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  1. Ha! if you are optimistic CF then a win is on the cards.Looking forward to another very tough match.We must try to do a lot more on attack.Ithink our defence is pretty good.It is a shame we can't get into the ground and cheer the lads on.
  2. York should about deserve the win.Good game.What is it about the nil-stand end ,we have always found it to hard to score at that end.
  3. Here we go with the moaners.I thought the Bulls hardly made a mistake in the first half.That extra pace made the difference .Dews.in second half never gave up."A bad bunch" -give up.
  4. Very good performance from the Bulls in first half, killed the rams.Second half the rams had lots ball but found it hard to score apart from a couple of tries. York next week could be even tougher.
  5. Superb performance by the rams.Played as a team.I thought two Widnes players should have gone for early baths.In stead of moaning ,like against whitehaven ,all those that saw the game give the coach and players lots of credit.
  6. Of course it's ridiculous like many of the wrong decisions RLhas made over the years.SL was wrong for example.RL was never big enough to go off on it's tod like SL did. One London owner once said they would get 30'000 a match in the Maurice L.times[ another clown]. Of course if covid carries on that's obvious BSJ.
  7. It's ridiculous that we don't have second teams these days in RL.We need to bring on young half backs like Mark Keyworth and Chris Vasey from the past.
  8. I enjoyed that.Good first try from Haven.A lot of errors from the RAMS in first half.Great finishing from Flemming.Awesome from Ryder,knowles and brave man Sam Day.Well controlled in second half by the young half backs. How about the club investing in some new bulbs for the flood lights and getting rid of the french-batley Euro dull ones. Too many mistakes from Haven this time thankfully.
  9. Too many errors -bombed one certain try-still should have won.Not enough attacking ideas-does anybody know what a grubber kick is in the team-if so never used.Sam had a good run which should have led to a try. Their seemed to be a number of fans or were they all officials?Are any fans allowed into grounds -i didn't think so.I can't fault the effort the lads put in-next week i am sure the result will be different.Well done to whitehaven.
  10. i have now got a refund but i would like to know what the problem is.
  11. trin.tv hasn't worked at all for me -not happy.i have tried ringing trinity on number given -surprise -surprise 'no answer.But i'm not letting this drop even for 4-50.
  12. mirfield must be too far away for it to work.sooper dooper league for you.on mine it just said pay for subscription.but i have a receipt to say i have paid.how do you get your money back and stop subscription?
  13. Yes thanks toMark,Lee and Steve for that.Things difficult but stable.Good to hear the club would like a second team if other clubs would join. Plans are in place for when fans are allowed back into the ground or streaming games if not.Let's all hope this dam covid can be brought under control ,Then we can all buy those season tickets again.
  14. I still have the yellow pitch certificate as well. I did say "so called "-bucket collection meaning donations.Come on somebody tell me that is what happened.
  15. Of course that is all very true.But i remember a so called bucket collection which raised something like 40/50 thousand,which we all contributed to.I said on here that he might well move with the bulls if he got them back to odsal .Which would be perfectly understandable.But i don't think they should be put straight into SL jumping over a team like featherstone who have done things the right way.The Bulls must have lost something like ten thousand genuine RL fans with their mis management.Let us see what happens.
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