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  1. You'd assume Ellis has also signed up for 2024 now.
  2. The clubs probably get the into in advance of general publication.
  3. Season tickets are usually sent out shortly before the season starts. It's the same every year.
  4. I'd agree. The purpose of this loan is probably less clear however, as iirc the one you reference was intended to support progressing ground development, specifically the use of the land to become revenue generating.
  5. I can't say for sure, but unusual to agree to a charge against an asset without some benefit in return, usually financial.
  6. If it was personal finance, the equivalent is broadly the same as the charge a bank has over your house, IE a mortgage.
  7. Once upon a time, we always used to have a number of players openly employed on a PT basis by the foundation. I've seen plenty of examples of players doing community work over the last few years, but nothing explicitly saying any were foundation employees. I wonder if that's an option to support one or two signings with additional income.
  8. On signing for Bradford, JD said "I didn't really want to leave Fev and come to to play on the world's smallest pitch, but needs must."
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