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This post is to remind rugby supporters in the town that information on Rugby Oldham, its aims and objectives and its activities can be found on the Rugby Oldham website.


The website has been updated this week after technical difficulties had meant little new information being posted for a few months.


Click on Newsletters to see the information we have provided to our membership. And remember the easiest way to stay in touch is to become a member yourself if you are not already. You can download an application form from the website.


If you are a Co-op member you can help boost Rugby Oldham's funds by donating all or part of your dividend to Rugby Oldham. You do this from the Co-op membership site where Rugby Oldham is listed among the good causes to which you can send dividends. A number of members already do this (myself included) and it is a quick and easy way to help a cause you believe in.


At one time it was also possible to contribute to Rugby Oldham via the 'Buy at' button whereby purchases at a large number of online retailers resulted in a percentage of the purchase price being donated to Rugby Oldham. In this way I was once able to donate £126 to our funds at no cost to myself as a result of booking a family holiday with Thomson. Unfortunately this opportunity no longer exists as the scheme has closed.  The 'Buy at' button will be removed BUT we are in the process of joining a new scheme with similar benefits and I will update you as soon as this is operative. 


Now, speaking personally and in view of the recent traffic on this forum, I would say that I/we are aware of supporter disillusion with the state of professional rugby and with the desire of some to do something about it. The position of Rugby Oldham, put simply, is that Chris Hamilton is the owner of Oldham RLFC (1997) Ltd. and is recognised as such by the RFL. Therefore it is impossible to form an alternative club and gain admission to the League. Furthermore, if you have checked our constitution, you will note that Rugby Oldham was not set up to run a professional rugby club nor to buy shares in the existing club. Despite comments made on this Forum over the years that that was our purpose it has NEVER been part of our remit. At this moment in time Rugby Oldham's commitment is to assist Chris Hamilton in the development of Whitebank with funds to help provide terracing. Until anything changes that remains the position.


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