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  1. Probably next saturday hope he picks us Maybe we r to become their feeder club, could only happen to us
  2. Dnt think it is a different person they have just tagged wrong one. one coaches rugby and is from huddersfield, other one is from the US is a celeb and works on national geo channel either a massive career change lol
  3. Indeed and Mr Jenkinson got his seat!
  4. Mark fryer lost his seat, independants leading the way as feared leaves stadium hopes in bits? Not good
  5. Sounds like we have jumped the gun, Tony Harrison just wrote on the Crusaders twitter that RFL have asked for an inspection Saturday morning
  6. Any updates on any of these issues?
  7. Any update on the lottery Gary? & getting the backdated results seen as though we are missing 17 weeks tomorrow! really dont want to cancel my direct debit but looks like im going to
  8. Anyone know what is going on with the lottery feel as though shelling out for it everyweek and don't know who has won what since 14th April! it appears every time someone mentions it gets updated and then left again, its like the website sammut still on the main picture, say it every year we can be so much more its like Jason's testimonial brochure made a big thing about it on the facebook page on sunday morning saying you could buy them at the game, yet they didn't sell them by the programme sellers or even better on the turnstiles so everyone had the chance on the way in but in the bar when not everyone goes?
  9. Seen as though the 15th March came and went I sent them an email yesterday to find out what was going on got the following reply "Unfortunately there has been a delay in the shirts arriving and they are now due to arrive to us on the 29th March. I do apologise for the delay in your order and will get it to you as soon as we can" I feel sorry for Jason, bet the RFL aren't happy either seen as though we just wear our home shirt everyweek
  10. I pre-ordered of the Buy Sports Kit website back at start of Jan hadn't heard anything so emailed them Monday they said should have it around 15th March hope that helps
  11. Condolences to his family, friends & everyone connected with Wath Brow Hornets
  12. He also said Richard West and his team who run the club's lottery. It is unbelievable what they do for Workington Town week in and week out to keep funding coming into the club anyone know what is going on with the lottery play it week in week out even though not seen a result from it on the site since 29th July!
  13. cant fault the effort of the players yesterday, but not sure we would have scored if we played all night
  14. Best wishes Keith, always enjoy our chats on the town, thanks for the update Mark
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