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  1. Lewis Sheridan unlikely to play again this season due to a hand injury. Its a good job we signed the three lads from Warrington otherwise we could not have listed 17 players. If you turn up early as a fan at the moment you could find yourself playing due to our injuries. Hopefully a few more of the wounded and suspended back next week. Well done to the lads who played today in terrible conditions.
  2. After all the ducking and diving from them last week nothing would surprise me.
  3. Or is that a case of keeping your powder dry knowing that Keighley will stuff you. Saving your players for other games.
  4. Has anyone got news on Ja. There was an ambulance outside the main enterance after the game. I hope that it was not a serious as it looked. All the best Jy for a speedy recovery. Sorry to hear that Mat has gone. The players have not helped his leaving the club. On Sunday the completion rate was the worst i can remember. i do not think we ever achieved the 6th tackle. That coupled with the lack of discipline is killing us. having said that Swinton milked every situation they could. The tackle on Ja should have been penalised and a card produced.
  5. It sounds like a sponsor has already pulled out. Reside no longer sponsor the football club. I heard that the groundsman has also had enough and left. It looks as though the new board at RAFC do not want to put any money into the club and as a result are trying to screw everyone else. At least they have had a good start to the season, a 2 v 1 loss. The bookies are very seldom wrong.
  6. I to could not believe the actions taken by the football club. it's an absolute disgrace removing items of the Hornets history. I thought that they could not go any lower but they have won first prize. What have they achieved with all the things they have done. I get the impression that the new masters at the football club are needing to get as much income into the club as they can. They clearly are having financial problems and are not putting their hands in their own pockets. I have supported both clubs all my life but like many i spoke to yesterday will never watch the football there ever again. i also will never buy another pint on match days as that goes to them as well.
  7. I was unable to go today. When i saw the half time scoreof 24 v 6 i could not believe it and was glad i was not there. When i saw the final score 24 v 50 i again could not believe it. I was then gutted that i had not been able to witness an unbelieveable come back. Well done lads. if we have done it today we can do it again. Roll on London in two weeks time.
  8. Last weekend my team Rochdale Hornets were away at Midland Hurracanes. It was to far to travel given the price of fuel. I noticed on the Rochdale Hornets Facebook site that there were two postings Advertising on line streaming services that you could watch the match on. I clicked the link to one of them. It stated that i could watch the match for free but had to pay a £1 fee to register, This i did. When i tried to connect to the match at kick off time the link did not work. The following day my bank contacted me to inform me that they had declined an attempt to debit my account for £59.99 by the streaming company as they suspected that the transaction was suspicious. Please take note of this as i would not want anyone to get scamed by these bastards. As they say if it sound to good to be true then it usually is. Stay safe.
  9. On the Rochdale Hornets Facebook page on Sunday there were two on line scams posted. Both of them were for free online streaming of the game against MIdlands. They required you to register with them charging a £1 fee. The following day i was contacted by my bank to inform me that they had stoped an attempt by the streaming service to take £59.99 from my account as they thought it was suspicious. Its a scam so do not try to use them. Stay safe guys.
  10. Its easy to see where our problem is compared with Swinton and North Wales. The respective points difference are as follows :- Point for Swinton 456 North Wales 429 Hornets 464 NB Hornets the best. Points against Swinton 201 North WAles 234 Hornets 292 NB Hornets the worst. Points Difference Swinton 255 North Wales 195 Hornets 172 We need to sort the defence out, cut the penalties and yellow cards and play for the 80 minutes. Sounds simple. Lets hope we can sort the problem out.
  11. Wow that was a up and down second half. It looked as though we were comfortable but then they kept coming back at us. It will be interesting to hear from those at the game as to what happened. Still a win is a win and we are now in joint second place in the league, on the same points(18) as Swinton and Crusaders. Some very interesting games to come. Who would have thought that Doncaster would go to Swinton and win 26 v 12. This league has a few more ups and downs to come before the season end. Enjoy.
  12. A good win yesterday and a much better performance all round. I thought that Shoey was hard done by to be yellow carded. Judging by his reaction he scertainly thought that he was not at fault. The fact that it was our most hated Ref was a contributory factor. He was ye again totaly appaling. The Hunslett fans were having a real go at him. He must be the worst ref that i have seen for many a year. A good win by Doncaster at North Wales is a great result for us. And as I type Oldham are 62 v 0 down at Keighley. All in all a much better weekend. What a difference two weeks make.
  13. The Dale supporters are obssed with Rochdale Hornets attendance levels. They should be more worried about their own club. Average attendance last season 2,900 or so. They are on a very steep downward path. Even Oldham who went out of the league managed to average 4,900 or so. As a cost saving exercise they could use just the main stand. That would hold 2,900 at a pinch. Just think of the savings they would make. Oh but hang on unlike rugby you could not trust opposing spectators to sit together enjoying the match with a pint in their hand. Back to the drawing board.
  14. Our defeat at Keighley does not look that bad given yesterdays result. If we can beat Swinton things could look very promising.
  15. Can you pay at the turnstiles on the day or do you need a ticket. Anyone know ?
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