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  1. Given he's currently advertising himself on twitter again, it does make you wonder how realistic his demands are. Good player, but no-one is worth breaking the bank for.
  2. Started Sunday evening, and just about getting over it now. Mind numbing daytime TV doesn't help.
  3. England or Wales. Can't see why I'd want to represent Wales however, as with no disrespect to my Welsh heritage, I'm English.
  4. Two heating related questions I'm looking for advice and experience of please. We're currently looking at upgrading our old oil boiler, as the tank is set to be condemned and the boiler itself is probably 12+ years old. We're not on mains gas so that is out, however LPG is an option as we already have a tank and connection to the house. Other options we're looking at are biomass and air source heat pump. LPG advantages seem to be cheapest and easiest to install. Downside is not carbon neutral. Biomass advantages appear to carbon neutral, downside is initial cost and will need a sizeable area to install and lots of subsequent disruption. Air source advantages seem to be carbon neutral, disadvantages appear to be it increased electric costs to run it and requirement for a very high level of insulation for it to work effectively. We live in a 17th century farmhouse, so although thick walls and some insulation, it's far from air tight and the pennine hills is not the most naturally warm area in the UK. We may in the future look to install Solar PV however, which would potentially offset the increased running costs of air source by eliminating the electricity cost element. The current system is also operated on a single zone for all 3 floors, with TRVs and an electronic control for on/off timings. I'd like to upgrade this to be more controllable, so adding separate zones on each floor and by installing Hive or Nest (or something similar) with electronic TRVs to control the temperature in each room. Does anyone have any experience or advice in this area?
  5. Lost, none due to decay or damage, however I did lose four in my teens as part of work to align the rest of my teeth. No fillings either at 42.
  6. Not a great shot of it, but this is the 1955 Sunbeam S8 I've just taken ownership of. It's been in the family since circa 1965, and was formally one of my Uncle's collection.
  7. A 1.3 Fiesta, reg N189HUM. It was an awful shade of khaki green, and was bought from my aunt.
  8. Given all the rumours flying about at this time of year in particular, I wonder why the club have felt the need to put out a statement to deny this one.
  9. It is true. https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/52944/bod-statement---reserve-grade-
  10. He's right though.
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