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  1. Cars in a queue, deliberately blocking bikers who are legally filtering.
  2. It is, both for commuting and for any caravanners we have visiting. Edit: it needs doing though, as long as it's not just surface dressing.
  3. Over Cock Hill, between Oxenhope and Pecket. Took an age to get around them.
  4. 25mph on an open clear stretch of road, in good conditions and little traffic is not acceptable when in a national speed limit zone.
  5. Thanks for the clarification Steve. From my perspective, the element in Colin's posts that I couldn't follow was regarding the trophy not being able to be presented at the club award night due to "sponsorship". Your post has clarified it for me, in that the club won't allow any other mom presentation at an official club event, as they feel it will devalue their own award. Disappointing that they wouldn't allow the two to run side by side, however it is what it is, and that's not the responsibility of either yourself or Colin to argue with them over.
  6. Where is it being presented, and who decides who wins?
  7. I don't think he knows, hence the lack of clarity. What is really needed is for Steve to post, and shed some light.
  8. What did Davide tell you regarding this?
  9. You have made your plan clear Colin in terms of having a joint awards with the club's post-game twitter poll. What isn't clear however is why the vote on here can't have a seperate trophy, presented at the club end of year awards, as has happened in years gone by for other similar awards, such as Friends of Featherstone and the Joint Supporters Group. You keep referring the the sponsorship issue. Are you trying to say that the club wouldn't allow such a presentation unless there is a payment made, i.e. sponsorship of the awards ceremony?
  10. 8 matches feels about right to me, however this example does demonstrate a wild inconsistency in punishments for similar offences.
  11. It would suggest we haven't applied. It would be interesting to get an official club line on this, given the effort made to start the reserves again for this season.
  12. Be interesting to hear the club view, assuming it's ever given.
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