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  1. I'm a season ticket of many decades having a moan.Clubs like Batley and Dews. are having to compete against full time teams and the likes of Toulouse ,Toronto , maybe Ottawa and others in the future. i know what a tough job Lee has.
  2. Well another dreadful season.A lot of our best players have gone over the past few years. Sorry to see Lucas go,but to go to Batley,what a mistake to make Lucas.Dale has been a very good servant,but an average player. Iggi.has something extra.Its up to the coach to sort out his minor faults. Our coach hasn't improved the team. All season,one man rugby,no backing up, up your jumper stuff. If Bradford are here next season i hope their fans turn up in their thousands.for our sake as well as theirs. IF the ground is full it will have a great atmosphere and good to see.
  3. I hope Jack Teanby is recovering from his nasty injury. Consistently letting your best players leave is why the rams are in this mire. For the Revs and the other fans that are going sake, we all wish for a close game.
  4. What we need is a very, very experienced coach. How about Tony Fisher, he could bring up his "south Africans is the only way to go now plan" what was some of the names "VAN........? Perhaps not- But he did a good job with Doni. against Batley in a memorable vip match! Ha!
  5. Of course that's true and obvious. The point i'm trying to make and hope i'm very wrong,is there will not be clubs like Dewsbury in a few years time, because of the state of RL and decisions they are making.
  6. Definitely ,all i want is a level playing field. If clubs like Dewsbury were full time it would be great to play Toronto and Ottawa.
  7. What a farce. The score last year 64-12. The club gets paid to go and be canon fodder so that's ok isn't it bsj? Next year Ottawa as well, i'm sure the crowds will flock in like this year.
  8. Well done to the team yesterday.The forwards eventually wore down the Hornets.Sam Day may be over did his mole like exploits,but he was trying for a hat trick. So off the club goes to Canada and all the costs involved. Toronto have a pitch with more lines on it than a spirograph( a kids toy from the 70's.) The club gets compensated to some extent for these fixtures,but some people in the game want to cut sponsorship funding for clubs in both champs. Best of luck to the club and fans next sat.
  9. A win against Swinton ,who play some good stuff. The usual brave play from Sam Day and Heckford did well. The RFL Trying to con the public with this comp. and you get a crowd of 400. No doubt another loss for the club. At the moment we are heading for champ 1 and may be facing Keighley with a 70 year old ex. coach, Phil Larder. Cougar mania was a brilliant success but destroyed by sl.
  10. What coaching? Why was sykes put in the squad if not fit to play? who is trying to kid who?If we lose the next two both greenwoods can go for me. But we are trying to compete against full time teams with pots of money and others with huge parachute payments from sl. Also Ottawa and new york on there way ,voted in by clubs like Dewsbury i suppose. Turkeys voting for xmas. SL will not want all these in there league.May be SL 2 on it's way.
  11. We have been lucky to beat Batley past few games. So that thrashing was well on the agenda today. At half time we had very slight chance of doing something. Second half back to the dross we have played most of the season.
  12. Well that scoreline does not tell the story does it rams? Thankfully our old friend Josh Barlow came on Effing and jeffing to get us out of the mess we were in the first half. Along with Tyson ,swinton completely lost the plot in the second half. Adam Ryder has been outstanding since he started at the rams.Easily man of match for us. So many terrible errors , but we won,which was vital.
  13. I'll vouch for that tee hee!
  14. Thanks for that PL.great noisy crowd at the Weaste-salford. great shirts and playing the ball with the foot it looks so much better than to days efforts.
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