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  1. Fev are charging £200 this year for an adult season ticket. Based on last year's price on the gate of £20, that would equate to one "free" game. The 2019 and 2020 prices were £150 as an early bird, and covered more games. Having seen the fixture list, there are only 5 home games when I don't already have other commitments or that will be played behind closed doors. Proportionately that's far more than I've had in terms of clashes in previous years, so this will be the first time in 10 or so years that I've not bought one.
  2. That wouldn't help Rovers TV subscriptions in the long run I suspect.
  3. Which team had a coach that thought they were the best in the division "by a country mile"?
  4. I remember a wakey supporting work colleague commenting if they were in a locked room, they'd fight themselves.
  5. Still doesn't answer why he hasn't sponsored before.
  6. Maybe so, but he hasn't shown any interest in sponsoring Fev prior to the Wolfpack reminding him as an expat how much he enjoys the sport...
  7. Who says that the Wolfpack didn't bring any benefits for the UK clubs? https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/rovers-secure-international-partnership-UjBAe
  8. Yes, though if I'm honest I can't remember much about the market. Nice town to visit though.
  9. Sounds like Fergie requested no 24 according to the article on the official website.
  10. Given we are now virtually 12 months into the pandemic, I wouldn't start making definite plans for anything personally.
  11. There is still good food available on Hebden market, and as you mention, plenty of other options as well. https://www.visitcalderdale.com/shop-hebden-bridge-open-market
  12. Been quite a pleasant day here today. Stoodley in Snow by Gareth Hughes, on Flickr
  13. Like everyone else, they'll be hoping things get back to where we're still in a position to hold it in 2021. It won't be easy to rearrange, although sadly I suspect that's what will eventually happen.
  14. Fev resumed training in December. I can't comment on any others.
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