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  1. Must remember to have that conversation with my bank.
  2. No 1 Craig Hall No 2 Ben Blackmore No 3 Josh Hardcastle No 4 Thomas Minns I was expecting no 5 next. Am I over thinking things, or are we expecting to sign another winger...
  3. No, I'd agree. Based on their last published accounts, it looks like they lost around £100k in the 12 month period. Seems a bit odd to claim they are "debt free" anyway, when I seem to recall they borrowed money to buy back the ground...
  4. They did make an operating loss in the year, but it was not £433k, unless you've been reading the Mick Gledhill accountancy guide.
  5. I'd like to see Toronto stay. Let's say they are signed up again for 2021 however, but we're still in the same place re travel restrictions, etc. What then?
  6. Is there a halfway house? We were looking at this a couple of years ago. No kids, but at around 40 and with decently paid jobs, we could stay in our little terrace or look for somewhere a bit bigger. We could have looked to take a far bigger mortgage over 25 years again, but decided that we'd only look to what we could comfortably afford over the same time period as our then existing mortgage (10 years). That way we could both continue to holiday, pay off the mortgage at a decent rate and have the opportunity to downsize if required later in life. It doesn't necessarily have to be all or nothing.
  7. If they think "investing" in any RL club is a good financial plan, that's what we'll end up with.
  8. Same around here. I appreciate there is a balance to be found, however stopping a handful of people who insist it's their right to park and inconvenience multiple others would be a start. A better solution needs to be found.
  9. There is an alternative: park elsewhere. Wholly accepted it's not necessarily practical, however there does seem an irrational assumption at times in this country that you have to be able to park outside your door.
  10. Hotel booked adjacent to Rutland Water. Hopefully do a bit of walking and unwind for a few days.
  11. Must be a day for spam calls. No 1, purtaining to be BT. "Your broadband appears to getting blocked by other IP address" "Really, that doesn't sound good. Please can you tell me what broadband is though, as it's not a word I've come across before" *click* as overseas caller hangs up. No 2 - ambulance chaser "You were involved in a car accident recently and may want to claim for your injuriees" "Really, I never realised that. When was it? I must have blacked out." "OK, may a slip or fall, maybe at work. Or one of your relatives" "No, I'll stick with the car accident for now. What happened to me and when?" *click* as caller with UK accent hangs up. And yes, I am registered with TPS...
  12. Can't say I've ever tried if tbh, but I actually reckon it would be OK.
  13. Yes, in Mytholmroyd to be precise (Championship wise, at least). https://www.visitcalderdale.com/dock-pudding
  14. I'd be more inclined to stay in Robin Hood's Bay tbh if over that way, I've always preferred it to Whitby.
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