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  1. Nana Fox Pauline

    RIP Pauline will miss our little chats
  2. New signings

    Bryn Powell wasn't half bad
  3. Tactics we could use

    And also make Gareth Moore a markee signing and injure his back in training. Whats all that about??? We are struggling and Ned does not know how to put it right.
  4. Oldham Predictions

    Got what we deserved. Is Ned really the answer ?? So we should be happy with a good squad in C1. We should be good enough for the championship but we aren't. Another half of rugby and no points. Where was Walshaw the big signing for this season or where was Ashurst that scored the golden point last week??
  5. Oldham Predictions

    Got what we deserved. Is Ned really the answer ??
  6. Fev prediction's

    so you weren't mediocre against Toulouse with 13. But i agree you only have to be mediocre to score 30 plus against a championship 1 side which is what we are at the moment
  7. Fev prediction's

    One mediocre team and one poor team both with rubbish discipline but officiated by the worst referee i have ever seen.

    Franny Cummins with Franny Maloney as his assistant. If not possible then agree that Damien Gibson should be given a chance if he is interested
  9. Lets look at ourselves.

    Chris I agree with most of what you say but Huddersfield town "entertaining" REALLY!!!!!
  10. The Coach

    Totally agree not only was it an awful game to watch and i include full timers London in that statement but it was also a very boring game to watch. Again a pointless half and absolutely no invention or creativity. It is now time for Morrison to go and take Pricey and Schofield with him because they are not the answer either
  11. Injuries

    Joe Arundal is available from.Wakefield. If Crookes is injured then he is an ideal replacement .Also agree we desperately need a halfback.
  12. Yet another pointless half

    So if you are not a keyboard warrior then ask for a 1 to 1 with Morriison and explain your views but you wont because you are like the rest of these moaners on here. NO BOTTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! to face the coach
  13. Rochdale game

    Worst Dewsbury performance i have seen. No passion no commitment and no leadership. I have been a supporter of Morrison in the past but today showed that he has lost the plot and doesnt know what to do. Wont be wasting my money going to any more away games
  14. Whitehaven Game

    So ok then who do we get in his place??