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  1. Football World Cup.

    I know it's not Rugby League but after watching one of the most boring games ever, Brazil v Mexico, I noticed something a bit strange. Now every time this comp comes around we get some African players with names that start with 5 consonants and until we hear them referred to we have no idea how to pronounce them, well the opposite was in last night's Brazil team! Brazil had a real duffer called Fred who eventually was replaced by Jo, now all we need is for a Bert, Eddie and Ron and they'll sound just like the Dog and Duck down Walthamstow way!!! Oh and I still have as many World Cup Finals goals to my name as Rooney does, that bloody scowl on his kisser should be worse tonight after being told to train with the stiffs. Pugwash.
  2. Personal Messages.

    I'm not sure what is wrong but I have an icon telling me I have a message but no amount of clicking left or right will open it!!! Whoever it is please email me if it too sensitive for this board. If anyone has had the same problem or knows the knack op opening them, please enlighten me asap. Thanks. Pugwash.
  3. David Coleman.

    Just heard on the Beeb that he has passed away. One of the all-time greats who could commentate on any number of sports and have a statistic for everyone on the pitch or track. Even if it was the heats of the Olympic 5K he would have a stat for the Nepalese no-hoper just like a World Champion. Immortalized in rubber by Spitting Image he appeared with it and duffed it up on TV for a laugh. I only wish that giggling bint who presents Question of Sport could conduct it like he did, I'd still be watching. Pugwash.
  4. NEW Fijian trend?

    As a child my parents bought me a sports book for Christmas and on one page was the headline.... HORNETS AND THEIR FIJIAN TREND It went on to detail the start of Hornets' signing of their first few overseas players from Fiji. This week in the R.L.&L.E. it is reported that Hornets have approached some of the unattached guys who played at Spotland in the World Cup tie! Pugwash.
  5. Thanks.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the two muscle guys who came and picked me up, literally, and took me to the game and got me safely back home after. It meant more to me than I can say on here. I'd also like to thank the other people one not a Hornets fan who were willing to get me to the match either financially or by muscle-power, I will always remember your offers of help. We are privileged to have a sport like Rugby League which doesn't find column inches in the press because of fights and the like and long may it continue. THANKS AGAIN EVERY ONE OF YOU! Pugwash.
  6. Hornets have been quick off the mark by deigning a commemorative 'T' shirt for the Play-Off Final! The design can be seen on Twitter and they are £12.50 each or 2 for £20. Why not get one for the event? Pugwash.
  7. Todays Odds

    That all appears to be in a foreign language to me PD, as someone who has never been in a betting shop and only ever had the odd five bob on the National if someone was going to the bookie's. It's important we don't allow a Bonus Point today, winning goes without saying really. Pugwash.
  8. Two points to ponder?

    First, did anyone see both the decisions on obstruction given to the VR lately in the Leeds v Wigan and last night's Widnes v Wigan fixture. As an ex-referee I judged the one where Leeds were denied an equalizing try with a possible goal to win as OK. The man concerned stood still and put his hands on is head. No movement was made and to my mind he couldn't cause an obstruction. The VR disagreed and Leeds lost. Last night Wigan 'scored' whilst trailing Widnes and the referee asked for help with another possible obstruction. This time there was little doubt in my mind it WAS obstruction as the man came running into position and collided with a defender. Again the VR disagreed and Wigan again went on to win another game by a drop goal that wouldn't have been kicked had the try not been allowed. What is the common denominator in all this, WIGAN!!! I may be wrong so I welcome other comments and a viewing of The Super League Show recording so you can do your own VR job. Secondly, London 10 v 82 Warrington. Need I say more, some of the cup ties between SL and non-SL have been nearer than that!! The game was at Priestfield and was played at 3.00pm on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon in front of a derisory 3,041 spectators. Our game with Heme got over 26% of that gate. Pugwash.
  9. John Chisnall

    Yes, I heard this at the club yesterday from Ray Myers. I will put an obituary together for the next programme which unfortunately isn't for a while. If anyone has any fond memories or anecdotes about John please let me know and I'll try to include them in the piece. Pugwash.
  10. Now for the test

    Good call mate, we will be very severely tested in the next month or so which will define our season! The players will nee to be 'switched on' at all times and if we can come out of tis period with more wins than losses then we will be handily placed for the run-in. Oxford will be a big test as they seem to be quite strong especially at home, London away is a bit of a bogey for us and Hemel away will be 'interesting', shall we say? North Wales away is in that period as well ad we will have to be rally firing to take the points there. Oxford, Gateshead then London, that' some travelling for the loyal fans. As for Crook, I believe he trained last Thursday but was not considered to be ready for inclusion yet. He did tell me via Twitter he was targeting yesterday but that's rugby players for you, too keen for their own good. Maybe next week?!?!? I can't go away at the moment so I will follow the games on Twitter with my fingers crossed! Pugwash.

    The rush for the minor places in the 'New & Improved Super League' is well and truly ON!!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/rugby-league/22600442 London, who have had more than enough chances I SL and still cannot get a decent gate whether they play hither or thither, but they think they must be entitled to a place. So that's one club that'll be left out in the cold when the crunch comes!!! There's also a murmur going round that Toulouse will be given a place as well so that's two clubs tat will feel shafted, maybe? I mean what will it be like if we don't have a London club in Super League? Certainly a couple of thousand people will have to go and watch London Skolars and try to support them into a promotion, yeah, fat chance of that happening eh? So just assuming that Toulouse get the nod who else do we expect will be checking to see if they are standing on a trap door when the time comes around? Wakefield? Castleford? Hull K.R.? That's assuming that Loadsamoney Koukash is still bailing out that well-known money pit Salford, 2015 will be the time he will probably be hoping to see a few more bums on seats at Barton. I expect there will be a few more sob-stories around before then eh? Pugwash.
  12. Hornets v Hemel - Voucher.

    BUMP! Pugwash.
  13. Under 20s game tomorrow!

    I understand the Under 20s fixture has now been postponed, sorry for getting any hopes up but it was on when I reported it! Pugwash.
  14. Hi everyone, Here is the voucher that you'll need to print off and fill in to gain entry to the above game for the princely sum of two English pounds. http://s640.photobucket.com/user/hornetsrugbyleague/media/Voucher_zps1b1ff7c9.jpg.html Pugwash.
  15. Success for the town.

    I read in this morning's League Express that John Drake is to move from editing the Rugby League World and will take on the www.totalrl.com website and he is to be followed in the editor's seat by Rochdaler's Gareth Walker. I'm sure everyone will want to join me in sending our congratulations to Gareth who has been writing in the magazine up to now. Pugwash.