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  1. Gets even better... we have allowed him to play for them against us at the bash!
  2. What was the crack with them? only we could do that
  3. & being potentially only 80mins away from the final in the 1895 Cup Semi Finals, 3/5 winners go into the Semi Finals & 2/5 play out the play-off to get the last place Draw is after tonight's game on Premier Sports Betfred Challenge Cup Fifth Round draw numbers: 1 Barrow Raiders 2 Batley Bulldogs 3 Bradford Bulls 4 Featherstone Rovers 5 North Wales Crusaders 6 Sheffield Eagles 7 Whitehaven 8 Workington Town 9 York City Knights 10 Leigh Centurions or Widnes Vikings
  4. Yeah it certainly was just glad we avoided a trip to Donny!
  5. Decent cup draw another home game, 7 out of first 8 at home! lol unreal be interesting to see how we match up against a side who will be around our level some cracking ties elsewhere Leigh Vs Widnes, Fax vs Fev, York Vs Newcastle
  6. Just seen that on Wires twitter awful news Town legend
  7. Not seen an announcement on the squad but if the Our League site is to be believed no Dec tomoz & Walker isnt in the 19
  8. I thought it was agreed both sides just going with 17 and only 8 interchanges?
  9. Also just seen the new Sheffield stadium isnt gonna be finished on time so we have switched the games around! Meaning now 6 of our first 7 games are at home!
  10. Still haven't got over that Barrow ending yesterday think would have preferred them to have won by 40 than like that So play-off race with 1 to go 2nd Town 75.00% (Hunslet H) 3rd Doncaster 65.63% (Keighley H) 4th Crusaders 62.50% (Skolars H) 5th Keighley 61.77% (Donny A) 6th Hunslet 55.88% (Town A) Town are assured atleast 2nd, Donny will secure 3rd if they beat Keighley, if not Crusaders will if they beat Skolars, however if by some chance Skolars beat Crusaders and Keighley won at Donny they would take 3rd place! If Season finished as we are now would be: 17/18/19th Sept: Keighley Vs Hunslet (Loser Is Eliminated) Doncaster Vs Crusaders ( Winner Goes To Town) Loser Plays winner of Keighley/Hunslet 24/25/26 Sept: Town Vs Winner Of Doncaster/Crusaders (Winner Goes To Grand Final) (Loser Gets 2nd Chance) Loser Of Doncaster/Crusaders Vs Winner Of Keighley/Hunslet 2/3 Oct: Loser of Qualifying Semi Final Vs Winner of Elimination Semi Final 10th Oct: Grand Final
  11. Yeah sadly still true would be sure of atleast 2nd if Crusaders lose tomoz at Cougar Park
  12. Yeah last two are must win, cant afford to drop to 3rd and be away in the play-offs, fearing the worst on Saturday hope im wrong
  13. Massive game on Saturday now Got to win last 2 now to secure atleast 2nd, or 1 out of the 2 if Crusaders were to lose nxt Sunday @ Keighley Would have definitely taken this situation at start of the season lets hope we can grab that win in the capital on Saturday and sit back and see what happens to Barrow & North Wales on Sunday
  14. utility back who we have on loan from oldham
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