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  1. Revisiting a bit of Soul Aylum tonight. Hadn't realised they were still going...
  2. I am thinking it might be good for some time-lapse stuff, far easier to leave set up in all weather than a DSLR.
  3. I've been tempted by a Go Pro or similar for a number of years, but I've never quite managed to justify to myself why. I'd like one to use when commuting on the bike, however I'm not sure I could see myself spending hours watching back leisure rides. My wife may use one when on the horse, but again as she only tends to hack out on local rides, I'm not sure what we'd actually do with the footage. Does anyone have and use one? What do you use it for? It feel like an itch, but I don't know whether to bother scratching it...
  4. Hadn't noticed the film was on I player, we have it on dvd so never looked! Certainly doesn't feel like knocking on for 9 years since it ended.
  5. If the season were to continue, how would we do for getting DR players from Leeds? Given there is likely to be a increased frequency of games to complete the season, is it not probable that Leeds will want to hang on to their players to prevent burnout or injury, much like usually happens over the two game Easter weekend?
  6. Fair enough. I'd only picked up on Langley wanting a return to franchises, which made me wonder if the London view was not to restart but hope for promotion anyway...
  7. We've been re watching Spooks since lockdown started. I only picked it up in 2007, after I met my now wife, so early series were new to me. Series 10 was completed on Saturday evening, so just the film left. It surprised me how little it felt to have aged given it started in 2002, with the only things that really dated it to me were the cars, mobile phones and a fixation with boot cut jeans for the lead characters.
  8. I'd have thought Tolouse would have also wanted to restart, so given Leigh's stance, it may be them rather than London as the 3rd team. Irrespective of that, I'd agree with the rest of your statement, I also can't see the season restarting, especially not with the furlough extention.
  9. I was out on 2 wheels today, and did about 140 miles across from home round the forest of Bowland and back. It's the first time out on the bike this year, however having done next to no travel at all, in the last two days I've also driven to fetch the wife from work and to the animal feed merchants in the last two days. Thoughts after this are: Anywhere a car can be fit on a country road to park, it is. No evidence of lack of social distancing however. Lots of motorbikes about. Only one place where social gathering was an issue. Lots of of evedince of family walks. Great to see parents and kids out. Lots of couples of for walks. Is exercise on the increase? A handful of groups of people not distancing. Completely offset by people chatting across walls, fences, etc. with neighbours. Is social interaction increasing? There are issues with social distancing, and obvious risks. From what I've witnessed today however, is suggest overwhelming positives.
  10. I usually fill the car up every 7 to 10 days. Last fuel was bought on 17th March. I'm also saving elsewhere, offset by missing out on about £800 a month income from our holiday let. At least both of us are still on full pay, which isn't unreasonable given we're still working full time.
  11. I guess we'll see who is correct in 10 days time!
  12. I can't see P&R if I'm honest this season, as I can't see the season being finished. Even if SL could finish the season behind closed doors, will the Championship? We're how many weeks behind now, and when will the season start again? Clean page on 2021 for all teams, then we go again.
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