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  1. What about the lads who were signed from Mayfield and Thato Heath ?
  2. Does anyone know who is signed up for next season ? I have seen news about the latest signings but don't know who we have from the current season. The club looks to be going in the right direction and the sounds coming out of the club are all positive.
  3. I forgot to add. I hope that you are keeping well and safe Kenny.
  4. If you go on Google Earth and type in North Manchester Rugby club I think it shows where British Aerospace used to play. Its just off Victoria Avenue. I can only assume that North Manchester RUFC took over the ground but I could be wrong. The British Aerospace factory is only a few hundred yards away.
  5. I think that all sporting activity is going to come to a halt unfortunately. I get the feeling that we have not yet got a grasp of the severity of the situation that we face. When we start to see friends and relatives going down with the virus and some unfortunately pass away people views and attitudes are going to change very fast. You only have to look at the shopping craze at the weekend to see how people behave when we are at the very early stages of this problem.
  6. Given the way things are going it looks as though this season is going to be a write off. As we are undefeated with a 100% record could we claim a share of the title ?
  7. No news on the game and its Friday evening. If we do not play at Spotland its not going to be Mayfield or Salford as it would be to short notice.
  8. A very good performance by Sam Freeman.9 conversions out of 9 in terrible conditions. Its work in progress so far as the team is concerned. Mid table is my feeling at this point in time. We still look to be a little short in the forwards taking the ball up.
  9. If they only have 23 players signed on the chance of us getting a dual registered player turning out for Hornets is nil. Its more likely that we will be providing one for them.
  10. Good luck to your lads as well. Our win against you (Rochdale Mayfield) kept us in the Premier League last year. I always enjoy the fixture with your lads. you have a great club with fantastic support. Oh and that winning try for us in the cup final a few years ago was definitely not a knock on LoL.
  11. Two Premier League clubs have lost players to the pro game. Thato Heath have lost 5 players and Rochdale Mayfield 6 players all signed by Rochdale Hornets. Good to see lads getting their chance in the Pro game but feeling sorry for the two clubs who will miss those quality players.
  12. If our first friendly is on the 5th Jan so what does our squad look like. The deafening silence Is a little worrying. Anybody know who we have signed up ?
  13. Unless we have resigned a large number of last seasons players we have not enough players to field a 9 aside game. If I am wrong I would love to know exactly who we a signed on so far.
  14. I think Thato, Hunslet, West Hull and Wath Brow will be there again. I fear for my club Mayfield this coming season. We lost several players to the pro game last season and so far have lost three more with a possible fourth for the coming season. Its going to be a long hard season to survive this time. We only just managed it last year.
  15. That's all we need more Canadian and American teams coming into the League. The way they would swell the gates over here with their traveling supporters (NOT) would be a financial disaster for the British Clubs. At our level we are dependant on our home supporters but also an away following is a massive bonus. With less and less coming their way from the RFL any money through the turnstile is going to be a lifesaver for clubs like ours. When you look at the make up of the Toronto team its made up of British and Australian players. Why not produce your own rather than by success with an open cheque book.
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