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  1. Well done,fantastic stuff.Leigh no problem,SL forBatley.
  2. Fantastic Batley go beat Leigh next week and watch the morons running RL and SL implode.
  3. Well his plan hasn't happened "A leading club in the champ".The dire state of RL today.
  4. Do tell if mark isn't the boss.
  5. I agree, the `"white elephant of turnstiles not needed and never used"Yes covid , bradford and no doubt Kirklees involvement. A huge investment in youth all round. A youth team and A team needed but some hope the way RL is organised these days. Next season must be successful or i fear the support that we have will just dwindle away . Then they might as well put another 200 houses on the place. Still no concrete info from the boss that he is wanting to carry on.
  6. NO mention of the game on bbc web sight.Didn't any body bother to tell the bbc. Why bother it's a dieing sport sport anyway.
  7. Sykes v Farrall ,who will survive all the game?
  8. I'm not bothered who wins.Of course it was a try.Some thing dodgy going on there.If you are going to disallow that then RL is losing something.
  9. Boy i can't wait for this season to end.Blackmore just the word winds me up. I can't stop thinking about his pathetic effort at headingley
  10. IF Greenwood had been sacked at the end of last season,like i said he should have been,no useless Blackmore and may be the club wouldn't be in the mess they are in now.
  11. I hope Mark lets the fans that are left exactly what his plans are for the club .He always said Div.1 was not viable.
  12. I hope the Squad got a few extra Quid in their brown packets.OOPS what have i said.A WIN.
  13. I didn't rate York either when we played them.Look at that score at Leigh.
  14. I'm not a HRLFC. supporter and i know it's pointless looking back but It's a great shame the old Fartown wasn't invested in.A fantastic ground in its day.With the cricket ground,could have been a superb sports stadium.Along with the football tragedies and other things of course it cost RL a great deal. H.Town have never wanted RL with them but with out them the new stadium would never been have built .
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