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  1. Well done Thornhill. I did not see that one coming. Hunslet must have had an off day.
  2. Why was the game switched from Spotland to Mayfield at the last minute.
  3. Last season we signed quite a few players without championship experience and it showed. this season we look to be going down the same route. it does not inspire me with confidence.
  4. Your ignorance astounds me. When the game takes place in January I think that you will find that Mayfield are significantly smaller physically than Hornets. Unlike you I actually watch both clubs and can make an informed comment. If the Rochdale Observer is your source of information then you are clearly misinformed. You obviously totally hate Mayfield who in my opinion are far better run than Hornets. Own their ground and have money in the bank. Which is more than can be said of Hornets.
  5. A merry Christmas and a happy new year. Don't forget to bring your big coat !!!!!!!!!!
  6. And what about Hornets training at Mayfield. You clearly have a one sided view. Its about time that we embraced all levels of RL in Rochdale. There have been times last season when Mayfield have had nearly as big a home crowd gate as Hornets have. The way that RL is going down the plug hole at our level is very worrying. It would be foolhardy to overlook anything that might put some more bums on seats and also attract more kids into the game. Any game of RL provides the possibility of injury. Are you saying that we should go into the season with no pre season run outs because that's what it sounds like. I suppose we could play Warrington a get a real good hiding. !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Please grow a pair. Maybe we should play some women's team to avoid the possibility of injury.
  8. Word on the street is that a number of Batley players are going there next season for Β£50 a game more. The game is all about money.
  9. Lets not start bitching. I for one said we would be going down. If the truth was known everyone else thought that was going to happen. But hey the lads have turned two fabulous performances in that have justified staying up. Today we competed for 80 minutes unlike previous games where we were in the match for 65 minutes but just run out of steam with 15 to go. I put that down to sheer will power today. We had lost two players to injury during the game. Joe was running on one leg but the spirit was we will not be beaten. To get that win against a team that has continually beaten us was a fitting end to the season. just one final comment. How on earth are Sheffield allowed to play in such ###### facilities. 4 port a loos and a stand that was liable to blow away in a strong breeze. It made White Bank look like Wembley. The only down point on the whole day is that next season we will not be playing our nearest and dearest. And before the Owdum supporters come on here I really mean that. A season not playing them has something missing.
  10. I am so glad to have to eat my words. I really did not think that we could do it. How wrong I was. All 17 players put their bodies on the line and obtained a worthy victory. We had to take on both Sheffield and the referee who at best was terrible. I think that he managed to penalise us for every offence in the book and the came up with the best of all a team warning. Where the hell did he get that one from ? Looking back on the game they managed to score off nearly every penalty that he came up with. He was the worst that I have seen all season in both the Professional and Amateur game. Sorry to see Swinton end up bottom but hope that they can turn a performance in next week and survive as we have done today. Once again well played Hornets and thank you for proving me wrong.
  11. I am not a fan of Morgan. I would go for someone like Gareth Walker from the League Express or Rugby League. When he has appeared on TV he has come across as a knowledgeable pundit. Also with a younger view on the game.
  12. Wow that was a heart stopper. Well played all 17. Just how many fit bodies there will be available for Sheffield next week remains to be seen. We lost players through injury as well as others managing to finish the game carrying injuries. A great performance when it was needed. lets hope that next Sunday they can go that extra mile again and get another victory.
  13. Even if we did manage to draw level with Swinton have you seen the points difference. The last time I looked we were around 90 points worse off. We have no chance. As a minimum we need a win and a draw.
  14. What is the point of a win on Sunday. We are already in the last place and cannot avoid the wooden spoon. would it not be better to save our powder for the play off.
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