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  1. In which camp is Covid still rife ? Hornets or the Cougar's.
  2. Is the match on or are we still unable to field a team due to Covid. ?
  3. what results ?
  4. A much improved performance. Rangi Chase was running the Match until his injury. Ita just his and our luck if it is serious. Our right wing defence needs to tighten up.
  5. How the hell can they justify Spotland and Falinge moving into Heywood and Middleton.
  6. Once again we have Rugby League missing in Saturdays Rochdale Observer. Is this the fault of Rochdale Observer or is it down to Rochdale Hornets and Rochdale Mayfield. I have a feeling that it is the former. The Observer give wonderful coverage of Sailing, Hockey, Rugby Union (Under 16's) Football (the manchester League with reports on clubs that are not even based in Rochdale and Cricket. I think that Hornets and Mayfield need to give the Observer a poke because otherwise our ability to make our sport known to a wider audience will ensure its demise. THe Rochdale IObserver is a
  7. Anyone know if Sundays game is being streamed ? I cannot see it listed on Our League.
  8. A very poor performance. Ball retention was terrible We were poor defending our line and gave away far to many soft penalties again. WE will not be a top table club on that performance. Doncaster were average and still won easily.
  9. A good opening result against a much improved West Wales team. Far to many simply errors spoiled what was a good performance. We will get better and look as though we will be a hard side to beat. The Our League coverage was excellent and more than made up for not being able to have spectators. Well worth the £5.
  10. Bought the Observer this morning. Absolutely nothing about the Hornets match tomorrow. What a total waste of money buying that rag.
  11. Just watched the North Wales match again today and was puzzled by something. On three occasions we were awarded a penalty or a turn over. Each time Fuifui Moimoi played the ball to the acting half back. I would have thought that he should have been the first receiver rather the one playing the ball and taking us forward.
  12. A good run out for the lads. The penalty count against us was way to high. We must have given away 10 in the first 10 minutes. I thought that the defence side of our game was good but on attack we forced the ball to many times and had the ball striped unfairly on a number of occasions. Looking forward to the new season and just hope that to many away games in early season do not make life difficult. Onward Hornets Onward.
  13. It would be even better if Joe was playing for for Fiji.
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