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  1. I still have the yellow pitch certificate as well. I did say "so called "-bucket collection meaning donations.Come on somebody tell me that is what happened.
  2. Of course that is all very true.But i remember a so called bucket collection which raised something like 40/50 thousand,which we all contributed to.I said on here that he might well move with the bulls if he got them back to odsal .Which would be perfectly understandable.But i don't think they should be put straight into SL jumping over a team like featherstone who have done things the right way.The Bulls must have lost something like ten thousand genuine RL fans with their mis management.Let us see what happens.
  3. As thing stand the likes of Dews.and Batley and the rest are heading for oblivion.I can see Bradford being promoted which would be a joke.How on earth are they going to decide? You can watch Bradford in Sl with Mark you can care then.That's when i will not care because i will have finished with RL for good.
  4. Sorry about that-to finish why put them in before anybody else. With their record of mis management going from the very top of Sl to where they are now.
  5. I haven't seen league express today but apparently Mark is wanting the Bulls to apply for SL Why on earth should
  6. Yes of course.But you can't con the public.You can't call them Toronto and New york if they are full of british players.This is not the premier league in football,soccer.This is rugby league .When is it going to sink in with some people?
  7. All these crocodile tears about TORONTO -They were full of has been sl players.They were going to finish bottom of sl.In my opinion they never got ten thousand at each home game.For a start two ends were virtually empty .It could have been fantastic but too many obstacles to over come.I hope Canada can get a RL of their own going.
  8. Toronto was never going to work-end of-rfl fell for the pots of money line,with out doing their homework. Any way all these super league teams with test positive players.SL should cancel the season now.What will they do if somebody dies?
  9. I totally agree- Eddie was very professional -this lot sound as if they haven't any training at all.
  10. So new estate planned opposite the rams.250 new homes.The roads could be murder,so i hope they give that a good deal of thought.rams car park needs to be manned and have 2 ways in and out maybe.Not many facility'.let's have rams, shops ,docs. dentists,you name it.That's of course if theRams survive this huge mess we are all in?
  11. What a match.3-17-att.over 5000.The tests only got between ten and 15000.Nigel a goal and drop.11stone Alan Bates not taking a backward against the mighty Artie Beetson.World class centres in fulton and rogers.Dews.team Rushton,Ashcroft RIP. Day,N.Stephenson,mitchell-last saw him in the slubbers arms-hudders.agar,hankin,alan bates-don't know where John was-must ask him if we ever get back to the tets.voyce,dick lowe,grashon,,Chalkley-there was a chalk.playing for shawcross a few seasons ago.Clark.H.T score was 3-2.Very close to the very end when aussies scored 3 tries.
  12. terrible conditions,leeds playing very well,gale brillliant.But Wigan,it must be the worst performance in the CH.cup for decades. Maurice must be spinning before he reaches his grave. They sold central park [worst move in RL]Wigan and Bradford bulls ,how the mighty have fallen .Where are all the super stars?Never mind SLhas Toronto with all their stars, o no british has beens.
  13. Well things are almost back to square one,regarding this virus.Behind the scenes SL don't want Toronto and yet they have been given a stay.All clubs below SL must be extremely worried.The gov't aren't going to bail out clubs like Bat. and Dews.and why should they.Things like the car boot are no way the cash cow it once was.Is it still unable to open? Mark has double the pain with the Bulls. as well.Most champ .clubs could go bust. But SL .RL would no doubt invite in the Bulls along with Toronto,NY , Ottawa,tinbucktwo and uncle Tom Cobbley and all. If somebody says "ive got pots of money ,honest guv." RL get exited with out checking their piggy banks. //
  14. what a disgrace-ref-touch,- judges-never mind waiting -should have been sent off straight away,what a joke super league is.some body got penalised for not playing the ball correctly-what about the rest!
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