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  1. The question is surely whether our squad is better on the pitch.
  2. Exactly, and that's precisely what I meant when I commented I appreciate why we change each year. Keep putting out exactly the same shirt & people will stop buying them.
  3. The last comment is a bit OTT, but broadly I'd agree with the comments on the main forum. It's OK, and I appreciate why we change each year, but it's not as good as a traditional butchers stripe. We've had worse, but we've also had much better imo.
  4. Electric went off here about 4am on Saturday and still isn't back on. I wholly appreciate given the time and scale of the issues caused across the North of England that Northern Powergrid will struggle to clear the backlog quickly, however their comms is terrible. I've had two messages so far: one at 6am on the day it went off to tell me then nothing for 48 hours until they sent another telling me their working on it. Use the online tool to track faults, and we don't show up, despite speaking them last night to discuss why at the time, we were one of only about 4 properties still without power in the area.
  5. No idea if it's the same lad, but I was at school with a lad called John Bramham, who was both a half decent laiker and a Fev fan. I seem to recall he'd previously been John Millington earlier in his life (nickname was Millo), so could have reverted back to that for whatever reason. He'd have been born in 76 or 77 if that helps. He also played at Cas RU for a number of years.
  6. If it is discrimination, wouldn't it be against season ticket holders of all Championship clubs, not just Fev?
  7. I thought he looked promising when he played for us, though realised he'd be unlikely to be a first team regular. I don't recall seeing anything from the club about him leaving mid-season, but he clearly went to his local amateur side (Sidddal) and now appears to be another Fax signing for 2022. Seeing they've today signed Alex Walker on trial, they're going to have a lot of cover at fullback.
  8. Not heard or seen anything, but agreed on importance.
  9. Went to Bradford City back in June. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/19361059.royston-named-bradford-city-head-performance-medicine/
  10. Coaching appointments could also be key as to how teams go. Obviously we've a new man in charge and are presumably still looking for a no 2. Leigh yet to announce, and both York and Fax have announced new assistants. The impact of all of these changes could be critucal: look at our recent past to see how different things can be based on whoever is in charge.
  11. Plus McConnell. Feels like that's it for re-signings. Not sure we'll see Blackmore back with us next year, but time will tell on that.
  12. We all want to batter leigh.
  13. Doesn't look like a new signing tonight.
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