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  1. Well done to the team today . It's a funny old game.The RAMS tried hard to lose at times.I want to see again some of the refs decisions. Did sam head butt somebody. Good defence,should have scored 50. No doubt LEE will give PAUL and LIAM another two years after that- o dear.
  2. 0 dear piggy i hope your mate coolie is giving you some stick.
  3. I Thought he would have definitely moved on.Thanks Andyfor sticking with the club another the year .Because the coaching has been dreadful. I don't believe the team is as bad as the results suggest.
  4. Good Cash is king.Fed up messing about with bits of paper.I hope at least there is a couple of thousand that do attend. I hope Batley have ordered a tray of wd-40 for those dodgy turnstiles.
  5. Is it free?Why not put the cost of getting in.Can you pay cash?How much -not such a difficult question is it.
  6. Yup pleased for the few fans that went.Seem to play a bit better a way from home.Good to get one over thacks. and the other former players.Can they they give pink Batley a close game next up?Lets get a decent crowd over there-now pressure is off.
  7. A tired cas.team.Like the ancient Weldon Road.Are they still planning a new ground or have all the plans been kicked down the M62?
  8. I'm not.York is a fantastic city. Great new ground.I could see them in sooper dooper league with a big crowd. Put millions into them any day rather than London - new york-timbuctoo.
  9. Shame the match wasn't pulled ,looking at that ,yet another horrendous score line,with this coach. How sick are players getting with covid ,any body know? On radio leeds fev. coach thanked Dews. for playing. Our coach didn't mention the game at all. He said "we'll play even if we only have 15 players." We will always play." A very odd thing to say i think.
  10. I hope you are correct.But just noticing the fev.loan players could well be playing against the rams on sunday-after one match-any thing could happen.Crowds in football massively up after a year away,RL even in sooper dooper league and the debacle of the world cup {which should have gone ahead} a mere trickle. i wonder why.
  11. Our coach has described the game in the reporter"As a total free hit". I hope he doesn't mean , o it doesn't matter.It does matter i think the team that turn out will try their best . Fev.sadly have no chance of promotion or even Toulouse. i think sl will pull the draw bridge up this season.Of course that would be a disgrace. SL and rl keep shooting themselves in the foot with a machine gun.
  12. So that figure is fact is it?Of course it isn't . That's the point ,no body like us get to know any more.True facts and figures and then we can debate how poor we are. No program any more,dews.reporter a week behind with any news.50p for a team sheet ,on the back all the squad.Why not fill that with what is happening at the club.
  13. Just excuses,what about the advantages we over them,car boot,pitchs' and Henceforth.What about Batley they aren't doing so bad.So the rams are as poor as church mice are they.aDon't you believe it.I'll ask again are they a village or not?
  14. You talk as if they get thousands,just about two may be.Tell mark how to get Henceforth then.
  15. The trouble is some are accepting these heavy defeats now.We should be able to compete with most if not all the teams in this league. That's what Mark wanted many moons ago.Fev.rovers seemed to have always been competitive,even now there are no pits.With respect to them are they still known as a village,or a town.Lee next season must get it right at the start.
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