked your spam? Might have been blocked by your provider.
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