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  1. Knew he'd been rumoured to be going there, but never seen anything formal until now. Answers what no 17 did next too.
  2. In principle I'd agree. Is the reason because he won't pay, or because he doesn't have the cash to pay though? I've not seen anything to indicate either way, and there is a significant difference in having millions in assets and millions in cash. It would be interesting to know.
  3. Road racing returns to Oliver's Mount next weekend.
  4. Glad to see consistency in that I can go for a meal with my in laws this evening and sit a metre + apart from them in a beer garden, but can't sit 2 metres + away from them in my own garden. My sister can't now come over to discuss sorting out my Dad's estate, and sit 3 metres away from me in the house with a mask on, but I can sit in a pub with 30 or 40 other people, all in closer proximity, shouting at each other to be heard in the noise. Can the builder who is coming to work in my house still come? I'm glad to see that local restrictions are being put in place where required, however the clarity and consistency of guidance issued is shocking, especially given that it appears discussions have been going on for some time. It's all very well advising to use common sense, but common sense is the reason we're back in this situation.
  5. There is a reason for social distancing and asking people to wear masks in shops, etc. Do you think that will magically disappear in a pub? How many guests use you home toilet in a visit compared to customers in a pub per day?
  6. A government source told Sky News: "You shouldn't be intentionally meeting people from outside your household in an enclosed place - that includes pubs and restaurants and bars." So you can unintentionally meet in a pub then.
  7. Dunno. Clear as mud isn't it, much as usual.
  8. Exactly what we've just been sat discussing here. Should we close our airbnb with guests due tomorrow?
  9. Could make a difficult Eid celebration for those planning to celebrate tomorrow.
  10. I was briefly in Morecambe last night. There's a really good chippy just off the seafront, and sat on a sunny evening over looking Morecambe Bay, with the Cumbrian fells in the distant it was a beautiful scene whilst I ate my tea. I finished up, turned around, and reminded myself what the town itself was like.
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