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  1. Totally agree. We always buy 4 season tickets but even I am having serious doubts. We either have a good number to announce or we are way behind in recruitment and I fear its the latter
  2. scally

    Lucas Walshaw

    Can't really see that happening tbh. We have got worse as the season has gone on. I think we are lucky its over because if the season had of gone on for 2 more games we would have been relegated without doubt. we should be building a team around the more established players rather than letting them go to other clubs.
  3. scally

    Lucas Walshaw

    But is Lee Greenwood the man to do it. I have very serious doubts. All our decent players seem to be leaving to be replaced by Championship 1 players. Its like we are preparing for relegation even before this season is totally finished.
  4. If the rumoured figure of 2k per week is true then it is only going to make Bradford stronger as they will have a significant amount of cash available to them with the saving on the rent at Odsal. Until the details of the deal are known my fear is that we may have sold ourselves short
  5. so its easy to park and get away from odsal !!!!
  6. he wasn't in the game. they played better without him
  7. no we have the men in place now just react
  8. Finny and Syko should take over, The sooner the better
  9. leigh looked good cos we made them look good. Maybe its time to look for another coach.
  10. scally

    V Sheffield

    it was more like 30 as always
  11. He does now that Bradford have come calling
  12. Does that clearout include the inept coaching staff
  13. that might be he has been tapped up by other clubs
  14. I think people like Sykesy and Michael Knowles would rightly take offence to comments like that
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