Over 400 Children Introduced to The Game in Italy

Over 400 boys and girls between the ages of five and 16 played in a rugby league tournament in Este, introducing them to the fundamentals of the sport.

The tournament worked with a number of schools in and around Padova with 12 local councils involved, covering Este, Baone, Lozzo Atestino, Vo, Cinto Eugano, Villa Estense, Sant  Elena, Urbana, Noventa Vicentina, Carceri, Ospedaletto Eugano and Ponso.

The youngsters were put into age categories for training clinics implemented by FIRL and, once they had a feel for the game, coaches and teachers designed matches with some teams being mixed boys and girls, who turned out to be the best performers.

FIRL vice president Tiziano Franchini commented: “We were pleasantly surprised how well the children grasped the concepts, and were taken aback by how they loved it and gave their all in the process. With local councillors looking on in amazement, watching and encouraging the children, it is safe to say that the event was a total success. The participants all said they wanted more.”

FIRL intend to grow the tournament within all the schools in the city of Padova, with a plan to reach out to 5,500 children in the near future.

11 year old category

  1.       Vò/Cinto Euganeo/Lozzo Atestino
  2.       Este
  3.       Ospedaletto/Carceri
  4.       Noventa Vicentina/ Baone

Boys 12-13 years old

  1.       Este
  2.       Villa Estense
  3.       Baone
  4.       Cinto Euganeo

Best player: Tommaso Rossi

Girls 12-13 years old

  1.       Vò
  2.       Ospedaletto Euganeo
  3.       Ponso/Este
  4.       Noventa Vicentina

Best Player: Sofia Guizzaro

Player of the tournament: Francesco Koffi