Adrian Lam on post-match St Helens-Leigh incident, ‘frustrating’ aspect and “must win” game against Leeds Rhinos

LEIGH LEOPARDS head coach Adrian Lam has declared Friday night’s fixture against Leeds Rhinos as “must win”.

The Leopards have yet to post any points in Super League 2024, losing their opening two games against Huddersfield Giants and St Helens.

But, Lam acknowledged the improvement in the Leopards from the Huddersfield game to the Saints fixture.

“It’s something we are not happy about, there were some definite improvements in round three against St Helens,” Lam said.

“The first week of the competition, I thought we were very frustrating to watch and it was obvious that a lot of players hadn’t played for us before and the halves needed time to gel.

“I was very proud of the efforts against Saints and if a couple of had decisions had gone our way then the result could have been different.

“I thought we were there or thereabouts and well can focus on now is our performance against Leeds on Friday.

“It’s a must win for us not to get behind on the ladder too early. we have to find a way to win this weekend.

“It’s mirrored the last two years and that’s the frustrating part but we have also introduced a lot of new faces, I think we have got ten new faces.”

There was, however, an unsavoury incident that followed the 80 minutes against St Helens, with a Leigh official seen remonstrating with a supporter in the stands.

An object was eventually thrown that bounced off the supporters’ head before both men were separated as other supporters and Leigh representatives looked on.

The matter will now be investigated by the RFL but Lam has recalled the abuse happened on a consistent basis.

“I can’t make a comment on that. I think the players should be protected at all times in those areas.

“From where I was sat I could hear people abusing heavily.”

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