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  1. So ok then who do we get in his place??
  2. Remember last season in our second game away at Hunslet we had Hewer and we lost. Who have we got 2nd game this season. A little bit of deja-vous if you ask me. We will have to be on top of our game and don't give him any reason to give penalties against us because he will!!
  3. After last weeks performance I am predicting a tight game. Dewsbury 16 Workington 10 First try scorer Grant MOM Matt Groat Attendance 878
  4. Should be Luke Adamson can't really see what he's done wrong to be left out completely. Maybe would have been better him coming off the bench
  5. You lot really have short memories. Bryn Powell was one of the quickest wingers we have ever had
  6. Maybe he is wasted in the reserves and he deserves better with the loyalty he has shown the club but he just isn't good enough to replace either of our current wingers
  7. Sorry but I wouldn't sign any of those. we have got as good if not better players already at the club
  8. Sean Emblem Aaron Trinder
  9. just constant negativity from the same few people. Glenn was quite clearly very upset by it all after the game and rightly so. These people are spoiling for others
  10. He knows who he is and so do all the Dewsbury fans who were there today
  11. Well done Glenn and keep on doing the good work that you have done over the past 2 years and don't let the clueless clown get you down.We are all behind you and will continue to do so
  12. Where is Aizue ? Is he injured ?
  13. There is a poll on the Wildcats website and Neil Kelly is favourite with Morro as second favourite. Hope he doesn't go but the lure of a super league club might be too great to resist
  14. Brett Patterson Nigel Stephenson