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  1. Given the likely situation when central funding ends my personal opinion is that Swinton were right to rebrand as Manchester. It wouldn't work for Oldham or Rochdale but Swinton's ties to the Manchester area are much greater. At the end of the day Manchester is a global brand and always more likely to draw (new) interest than Swinton (which can be hard to find on a map where 5 Swintons are listed in my Collins road atlas). Going forward all traditional clubs need new supporters and can't go on as they are as older fans age and die (sorry, but it's true). Swinton's initiative is not guaranteed to succeed but at least it's pro-active. Suppose it depends now whether the Board resigning is the end of the affair.
  2. Saddleworth Rangers with the Standard Cup after their 32-20 defeat of Rochdale Mayfield. Sam Hart receives the Rugby Oldham sponsored Ben Powell trophy as Man-of-the-Match.
  3. Good double header in prospect on Good Friday. Standard Cup Final between Saddleworth Rangers and Rochdale Mayfield at 11.45, followed by Oldham v. Hunslet at 3pm. Click to open flyer. Oldham Amateur Rugby League.pdf
  4. One of the things to come out of the recent fans forums at the Vestacare was a determination to promote youth involvement with the club as, clearly, youngsters are the future followers if Oldham is to flourish. To this end the club are launching 'Roary's Pride' as a junior supporters club centred around our ever popular mascot. There will also be a dedicated 'Lion's Den in the clubhouse. Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust are pleased to announce they will help this initiative by providing a 4 figure sum in sponsorship to fund 'goody bags' of baseball caps, t-shirts etc. for those signing up to the new Junior Supporters Club. Our congatulations to all involved in getting this initiative off the ground.
  5. Probably right but with Swinton being the LIONS some objected to a possible clash, even though we're creating a 'Lion's Den' for the kids. Could do with someone of an artistic bent producing a draft design.
  6. geoffcooke


    I stand corrected. Incidentally the Rugby Oldham Facebook page posting today is on the 3 players who defected to Barrow in 2009 when the person you mention was splashing money around. Rob Roberts, Andy Ballard & James Coyle went but Barrow didn't reach the Grand Final. Oldham did but lost to Keighley. Would we have won if those 3 had stayed? Who knows but it was a blow at the time.
  7. geoffcooke


    Widnes as a club has refused categorically to engage with the Supporters Trust for over 10 years. It's all been about so-called big money investors who turn out to be unable to honour the promises they make. The RFL is supposed to have a 'fit and proper person' test and a 'due diligence' process for Directors: have you ever heard of anyone being turned down because of these tests? Thought not. I hope something can be sorted out, preferably with Supporters Trust involvement.
  8. I concede many of you don't like any of them: that being so you need to come up with some alternatives pretty quick before a commitment is made to go with any of these. A lot of people gave up their time attending meetings to discuss this. The club can't afford to waste money proceeding with something which won't pay off. NB I have no personal interest in the input or the outcome.
  9. The RFL intend funding for Championship 1 clubs to change in 2019 and on into 2020 & 2021. I am concerned that baseline central funding will be reduced year on year to be replaced by other (somewhat nebulous) criteria. Clubs are obviously expected to increase their digital 'footprint' in various ways. Given the average age of fans (possibly 55+) many of whom may not be tech savvy this is a potential handicap for traditioal clubs like Oldham, Rochdale & Swinton. How many older fans want to spend their time on websites, facebook, twitter, instagram et al? Further, signing up to our league ( anew digital platform) may look good, especially given its streaming of live games (currently free but an obvious candidate for subscription service in future) but our league is not administered by the RFL but by a private digital company which is clearly a data harvesting company. What guarantee do we have that the data we provide will not be misused or sold on to others? When the number of people signing up to our league and declaring themselves to be Oldham followers impacts on the future revenue of the club this comes close to a form of blackmail (give us your data or you don't get the money). Am I missing something or am I right to be concerned? Incidentally, I have signed up to our league myself. Would be interested to know what others think.
  10. On the subject of the local amateur scene the Oldham Amateur Rugby League Youth & Junior Cup Finals (part 1) are due to be staged at St. Annes on Sunday 2nd September. Details in the attachment. Cup Finals part 2 will be staged later (last few years in November).
  11. geoffcooke

    The RFL

    Anyone got any comments following yesterday's article in the Guardian (without getting libellous of course)? This showed that the pay-off to Nigel Wood on leaving the RFL will be £328,840. The accounts for 2017 show a loss of £2 million+ for the year. All non-executive directors have had a pay rise which includes £81,550 to Brian Barwick. Total remuneration for senior managers at the RFL went from £674k in 2016 to £905K in 2017 according to the figures seen by the Guardian. The report is due to go before the clubs next month but after it was leaked in the Guardian this was a hot topic on Twitter.
  12. When I edited the Oldham RLFC programme in 1998 we used to invite a lot of guest writers. This piece from former Oldham Player, Keighley Coach and Great Britain Coach Phil Larder was written from the heart. It highlights for Keighley Cougars fans what might have been if there was justice in the world. Unfortunately, to this day RL continues to move the goalposts half way through a season. The latest ideas are yet another example after the much trumpeted 'every match matters, every minute matters' put in place under Blake Solly is about to be dismantled. The game never learns and leaves a trail of disillusion in its wake.
  13. Rugby Oldham now has a Facebook page with new items posted everyday. It's just an idea to bring back a few memories and, where posible, have a laugh via the incorrigible Iva Slateloose. You can pass comment freely (always assuming it's not malicious or obscene). So go and have a look.
  14. Love the timeline Dave. Terrific idea.
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